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  1. I am SO sorry! I didn't realize it was my turn to post in the In Search of Darkness Rp :( My bad. If you want to continue it I'll post tomorrow.

  2. Just so you know, the Group is now in transit to Voss. I was going to do a timeskip once everyone posted.

  3. Who are we waiting on In Search of Darkness? Just curious :)

  4. I hadn't checked recently. I was on earlier and managed to finish an Ops run. I thought most of the issues had been solved.

  5. Are you okay with my latest In Search of Darkness post? I can edit it if need be.

  6. I posted as well. Finally introduced Juhani to the group. :)

  7. So I can take control of Jolee? Just thought I'd ask.


    If not, I'll edit my post.

  8. I'm a bit lost as to what to post in In Search of Darkness. Have any ideas? :)

  9. So...are you controlling Juhani or am I? I'm a little confused xD

  10. Get my PM regarding Juhani's backstory? If it's alright with you, I can come up with a back story for Jolee concerning what he did while the Exile was fighting Nihilus.

  11. Mind if I shoot you a PM regarding a certain few characters from K1 making an appearance in your Rp?

  12. Hey Warlord...I was actually waiting on you to reply in the Darkness Within. xD I was going to post after you responded to Varik.

  13. New character has been added. :)

  14. Mind if I add Atton and his Padawan in the Rp as well? I have a few ideas on a possible trandoshan apprentice...

  15. Working on my post as we speak :D

  16. So, what's going on with the ship if I may ask? :) It looks almost like it just tried to kill light. xD

  17. Hey light, just to answer your question yes there will be a time skip.

  18. Working on a new story in the CEC. :) I do love the AU stories xD

  19. Darkness within is back up in case your interested :)

  20. Darkness Within is back up.

  21. So...I'm going to try and get the Darkness Within cast back together. If we can get enough characters back we'll try our best to finish it. :)

  22. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, if we can get the majority of the players back we will do our best to finish it. :)

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