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  1. Possibly...depends on how much it costs

  2. *Picks up a couch and nails CQ with it*


    *walks into the sunset and leaves the couch behind*

  3. i wonder if i managed to take out the moose girl when i threw the bar at the three of us

  4. I wonder if i managed to take out the moose girl with the bar...

  5. Sorry man. I honestly didn't know we were spamming. I finished the brawl by the way

  6. A chair? Try this!

    *Picks up the bar itself*


  7. The wee moose girl is interrupting our brawl Mate!

  8. I don't think we are. the only thing that scares me is Stoffe's little demon smile

  9. Lets finish up the thread and leave the bill Endora

  10. I'm starting to think that the three of us should wrap up the "Pirate moments" before someone locks the thread

  11. I think i may ahave given you some brain damage from leaping down at you so much and taking you down so many times.

  12. i think stoffe is planning to shut down out little brawl in the game thread. By the way...you'll never get me to pay the bill!!

  13. Hello Matey! hows the head?

  14. Happy Happy birthday to you!

  15. I finally have a friend! i'm so happy...i'm gonna bake a pie and give it to the cats...

  16. It's gonna take a while i have to work on my NWTC

  17. So...does anyone want to join my friends list? I feel so alone...

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