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  1. make sure you look at the bottom of the page

  2. go to this site, we can use a chat box there:


  3. Are you able to get your computer working for Dropbox yet?

  4. With a simple skin we can have this thing work for anything. But now that you said the Death Star I think that's where it belongs. It has a sinister feel to it.

  5. Certainly, it looks similar to something you might find on Utapau.

  6. Love it, that a great start. I like the idea of the evil area on Coruscant, would you want to apply it to SOTE's Coruscant? Even if that means to change the plot?

  7. NP, I'm trying out modeling right now. I'm honestly a little surprised at how easy it is to make some of the objects and shapes. Giddy up!

  8. It will be difficult to send everything over to you but using something like rapidshare or imagehost because the files are so large and I've had problems with it in the past. So just let me know when you get your computer fixed and I'll add you to my dropbox account.


    For now I'll PM you the script we're using so that you may become familiar with the outline of the story.

  9. One more thing, would you have any ideas for side quests in a city like planet like Taris? This is for Slehayron.

  10. Here is a listing of the modules

    sle001 - Nar Shaddaa Docks

    sle002 - Nar Shaddaa Refugee Sector (the first module of Nar Shaddaa)

    sle003 - Telos Cantina

    sle004 - Nar Shaddaa Refugee Quarters (module with all of the refugees)

    sle005 - HK Factory level 2 (module with where you see all of the HK's moving in the factory)

    sle006 - HK Factory level 1 (module with the three branches that head off into opposite directions)

    sle007 - Nar Shaddaa Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels

    sle008 - Ebon Hawk


    Also if you know how could you do the hex edit thing so that you can reskin the module and keep its original looking the same? If you can I would like to have the .git and the .are files named as their corresponding module. For example 301NAR.git will really become sle002.git. I hope you can understand this.


    Also PM me your email, download and install dropbox, make an account on dropbox, and I'll give you access to the latest material available.

  11. Well as far as I'm concern we can use your help. For now I would really like to get a lot of these modules reskinned (a lot as in about 80 :p). The ones that I would like you to reskin will be the modules for Slehayron, 8 so far. I would like to see a planet similar to Taris in KOTOR. I really liked the bright atmosphere, the sun lit area; that's what I kind of hated about TSL, there weren't any planets similar to Taris and I really liked that place. So I would like Slehayron to look a lot like Taris.

  12. Sorry for my late response, I don't have regular internet access at the moment.


    Skinners are a high demand right now and I'm not sure what's going on with my Dialog editor. Right now I'm writing most of the dialog and I have my peeps go through it just to make sure that it all makes sense, the transitions are good, spelling is correct, and grammar is proper.


    If you really want to skin I could use you in making new heads, appearances, possibly placeables (I haven't decided yet), and modules. Let me know if you have ever done any module reskinning, I could really use somebody who knows how.


    Also do you do any modeling?

  13. Would you be able to send me screenshots of the bounty hunters instead of the material. For me it's easier to see screenies than use the material.


    And yes, the Emperor will be Sidious (think that's right spelling).

  14. Zorin looks great! I love how you made him look sith-like and how he doesn't have that zombie affect. I think I'll apply the purple lines on his face as the new very, very, very evil skin affect. Nothing much but it makes it look evily. Also do you have any ideas for a Dark Side affect for the 100% Dark Side alignment? I really don't like the zombie concept that KOTOR and TSL use. Great job by the way.

  15. Check out your thread about your module problem, I made a post on it.

  16. Before you start becoming criticized I'm going to quit frank with you. If you want to start a big project like this you HAVE to know how to do about 90% of the project yourself. Take it from me, I'm working on Shadows of the Empire, and I've been doing a majority of the work with setting up the modules in the game. Those of us who already know how to do this stuff are already working on our own project. For a project of this magnitude, even if it was just a single planet, you need to know how to do a majority of the work. You need to learn how to do some of the small things and eventually build yourself up with small mods. This will give you a reputation to work with in receiving the help you need from others. Sorry that I'm not lifting up your hopes of this coming out but it's the honest truth. Other than that I think that it would be a great idea if somebody could make a mod that takes you back into the Mandalorian Wars.
  17. I love it...


    No wait that would be F-ed up, but seriously, I love it...:p

  18. Sorry, like I said, I don't have regular internet access.


    I just downloaded Zorin and I'll be able to test it later on.

  19. No, everything that I get for SOTE is coming from either TSL or somebody is making it. That may be a little confusing but I'm making this game 100% nonported I guess is the answer you wanted.


    Also what do you think about this idea. At some point on Slehayron you will be able to purchase one of three droids. Do you think it would be a good or bad idea to set it up so that the PC can swap the droid with a different one at any given moment just so long as you can travel to Slehayron?

  20. What if somebody could take a regular npc, a female that is, shrink the body down to about the size of a child, and remodel the head some or even swap it entirely with a child's head. That way you wouldn't have to worry about the animations. I don't need to be making hope for this though because I don't know jack about modeling, leave it to an expert.
  21. Don't say anything about bringing something from TSL into K1 or visa versa because that is called porting. Unless you want your thread to be closed, I suggest you don't say anything about it. I'm not sure about the animations, I've seen screenshots of children in the Korriban Expansion Mod for TSL wielding Lightsabers. Yet that is in TSL...
  22. Hey VP, I saw your thread about the randomized sith at the Trayus Academy. I didn't download because I generally don't play TSL (didn't like the plot) and I was hoping that I might be able to get he source script to randomizing everything. I would like to be able to randomize a few people for SOTE, like people just walking around and stuff.

  23. Do I need to install nwmax to a specific folder?

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