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  1. Hey Logan, I'm curious if you may have some kind of head for a Republic soldier with a mask equipped so that you cannot tell what gender the character is without looking at the body. If you do, would you mind if I use it? I'm trying to create a disguise item without actually replacing any of the armor slots.

  2. Oh my gosh, I know, its been far too long...

  3. That's been my problem too. I finally figured out how to make new areas pretty easily and I have another idea which if it works will make the process a thousand times easier; at least for interior or exterior buildings and cities

  4. Hey, since you have an understanding of how modules work, would you be able to help me with getting some new modules from 3DS Max into TSL?

  5. If you want to do it without the save game editor you could just go to the 2da file in KOTOR Tool that grants force powers as specific levels and set it to say give you 10 powers upon level up. However, you would also have to go to spells.2da file I believe to change the level required to access Force powers since due to you being level one, you won't have the ability to select 10 different force powers.
  6. I cannot seem to locate this page, it's blank. Would you mind helping me out?



  7. Global Variables is a references for Booleans and Numbers.


    Booleans are true or false statements that start out by default as false.


    Numbers on the other hand are number references. They can equal anything from 0 through in theory infinity but I suppose the most you would really ever want to go is 25. I think my biggest one I ever did was 15ish. By default they are 0.

  8. I thought you said you lived on Skype. Day two and nothing ;)

  9. I apologize for taking a little longer than expected in updating the links but here they are. I had a very busy weekend with work.



  10. Interesting, I'll have to check it out. Either way you'll be hearing from me soon once the situation is resolved.

  11. If you give me some time I will upload them to youtube. I've had this problem before and I think that will correct the problem in the future. It will take me a day or two to do it but I will have it done for you soon.

  12. I generally use Skype. Email me if you want to converse. I never really used Facebook so I closed that but Skype I can dig.


    My email is harrisonarussell@gmail.com

  13. Sweetheart, it's been a while...

  14. Babe, I will always need you...

  15. I mean PM, and today would be ideal due to my schedule. In fact let's see if we can find each other now.


    Also is it Will in Canada?

  16. Yes sir and if you are interested areas as well. Lately we've been communicating via skype, if you wouldn't mind meeting up there say around 6ish, Eastern Standard Time, that would be great. That way we can catch you up with everything thus far.

  17. I cannot guarantee what time I will be getting off today, I may have to work eight hours, it could be twelve. So lets aim for say six but again, I really have no idea when I'm getting off.

  18. Hey come on to skype

  19. Excellent work on your Sith and Republic Armor upgrades. You did a superb job. Let me know if you may be interested in doing some additional texturing work for me on my project Shadows of the Empire.

  20. You're singing my lullaby. Lately we've been communicating via skype. Just send me your user name when you're ready.

  21. Hey chief, i'm starting to play around with SOTE again. I know you've done some area modeling in the past and I'm curious; do you by any chance have anything in your files that would create a new city or base type of module? I'm hoping you've already created one and don't mind letting me use it for a new Dreshdae module or if you don't, how interested would you be in making one?

  22. Hey, did you ever get that collar fix done for the Visas model?

  23. Do you not enjoy playing God when I comes to allowing us to mod? Face it, we get off on power trips being able to mold a universe to our will. lol, talk to me later
  24. Would you believe me if I told you that I didn't have a dollar in my pocket, a home to live in, and no path forward in January?
  25. Some say that when times get so clouded with confusion the best thing to do is to do nothing. I think these people are full of ****. There is a book that you need to check out which can explain a lot. It's called "I am Bonhoeffer." He's a pretty alright dude in my book. He was actually part of Operation Valkyrie, the most famous assassination attempt against Hitler towards the end of WWII. He was a minister who was struggling trying to find the right path to take. Anyways, here's a link, check it out. http://www.amazon.com/Am-Bonhoeffer-Credible-Life-Novel/dp/0800662342/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379985485&sr=8-1&keywords=I+am+bonhoeffer
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