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  1. Teach your Id a lesson! homeless people can't revise your last chapter, so neither can you :) And it's too late for me... half eight :xp: but it's not too late for you! get your studying going and I'll just... eat an orange and play KOTOR.


    Sound fair? lol.

  2. Finally, someone knows about the damn words - it's so annoying explaining it. And if you didn't, at least you're smart enough to guess right lol. Yes, the Id is so easy to appeal to. :^: my superegos been screaming at me all day: "Do your god damned revision and homework! you've got one day to revise three tests, and do three essays! you tool!"


    lol. :D


    I've written a bit more of QFR. I have a headache now, though... too much staring at the screen. >.<! But i'll get rid of it with a painkiller.

  3. Yes, anyone could've done that... but was it the right time of day, week, year? Were you in the mood, were you that confident? Realistic. :)


    And that's just listening to your Id, and not your Superego. :xp: ahh, Psychology terms!

  4. Here's a question for you - if you hadn't been on this forum/writing, what else would you have been doing? :)

    If you can come up with more than three realistic things, then yes, it was a waste. lol.


    You know what's strange? That poem I just posted about that friend... that second, I went onto facebook, and they sent me a friend request. :confused:

  5. My commas used to be perfect - I dunno what went wrong. lol. Maybe I've leant too much attention on making the words sound good that I've pretty much ignored the commas... or at least ignored them to the point that seemed right. At least my spellings alright. As for that word, I have no idea... I've never heard of the word. Repose? lol.


    Well my writing's not had much practise... I'll probably start writing like I'd write an essay soon. College & school does this to you, as I'm sure you possibly know!

  6. If no one was reading my stories? I'd write more to get better. :) Simply.


    Yeah, for a while, when my writing was really bad (due to me being 11-13) I hardly ever got commenters. That 13 chapter story I told you about? That was the story with the most, by far, comments... and I think it got up to about 100. I felt so accomplished, and glad that hardly any of them were critisism... but I never got anything quite that popular, since. Must've just been a good theme, because the grammar was terrible!


    I'm glad you hold my opinion so highly :lol: then, I guess, I hold your opinion highly too.

  7. Meh, I've written poetry for years. Started when I was like 12, because I went through this really depressive stage (as you read) and needed a way to vent. Now it's that, and it's just fun. :) In my Creative Writing Enrichment class, the teachers always making a HUGE deal about my poetry, and how he's amazed at how 'I can produce such good work in such a short amount of time'.

    Thing is, if i had to spend an hour on a poem, it would be just as good... because I can't spend ages on poetry. Same with drawing.


    I'm glad that you've stayed! You've written some really enjoyable stuff, even if I can't read it most of the time. :lol:

  8. Yeah I've tried that before, but it was in play format, so it was only a rough plan. I love skipping ahead, I've done it looads of times in QFR, but they're only for fun little ideas, not to actually be posted. I tend to change my ideas in the middle of a story, so it could change the immediate ending.

    I mean, I think I've told you what QFR was originally going to be about. lol.


    I feel inclined to say... I'm glad I registered on this forum. It's really helped with my writing progress, and I don't think I've ever written 8 chapters of a fanfiction before, without quitting and starting again months upon months later. I thinkI wrote 13 chapters once, for a Harry Potter fanfiction, but the chapters were short and disgustingly bad in grammar. :xp:

  9. Yeah, I could sense that as I read it. Definitely came across as her trying to hide her emotions - possibly just to seem like she still had an ounce of 'Jedi' left in her - but failing towards the end. I guess if the decision was already final to exile her, then controlling emotion was irrelevent... especially with no Force. & to have one friend completely betray her (Atris) and another silent (Kavar) it would have hurt.


    I really enjoyed it. :)

  10. I've commented the story... at least now people might start looking at the amazing work of art that is your story. :) Seriously, you're getting better with each chapter you write!


    QFR, I think, is being stretched out on Ankus... do you share the same opinion? Or am I just being a typical writer?

  11. :lol: :lol:


    Ahh, sorry about that. I thought I made myself clear :xp: Well, it's good practise for your own essays... right? lol.


    Sure I'll do that right now. :)

  12. It wasn't an assignment, I just felt like expressing my beliefs. Either way, I think the only reasons I used 'always' 'everyone' 'never', was to emphasise that people think of Psychologists in such ways. "they always make mistakes" "everyone is like that" "they never understand." If I put them somewhere else, it was likely sarcastic lol. It isn't absolutely formal, it's my voiced opinion. But I did change those things.


    Thanks. :D

  13. Aiiite. :) Bear in mind, it took (at most) 30 minutes.

  14. :lol: The ps2 or whatever you're using, probably can't handle a Pal60/50 game, so it will be made with worse graphics.


    Ill send the argument now. Note, it starts 'friendly' for a reason, and then ends friendly for the same. :)

  15. Ah, what had you been up to?

    I hate it when my xbox360 controller runs out of batteries. It's so much effort charging it, because the xbox console is sooo far away from where I sit, so I have to move closer, and lean forward.


  16. Back. :) Now where were we?

  17. It's okay, I've finished my Psychologist argument. :) I can put my full attention to the forum now... though I may have to clean my dog in a bit. She's a tad muddy.


    I wouldn't advise you write my story for me lol it'd be too stressful, and you said you're already having a hard time with work and money.

    Be right back, I'm going to get a take-away...

  18. You could take the story yourself, but I don't think I'll be writing for Huntress again. It doesn't matter - the story never really left off. I liked it, but it's only a one and a half chaptered story, so it's not like I lost lots of effort. right? :)

  19. Do you mean you want take over the Huntress? lol.

  20. Well there is therapy lol. But it is true - if the client only meets the Psychologist half way, then there is little point, and thus it will fail. True, some people say that - especially with anxiety issues or social phobias - it's difficult to trust the Psychologist, and thus, that is where therapy comes in. Resistance is put on by everyone though... and if someone with social phobia TRULY wanted to get better, then they would try to open up, at least.


    So yes, I'm posting an 'essay' of sorts on fictionpress with my opinion.

  21. What do you mean, what if? What are you suggesting?


    *raises eyebrow*

  22. I'm speaking to Atton in his cage, because I'm doing like 10 tasks at once. :) Ah, to be female.


    People are always talking to me in the streets. On the bus. Tram. In shops. At college. I mean in the past week, I think I've listened to six peoples problems and come up with ways to solve them. How do strangers know that I want to help them? :confused:


    Anyway, you know the stereotype? "Psychologists think they know everything and can never truly solve the problem"?

    I've heard about it too much, and now I'm posting a counter-argument. Hmf. It's so typical, isn't it? The person who listens, who tries to help, who tries to solve someones problems gets nothing but harrassment, ignorance and ridiculed in return because the person can't understand what a Psychologist is for. "They think they can get into your mind and define you"... no... they think they should be able to help you, but resisting talking to them is only hurting yourself.



  23. Perhaps that's why Bao and the exile understood each other so much... or at least Bao understood the exile. They both lost something 'physical' in a sense, and not many people can relate to that. Well, kreia could've, but she was ALWAYS emphasising with the exile (except when she wanted something out of him/her) to manipulate him/her. lol.


    I won't help people who don't need help. Like most of my friends - I would never dream of helping them, because they just treat other people horribly, they're out for themselves, and they're full of themselves. Well, most of them are. But if someone wants to talk to me about a problem, but then backs out because they feel like they've said something stupid, I'll let them know I'm here to talk to. :) People can't help themselves, sometimes... just having someone to talk to is help, as well.


    The other day I was in Primark buying clothes, and I was in the line. And this woman was behind me. She started talking to me, and for some reason (im not sure why, but I felt quite good about it) she started telling me about how she's got lots of things wrong with her health and how she couldn't afford it, and how her son died not too long ago. It was reallly horrible to hear it all, but even though I didn't know her, I just knew that talking to someone makes you feel better, and at least know that someone cares.


    That's why I help, anyway. People need to know someone wants to listen.

  24. Actually I would help people if they don't want to take it or ignore me. It'll annoy me to hell, but I'll still help someone, even if they don't think they need it.

    And nope, I don't preach. I do natter on about Psychology though lol... but I doubt that's the same thing.


    Yay, Bao-Dur's going to be in it! :^: You planning on putting a hinted romance in there, or not? What I don't get about K2 having a cannon female exile, is that the male exile has a bigger Atris story, and Brianna's story. The female doesn't really get anything like that.

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