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  1. Left, thankfully. So it won't get in the way of college. :) But it gets in the way of the gym. I haven't been able to do any exercise, except walking!


    Really? Revan won't have a main part? What an odd take on things - I bet you've really thought about this story. :) Well I look forward to it progressing. It seems like an awfully good start, and definitely has some potential.

    I'm currently writing an original prose about a bipolar girl, after I met someone with that disorder not too long ago, and wanted to write it. It's not any good... I haven't managed to type up more than a prologue, anyway.


    Are you okay then, after you fell behind in your studies... etc?

  2. Well, the US is enormous. It wouldn't do. Quite a few English banks have gone - thankfully not mine. :^: but it's still rather worrying. Especially since that in 2 years, I'm supposed to be moving out!


    But that's too depressing to talk about. I liked how you opened the story - and how Revan wasn't the centre piece. You've definitely improved your writing a whole lot - it's awesome.


    Ps. it's good to talk again!

  3. Not so bad. Not at the moment anyway. Well I sprained my wrist... Taking anti-biotics for a throat infection... but I found a genuine, nice guy in college. :) I smoked today, but I limited myself, gave most of them away and they were only menthol.


    How was your week?


    Got to say, love the new story. :)

  4. It's a bit better thanks. :) I didn't see your other message, sorry for not replying. :/

    How're you?

  5. I'm alright thanks. Except for my sprained hand lol.


    Haven't been able to read much of your story.

  6. Hello there. :]

  7. I've also sprained my wrist. :¬: I'm just a health hazard; a timebomb waiting to go off! so i feel old now haha. wow your teachers seem cruel - he made you read out two pages? i'd have just said no, it's too sore. if they make you read with a severe sore throat, you can get them suspended you know? ;)


    Ohh, I ADORE friends. :) Chandler is soo the best. My friend said that Phoebe was the worst :eyepop but Rachel is one of the worst... and even then she's legendary. Ross is quite funny - I love it when he goes "pivot! pivot!" ... le-gend-ary. But Chandler's sarcasm is just the best. Anyway, I stayed at my friends for a week over the summer holidays. I wouldnt mind roommates... as long as I could choose 'em.

  8. Bleh, I know what you mean. The world needs some standards. Thing is my friend thinks he's a real stud because girls fancy him now (about 4 have fancied him in the past year). Which.. personally, isn't a lot. All are 2 years younger and fancy everyone. I know it's cruel, but me and everyone just laugh at his bigheadedness. :xp: Anyway, he deserves it - he keeps picking random girls over me his BEST FRIEND apparently. And would rather flirt with someone he'll never see again, than chill out with me. >_> grrrr


    My friends all have their weird sides, but what's annoying is that they pretend to be 'normal'. One thinks everyone else is closed minded because she "can't be weird"... which is weird cause she's closed minded for thinking so! lol. One of them lies about who he's had sex with (he's still a virgin lolol) and one hates everyone, even though she's assuming things. Really, I should star in my own TV show. :)


    I've lost my voice >_> it's so annoying. I'm used to talking to myself, but I can't even do that now! lol. I'm not crazy.


    I don't want to do weed... just try it. :xp: it says if you take it too much it makes you paranoid and can show traces of schizophrenia... but i'm not THAT into trying it. Drinkings always good, and I NEED that ID. ;) if I don't get it my life is over. Ok, it isn't, but still.

  9. Haha we do indeed have weird conversations. :lol:


    I'm not attracted to guys who've slept around. If anything, that's off putting. It shows they don't care about anything BUT "doing it" ;) I'm not sure if girls do think it's attractive over here - maybe the slags, but that's because they've slept around too. lol.


    Yeah they are all virgins. My friends never done it, hes planning it, and he's obsessed with doing anything with anyone! if it isn't desperate (since guys are like that, no offence :lol:) I mean it's a differing thing to want to do it, than actually doing anything in your power to do so! I wouldn't say noo, but that's only if I was in a good relationship. Not if I wanted to claim i've done it asap, so my guy mates could pat me on the back. Silly boys.


    No subjects tomorrow - woo :) love the student life. I'm also getting fake ID... I can't wait. £10, but welll worth it. Thing is, I need to get it this week, or nada. I've also found someone whos letting me try weed. :o

  10. I hate the keyboard. Consoles are faaar better. Besides, the controller has techniques and stuff you can use - I could think of a number of ways that kind of game would work properly with all of the controls, on a console controller. :)


    My life? It's been better. I feel like everyone just would rather be without me. Honestly, if I was out of the picture, their lives would continue on as usual, except maybe my parents/relatives. My friends and acquaintances just don't seem to care about me. I've had enough of complaining, though.

    I just need to make new friends - and come Monday, I plan on it... starting with my friend from second year!

  11. I don't get the point in doing long, laborious homeworks if it doesn't go towards my grade. Even then, if those people just ranted on for 20 pages to look good, their work was probably boring and pointless in most areas. Only projects are 20 pages long and over. E.g. Today we had to do a powerpoint presentation on the 1920s, so the nerdy girls decided they'd do a 28 slide long 'essay'. The teacher then told them it was wrong, because they were only supposed to put simple bulletpoints hehe.


    spin the bottle? kissing on the cheek is hardly soul-destroying :xp: i kiss my friends that are girls on the cheek during the game, easily. but i know what you mean - i can't play spin the bottle with close friends. thats just eurgh! besides, all of my guy friends are either REALLY bad at kissing (i've heard this from a few sources) and look bad, too. lolol.


    I also have a question! Are most guys you know buying ahem contraceptives and wanting to 'do it', like they're some kind of rabid rabbit? its either that, or my friends are PURE desperate.

  12. I'd still like to concentrate on QFR. Dropping Huntress just meant that I'd be able to look at K3. Though I'm stacked with homework & tests & coursework & revision. I'm also doing supplimentry biology now because i missed a whole unit on biochemistry (boring). Strangely enough, I haven't found it difficult to get up and work - there's almost something about college that gets me out of bed in the morning.


    Haven't found any guy of interest yet. I mean it's kind of difficult when most guys you see aren't even the slightest bit attractive, interesting or have any form of personality! Then again, no one my age (16) has ever liked me. It's always younger or older.


    I'll definitely read SiD, though to be perfectly honest, I can't read it straight away. Even now I'm putting off homework and revision just to log on!

  13. Biology was my favourite science too - but not because of the lack of maths. Just because it's interesting. I've always been interested in people... I don't know how I wasn't certain of being a psychologist, to begin with!


    My friends are whimps. Our spin the bottle, making out took like 2 seconds... and I was like 'is that it?' someone nominated one of the boys who was best at kissing... but really, who can be judged on best kissing that lasts 2 seconds? *shakes head*


    Gina sounds pretty scary, how you described her! But also humourous in that sense. :] I wish I could write something. I've just been writing about a bipolar person, to get into depth in psychology. I felt like I was over-nerding myself the other day... and then I heard the nerdiest conversation EVER!! which convinced me I was quite the opposite. Haha.

  14. the pound won't because less people use it. the only reason america is in the worst state is because there are so many people.

    but let's not think of that! need a little optimism in this.


    i'm loaded with homework & the coursework hasn't even started. i guess that's my fault for switching biology so late. i've been feeling up and down a lot, but i'm guessing that's because of stress. and it might be influenced by the stress, but i don't want to continue the Huntress. I'd rather do something a little more close to home. literally!


    Some things just aren't worth it.


    About SiD, though. it's not up to me - personally, I didnt even read HOPs new chaper til like 6 days after it came out, so I certainly don't have time myself to read revised chapters of yours. Other people might, but not me. I'm supposed to have done an essay tonight, but I haven't! I can't bring myself to do it. >_< I've worked so hard, and i'm just so... argh!

  15. Actually, I'm pretty darn decisive. No decision has taken me more than a week (if we're talking subjects taken for college)... other than those ones, i'm pretty quick on the ball.


    Biology's time consuming and FILLED with homework. my teacher even made a mistake on what a certain organelle (organs inside cells) looks like. but its interesting & i understand. :]

  16. The news over here is jusy money, credit crunch, money, wall street crash, money. 3 banks, i think, have gone bust. airlines. people everywhere are being made redundant. stupid America started all of this off! Hopefully my bank won't go bust. Because then (because my mum and dad have the same bank) i reckon we won't be able to afford anything.


    But aside from the dismal news... I've started Biology (suppliments Psychology) & I've discovered I'm quite a good analyst when it comes to psychology, because I was able to determine the problem with someone on TV who had a disorder, and the psychologist on the show said exactly the same as me, sentence after sentence.



  17. Actually that's very true... because during the week you're tired so you don't put your best in. But sundays, you've had fun, and you're relaxing. Even if you need SUPER will power to get out of bed/stop watching TV, if you do your h/w, it's good. :]


    Today I made the most spontaneous decision EVER. I switched film studies for Biology so that I could be a Psychologist when I'm older. You know how long it took for me to make that decision? five minutes. :lol:

  18. Got the poems. Gotta' say - simply amazing. PM says more.


    I knew I'd regret it, leaving h/w til Sunday, but Im paying the price now lol.

  19. Aye, it's unfortunate.

    I've got loads of homework to do now. Yay for Sundays. T_T

    Send us those poems if you like, and I'll get to them when I'm online later. :)

  20. Just a list in my head lol. There's not an actual list.

  21. If you'd like to send them me, I'd gladly read them. :) I'm exactly the same - some poetry is easy to post, because it's so impersonal and in the past, but some... is difficult. I generally post my poetry on devart, but I've deleted so many that were just... too personal.


    There is too much to write about. So much, I'm not even a quarter way to finishing the list. I wish I could change that.

  22. Exactly - probably why I write poetry & stories. :) And then some annoying complaining tool goes and says "you emo." *rolls eyes* how typical. Have you gotten that before?


    What do you like to sing about? Your problems, world problems, other peoples POVs? At the moment I'm writing an original prose about a bipolar girl. Huntress & QFR are difficult to write for, because they're so mentally demanding, but this original prose is a nice and easy one.

  23. I've told you more than I've told anyone in real life. Online is a ton easier than real life. Which is rather contradictory of me, since I'm expecting to become a Psychologist and make sure people spill out their emotions/thoughts lol.

    I think I came to terms with it, because I didn't have anyone to speak to about problems until I was 14, and then they were self-absorbed and obsessed with their own petty problems (like they didnt get the tv they wanted).

    People need listeners... and I want to make sure by my own accord that some people don't end up like me.

  24. I bottle my emotions up. Or at least, I always have (except for a 2/3 year period I went through where I think I was just plain depressed). When I did open up to people, though, they usually just said... "you'll be fine."and it's like - why the hell do you think I told you!

    Being the helper comes naturally to me... I've apparently been doing it since I was 5 years old :lol: but I dunno why.

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