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  1. So you'd advise two degrees going at once? :confused:

    I was planning on doing a masters, because any lower than that just isn't cut to be a doctor/psychologist etc.

    The problem is, now.. if I need to take an A-level that goes hand in hand with Psychology, I can't, because I've already picked my subjects, and it's a month into term. If I was going to be switched, I'd be very much behind.


    & just sos you know, I didn't even think about the money until you mentioned it then lol. Either way, no one will trust an 'psychologist who never made it'. Best just to be the real thing.

  2. Well my dads side of the family is small. I have one auntie & 1 uncle. and 2 cousins. So it's not hectic.

    My dads had about 3 girlfriends since my mum and him broke up. One was a scruff. This ones been in the picture 7 years.

  3. ahh. I hate taking pills... unless I have to. I can withstand colds, but not aches. Painkillers are like my bestfriend.


    It was alright. Discovered something about my childhood (which I've forgotten most of, strangely.) When I was 4-8 years old, I never spoke to anyone hardly ever, I sat on my own and drew like all the time. I was 4 when my parents split up. Coincidence? I think not!

  4. Why'd you take one of them? :confused:

  5. Under the influene of what?


    I've had two drinks, which is the reasoning behind my tiredness.

  6. Turns out I'm not getting streaks in my hair tonight... and I'm shattered. Just tried to research the different psychologist types... never try that when you're on the edge of sleeping. lol. You don't remember a thing. Though I just realised... If I did my masters degree in psychology, then I'd be called "Doctor Sophie Burns". How cool. :xp:


    hows life?

  7. Things are going a-okay. I'm putting a bit of purple in my hair tonight (streaks). So that'll be fun. :)

    I don't think my antibiotics worked properly. >_> the infection is soo still there.



  8. :lol: Sorry about that. At least you got offline, for yourself. :)
  9. Oh god there's a US version of "Little BRITAIN". lol.


    Anyway, I'm getting tired, and as you said, you need to do work. I'll leave you to it. :)


  10. Well, how I think about it is, there's plenty of time to write/talk online AFTER I've gotten my social life in tact. Plus, like you said, you should strive to improve your person, but being online isn't improving yourself, is it? ;)


    It's all very contradictory.


    Bars are nice to go to, but only if you know your alcohol limit. Or else you might wake up the next day, not knowing where you are!

  11. I'll simply admit I don't know much, but give my opinion. I wouldn't argue in unrealistic 'facts'. But I wouldn't back down, and show them they've won. I hate losing. :xp:


    I don't research unless I feel strongly about something, and the likelihood of me feeling strongly about something is if I know the facts. If I don't, I won't pretend to know... and thus the no opinion. :)

  12. Ahh, that's a good idea you've got there. You see, I'm silly and I keep all of my problems pented up, hoping someone will notice. But they don't. Even when it's obvious!


    Obviously I tell you one or two of my problems, more minor ones. I mean I told you about the 'depression' thing, but notice how that's in the past and no longer my problem?


  13. Hmm, I suppose it is a biased opinion, if it's from a friend. Where ever they stand.

    I think I judge sometimes, but I have good reason. Well, isn't that what all judgemental people think? :lol:

    There I go, judging judgemental people.


    Wow, it's a vicious cycle.

  14. Wise words, there. :)


    My friend was born with more intelligence than me, I'll admit - but you know what he does? Never does his homework, pays little attention in class, plays on his xbox 24/7 unless his parents MAKE him do work. He used to be smarter than me... now all his intelligence stems from is computing (because hes on it all the time). He's finding science and maths at AS level near impossible, and I think it's partly due to college being more difficult, but I'm faring better because I didn't kill my brain off somewhere during high school.


    I'm surpassing him, and apparently I have "no intelligence". *rolls eyes*


    You're probably wondering how I call him my best friend, since I complain about him and he says I'm stupid. :lol: I won't bother you with issues anymore.

  15. Weeell, you can't tell someone how to live their lives. If only it was that easy, ey?


    Another thing you need to be a psychologist, is to not judge someone. D'you reckon I'm non-judging, or I judge a bit, or I'm just totally judgemental?

  16. I tried to say the word 'prerequisites' yesterday but I couldn't get the word out lol. It's one of those words.


    But anyway, they're just traits I think I have... I'm sure if you saw my work you might think differently. My best friend (supposedly) said the nicest thing to me, start of term. "You don't have intelligence, you just have creativity" (bearing in mind I got better GCSE results than him.. even though I say they don't matter, in this case, they do!)


    I wouldn't say getting a B in Science (same as him), a C in maths (i know, it's average, but it's still... something), a B in history and having more than basic IT skills proves at least a little intelligence.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm good at everything, but 'no intelligence'? Wow, harsh.

  17. The only thing I see wrong with myself at the moment, is how I can't stop drinking, smoking. I think I know almost everything there is to know lol. And I have bursts of emotion and I'm too scared to confide in friends. Other than thaaat, I'm fine! (i'm joking.)


    Yesterday I opened up to one of my friends about how I've been feeling down lately... and you know what there reaction was? They instantaneously changed the subject to their own problems. It's so typical of people to do that.


    I think it's great that you came so far, and you shouldn't feel the need to get better and better. It takes time, and you'll change without force. You might change for the worse, you probably will change for the better... but the one thing you need to stick by is who you truly are. The real you will never change, just things that make it up.


    I still act the same as I did when I was 'depressed', but now I'm more confident, happy, outgoing. See what I mean?

  18. My tv broke. >_>


    Soo... I haven't been able to play it much. But I like it so far. I've recently been introduced to Mass Effect, too, so I've quickly become obsessed with it, and can't play it (yet again due to the TV!)


    Disappointment depends on how the person first imagined it. I'm betting all those people who said it's disappointing either previously presumed it was going to be bad, or that they figured it would be a revolutionary game.

  19. Anyone can listen. Actually, considering MY friends, not everyone can listen.


    My skills in psychology?

    Well... so far, I've learned that I'm very good at catching onto ideas and the ways in which certain symptoms show up in disorders. I have (quote the teacher) an interesting yet accurate approach to psychology. Did you learn about Id, superego and ego? :)

    I want to help people, regardless of how much time it takes. I'm a great listener I believe, and advice is my middle name (well if it was, I'd be quick to change it, but figuratively speaking). Biology intruiged me as well, and was probably a favourite subject which I considered taking in college. Oh and I'm also analytical.


    Are these all signs I should be a psychologist? Maybe, maybe not.

  20. Well like I said, you can strive to perfect yourself, but it'll never come true. Everyone has different outlooks on life - some live to be like you said, some live for fun, some live for work. Some just live.


    Guilt is a horrible emotion, and whilst I admit that if a person never feels it, they're heartless, I would also never wish it upon someone who's living the life they want. I've been dragged down into guilt so many times, I don't even want to see the word.


    People will always strive to get rid of flaws... because no one likes living with a flaw. But some peoples perceptions become clouded... and being vain is a good thing to them. Being cruel is a good thing to them... and that's where personality disorders can come in - if it's extreme enough.


    They say 4/5 people have a form of abnormality (or psychopathology). It scares me when I look back and remember year when I was 12, 13, 14 and part of 15 I think I definitely had a form of depression. Nothing else explains never wanting to go out, feeling guilty, crying all the time, feeling sorry for myself/blaming everyone, being scared of socialising.

    Yeah that was me not too long ago. So excuse me, honestly, when I say I love how I am now, because overcoming that on my own was the most difficult thing ever.

  21. On the topic of being mislead... I know, I've thought about this too. I have three views on people who would do this:


    a) they need something to do with their life & get a grip

    b) they're probably a hyperchondriac

    c) it's just uncertainty of how to answer a question & psychologists know how to identify this.


    I mean, if they want to take drugs for schitzophreania (sp?) & attend laborious therapies that will reveal nothing, it's their money/time wasting decision!


    I know a lot of people are highly skeptical about psychology. "It's all made up, none of it's real", "its just a place for a bunch of people to go and complain." But you could say the same for a lot of things... I wanna do something like this, but yes, Im unsure.

  22. I didn't have friends until I was 7/8. I was bullied for years. I've been left behind by all manner of people. And now I'm free of all that, I don't think my friends a true friends at all. I don't want to be someone else lol because if those people don't like me, then why should I change for them?

    If I'm someone who doesn't care who judges me, someone who wants to help those who have nowhere to turn, someone who actually cares about other people - then I want to be that person. Because if you can't be yourself, who else can you be?


    I'm myself and I've created who I am. I can't say my life's been perfect, I can't say I've been a perfect person... but I doubt anybody achieved perfection, regardless of how amazing they were.

  23. The meaning of the name Sophie is wisdom. :xp:


    lol I'm just an ordinary person who wants to help. I'm surprised there's not more people like that. I've decided that once I get my EMA, I'm giving £2 a month to the NSPCC... I'm taking from the government and giving to charities what the government take. So i'm being hypocritical, but in a good way, I guess.


    But yes... I'd like your opinion on Psychologists. If you want to give it. :)

  24. No one in my family is like that. In fact, I know no one in person who's like that. I feel sort of unfortunate lol but also confused as to how I managed to gain this approach to life that I have. No one I know is like that... and everyones influenced by environment/society, how ever little or big.

  25. What do you mean, you see a lot in him what I've told you recently? What things?


    And I really like that you have certain figures in your life that you can look up to, and use their example. It makes a person like me feel a bit better about society - people like you and the people you describe. Sometimes they're very difficult to come by.


    I don't really have anyone in my family I've ever looked up to. My friends, neither. Not even famous people. I set my own example - and people think I'm boring for that reason.

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