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  1. I did another quiz and got Bastila again.

    Please kill me. I'm not even drunk, this time....


    Apparently this is me:

    You are most like Bastila! You strive to do your best at being a good jedi, but sometimes the dark side gets the best of you. You can be a bit preachy at times, but you(usually) mean well. Your skills as a jedi are remarkable, and this can sometimes get to your head. You should try to be less picky and let others make their own decisions; instead of harassing them about the dangers of the darkside, you should be looking after yourself. Alignment: Mostly Light Side

  2. I usually have female, but it feels nice having my invented exile - Darren - in the game. :) Let's me put his character into context a little better.


    Sure I'll read it in a bit. I was planning on reading that once you'd finished PTE, but figured that'll be a while off. Are you going to write about the war? Or not?

  3. It's console lol. But I only know that because I have like a billion of them. :) Someone I know didn't even know what an xbox was. It's quite scary...


    & I don't know HOW exactly I got Bastila! I mean, I must've been pretty darn drunk. I don't follow rules, I'm not snobby, and I don't run around after someone for five years, because I fell in love. :¬: damnit all.


    I've started K2 as a male lightside... guess what his name is? Darren. :^:

  4. I know - I can't believe I got Bastila. o_o I don't seeeriously act like her, do I? :( lol.


    The poem is long gone now. I changed my account because my last one (which I cancelled) was getting a bit cluttered. But my fictionpress account is http://www.fictionpress.com/~Yasuzoma if you want to check out the new one.


    Is the game editor for computer? Because I don't have the pc game on me. ;)

  5. No I don't use game editor. What's that? o.0

  6. :lol: Wow, some people can be harsh! I remember I wrote a poem once, that was quite close to my heart. And someone commented it saying that it was a terrible poem because the GRAMMAR and SPELLING was off!

    The least they could've done was compliment my effort. Honestly.


    I did a quiz last night on 'which KOTOR charactere are you' (I was drunk) and I got Bastila. :| I never want to be drunk again! lol.


    & I think I'll play K2. It's just soo hard to decide, because I probably won't get to have a go of the other for ages. :xp:

  7. You should state at the beginning of your next chapter that you don't like people critisising slight typos/spelling mistakes unlesss it's absurd in the sense that people don't know what it is.

    I noticed the 'padewan' thing, but I don't think I ever complained about it.


    And I'm looking for good gameplay... which I guess they both win in. Ee I can't decide!

  8. I guess it's just constructive critisism, but if it's only a typo, it's not as if you keep on making the mistake is it? If you do, THEN it should be addressed... but not in the snide way some people do it. *rolls eyes*


    I think I re-sprained my wrist last night, when I was drunk. Oh god, it kills. Back to the drawing board, where I can't move most of my hand... and to think it was recovering, too!

    I'm really in the mood for KOTOR... Gonna take my laptop upstairs. :) Which KOTOR d'you think I should make a new save on?

  9. I hate it when I make typoes in my stories and people just like emphasise them and make it seem like I'm an idiot for not being able to spell lol.

    Course you post things that are worth reading! For someone who only just recently started writing, you're excellent at it! Some people write for years and can't produce something like that. :)


    To be honest, your story PTE inspired me to check my QFR and rewrite it. :)

  10. Sorry for the late reply - I just discovered that my computer hasn't saved the last four documents I saved (two being homeworks, one being a chapter for "Shiver" and one being chapter eight of QFR)... so I rewrote the first bit.

    I think you're going to love this chapter... Either that or nine. These are the good chapters, I have planned. :) Everything comes together.


    I really do like PTE - it's just so realistic.

  11. I'm not doing anything today - yay, how fun - so I'll most likely get round to reading your chapters. :) If not, I'll at least read one chapter.

    So you're a forumite now? :xp: check you! What number posts is it to be one?

  12. im goin to fall asleep if i stay online any longer.

    im really sorry, ill speak tp you tomorrow


  13. Be right back, switching to the laptop.

  14. Well as far as I know, you've got me and HOP.

    If HOP hasn't replied, then you know at least, that us two have a lot of work... as do most people.

    I'm only getting replies, because poems are quick to read, and such. Stories are read less than poems... it's a fact! Don't give up - I love your work. :)


    If I could think properly, I'd so write a poem right now. I'm in a poetic mood.

    God I need to see that counselor >_<;

  15. I feel sorry for people who start out writing, and people just take the mick out of them.

    Sure, when I started out, I wrote 67 A4 pages, but it was pretty bad. If someone said to me "this is a load of crap, just quit whilst your ahead and save yourself the agony" i'd feel sooo bad.

  16. I can't read stories right now, I'm tipsey, but I promise I probably will tomorrow.

    I've cancelled plans, and pissed someone off, so I probs won't be going out tomorrow.



    everything's alright, but I had some annoyingly obvious outburst in town with my friends and started crying.

    I smoked, again. I've got 7 cigs left, and I plan to use them.

    I hate myself right now.

  17. Well, sometimes the good people who have the skills, don't get the attention or the good things.

    Two paragraphs? Ten comments is hardly worth te response for two paragraphs. Maybe the person just has a lot of friends. Sometimes there's other than one reason,

  18. ps. Nice new avatar...

    But I associate the other one with you more. :xp:

  19. Yeah, we weren't expecting it over here, and it just hit us hard. But this sort of thing happens every 10-20 years! We're not so different from the people who went through it then, so why should we all complain? We've got to move forward, right?


    Psychology makes things seem better. I love it, I'm good at it, and I enjoy the discussions. Drinking? >_> Okay, that's bad. But it cheers me up, thinking about it, too. Getting As in my subjects. Being invited to parties and stuff. There's good stuff, but it's overweighed, know what I mean?

  20. Ohhh, is it like an RPG? Because if so, it sounds awesome. I have a list of games in my mind, and I've put that on, up there with Mass Effect and Fable 2. (ee!) I love RPGs sooo much - I'm one of those people who hate structured environments and rules... so if I can do my own thing, it's great. :xp: Part of why KOTOR is a big favourite!


    Tonight I'm going out to drink. Thank god, it's been tooo long.

    So are you not going to drink, with your wife, so that you can be equal in the pregnancy? ... sorta? ;) Aha.

  21. lol that made me laugh.

    Though it isn't just that. That's, strangely enough, the least of my problems.

    It doesn't matter, I told you I didn't want to depress you.

  22. Wow, you truly are the expert on evil mastermindness! :xp: Couldn't go wrong with you, ey. Of course, I'd get overly confident one day and question everything you do, and end up being shot. Of course, I'm evil, so I'll simply haunt you forever, on your voyage across the earth.

    :^: It's inevitable!

    But first I'd kill the ghostbusters... just in case your evil mastermind mind thought it'd be able to kill my ghost. :)


    I've vented enough - I think I'm beginning to annoy people. So I'll leave it there.

  23. I'm exactly like that. I can feel what a person's feeling. I'm the 'listener'. Random people, for some reason, find me an easy person to tell my problems to... and the amount of times I've been told such horrible stories by people on buses, in shop queues... it's really weird. But I like it. I like that I can bring that out in people, even if it makes me feel horrible. Right now, I'm going through a rough time, so things like that do upset me, but when I'm older, and I've sorted everything out, which I PLAN to do, I'm going to make a change to people's lives.


    I don't just know how to appeal to people's ego, but I can understand people. I know how to challenge ideas. I understand a person, from talking to them, and find out what sort of person they are to a certain extent. I tell people what type of person they are, and they deny it... and then when they're most vulnerable, it comes out, and they admit it.



    We could take over the world haha.

  24. Awh, I'm so happy for you and your wife. :) You must feel really excited!

    And Americans get a lot of days off that England has never even heard of lol. We get bank holiday mondays and holidays, you get all manner of days off! It's sooo unfair.

    Then again, I suppose I'd rather be in college, doing something, than being at home and wasting my time. I love Psychology - it's like the one thing I can rely on to be enjoyable, everytime, these days.


    Did you learn the approaches, whereever you got your psychology knowledge from?

  25. :lol: Thanks, that's cheered me up a bit. :)

    Again, I promise I will read your chapters, sometime.

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