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  1. Haven't seen me on here in a while, have you?


  2. wow what a coincidence... i've only started coming on in the past week too lol.

    and yeah, i'm on the summer holidays too :) can't believe a whole year of college is over!

    when are you coming over to england?

  3. God I haven't been on this website for ages.

    Things are doing pretty good. :)

    how about you?

  4. Congratulations. :)

  5. I haven't been on in ages, but I was asked to read something so.. lol

    Things are good. :) Happy new year btw!


  6. twas awesome. :) but I did a Psychology test, and I misread the word 'psychological' as 'physiological'. Damn me. I was ranting on about my knowledge of drugs, when I was supposed to be writing about thought processes!

    Now I look like a druggie. lol.

  7. College is AWESOME! My biology lesson just got cancelled - teacher's off. That means no mock exam. :) heh.

    life isss busy though, and i've practically dropped all of my stories.

    Still continuing with yours?

  8. Hey, BFA. :]

    I'm in college atm.

    Hows you?

  9. Goodbye then. :) Have fun! lol.

  10. Bleh, I dunno what he was doing. He's a weirdo. Besides, I just wanted to sit on my own lol... I'm all reflective since I've just seen the counsellor. The worst thing about counselling is that once they start catching onto what the problem is, I start feeling really upset, because they're telling me what my life has been like, and it's so true. You know, I feel understood for once.

    But either way...

    Yeah, I think the HD is about that much money, so if you got -$70 off the xbox, then you paid a normal price. :)

    Have you not got a gamer tag/xbox live yet?

  11. Yeah, I'm struggling with motivation, too. I guess you have to force yourself to do it - what I do, is picture all of my dreams going down the drain, if I don't do my work... it sort of motivates me. :]

    I have some J20s but I can't drink them, because I can't open them, though. :(

    Really, you didn't get your harddrive? What a joke - I say take it back and complain!

  12. They WERE fine, but some weird guy just came and sat next to me & started asking for my number.



    So what's up?


  13. Hey. :]

    I'm in college right now, but I have no more lessons - waiyting for my friend to get here. Hows you?

  14. Life's pretty hectic but also awesome at the same time! Although right now I can't find my homework sheet, and it'd due in tomorrow... eek!


  15. mechatronics? what's that about?

    & did you know, half of graduated uni students still don't know what job they want?

    It's normal. :]

    Think about it - you're being forced to think of what you want to spend the rest of your life doing at the age of 16/18.

  16. Wellll, how old are you?

    If you're young, that's perfectly normal.

    If not, ehh, can't help you there! :D lol.

  17. That the hypothalamus activates two stress reactions - the sympathomoddulary pathway system and the pituitary adrenal system... :^: etc.etc.

    but I only got a C on my end of term Psychology test. :( 1 mark off a B!



  18. For a few years it's been at the back of my head, and every now and again I would research on certain things... but recently (because I've taken Psychology) I've been determined to become one. :]

    What are you into?

  19. It does mean that lol

    costs £40 a year, over here, not sure about the US. But that's amazing price for an internet connection where you can fight against friends and stuff. :]

  20. Half truths are always the best. Moderate descriptions, but with specific details on random things that an ordinary liar wouldn't come up with.. like "her dog was so cute - it was a white labradore." or something (no idea what lie THAT belongs to, like lol.)


    xbox360 has gone down in price and I love it. But do you want to spend all that money on a console? :xp: Fable II IS amazing though - and computer is usually the last format for a game to come out on.

  21. :lol: Gino. Ohh, your friends will give you weird looks.


    Yeah. I think it's mainly because I've only read the book when I was shattered but still! It uses so many big psychology and biology words... but it's still interesting. & the problem with those books is that you can't remember what it said because the big words don't stick in your head lol.

    Then again it is written for Oxford students. >.>


    Halloween was AWESOME! We went to pubs and clubs allll night long until 6am (the party was rubbish), and met two French guys! they added me on facebook and everything... but one was a SPITTING image of johnny depp. I was in awe lol.

    If johnny depp didn't exist, he wouldve been Jack Sparrow. :]


    I haven't really gotten much writing done over the holidays.


  22. I don't think you can message people who are banned. Maybe that's why you didn't get any. :)

    Either way, like I said, I think it's best you left that thread alone, because now you've been banned for arguing in it, other people will probably just judge whatever you say as rebelling or something.

    Either way, have you got Fable II?

  23. :lol: yeah, what's scary is that after like 8/10 years of study, you might realise 'this isn't for me'.

    & if you think people analysing you is scary, how many times d'you reckon your sister analysed herself? :xp: o0o0o.

  24. Wow, Auril and Gina DO make a good crime fighting team... of course, Star wars style. You should hook them up with each other. :lol: now that'd be wrong!


    Lying is an necessity of life. If you can't lie, what can you do! :xp: Seriously, I liee wayy too much - bet it's some kind of disorder... paranoia! Life's going good, though. Well, I'm a bit up and down but that happens to everyone. I bought a book on clinical psychology. It's SO difficult to understand! There's such big words and it explains NOTHING, so I keep having to go to the glossary and check word meanings.

    Stupid author psychologists.

    I feel accomplished though. I managed to persuade the biggest hypochondriac in the WORLD that they didn't have schizophrenia. Which sounds straight forward lol but it so wasn't.


    But yeah - halloween outfits. I still have no idea what I'm going as! You should go as the male equivelent of Gina :lol:

  25. What do you mean? TOR is the old repiblic MMO game.

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