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  1. Yeah, sleep patterns are important :xp: buut everyone needs a 'hate the world' moment every now and again. aha.

    I'm pretty good today - Halloween house party! Something feels wrong though, y'know? Like I should be somewhere else.

    Oh well.

  2. :lol: God created allll the wrong types of people ;) they'll hate me when i go through those heavenly gates.


    + it was for a week. I think its almost over. :)

  3. Aye, thats the one.

    But it wasn't just him arguing... obviously. And he got blamed.

  4. he got banned for a week for... arguing lol.

  5. I'd probably annoy Jesus when I got there... psychoanalysing him and all with my psychology knowhow. :xp:

    Satan's a tad too red. He's promoting sunburn, and I don't like sunburn. :)

  6. Gina and Auril will be best buds. They really seem like they would :lol:


    I am such a good liar! I said that my parents have kicked me out of the house, because they think I'm going out (for Halloween) and my mate whos having this party was like 'aww come to my friends party?' and i was like 'it's alright.. really... i dunno what im going to do, but i can't just barge into someones house lol' and she was like 'nonsense!'

    booyah. AND I get to stay over. ;)


    Yeah, i mean... K3 would've been nice, but I'm an author, so I was sooort of hoping against it, for the sakes of fiction. :xp: I'm terrible, I know!

  7. I have to say - seen you around lucasforums and your name is legendary!

    Jesus owns Satan any day. :xp:

  8. :lol: Gina's awesome. Off course she's going to kill you :xp:

    but yeah, I hate those kind of chapters!


    Yeah, I mean I don't think I really wanted a proper K3 anyway... (wait a second before you kill me!) because i seriously had no idea how theyd continue the RPG, because we already have the characters an the plot set out before us. And I wouldn't want to have a gay non-RPG kotor. It wouldn't be right.

    I agree with what they've done. :) Because I KNOW the third one wouldn't be good.

  9. Yeah, I dance all the time, play games, run about... but I like my 'do nothing and let my brain go dead' time. :^:

    ever seen Skins? That's brilliant stuff - teenage drama. Gotta' love it. :]

    But Family guy is so immature it's a godsend! :lol:

  10. Aw. I love how cats and dogs can be. I've never had anything like that though, so count yourself lucky!

    I had four cats when I was born. They were all right moody... but I loved them just as equally. :^: Miss them, yeah.


    You been watching 'The Family' if its broadcasted over where you are.

  11. lmfao you HAVE to name your kid Luke or Leia.

    If only your name was Anikan... but I highly doubt that, somehow. ;)


    Yeah, you don't really think about names until you're in public and you have to shout "chewiebacca!" etc.etc. aha.

    I want my own kitten... Last time I had one was aaages ago, and I've grown up with them around me, so it's like a part of me is missing! lol.

  12. lmao awww. First what's weird is the droid name kittens. That's just fantastic :lol: but your dog (the THIRD pet) is called chewiebacca?

    that's legendary, my friend!


    Seriously, three pets who have star wars name? Look out, some dog owners might judge you. ;) They have like a mini society, i swear. If you get a dog, they instantly rest you to see if you're a dog person, and if you're not... whoa, the parks a scary place.

    (not that I know, because they all love me. Really.)


    I'm glad you're having such a good time. :) It's contageous lol.

  13. Aw you have a puppy? :] what kind?

    At least your weeks been productive! I think I have achieved nothing but embarrassing myself. How teenage is that. lol.

  14. I've tried a few times... not too good at it.

    Songs are too simplified and blunt for me lol.

  15. Really?

    That's me trying to go the extra mile and challenge myself instead of just writing thoughts down lol.

    Thank you. :]

  16. You'll be happy to know that I'm posting his next chapters for him then. :) He asked me to, and it's the least I can do.


    & thanks! I'm really unsure about the last poem I posted. It's very different to what I usually do.

  17. Yeah, I told him that lol. I guess if you really mean something, you don't just want to be silenced, ey?

    He's also asking me to post his chapters into the stories he's done - but he has so many! Like the beginning and end of the same story... and SiD. :eyepop

  18. I know! Long time no speak, Rev! :xp: School/college can be the bane of 'spare time' lol. But I still love college at the moment - it's... my environment. :)


    DY was banned because he was arguing about something in one of the threads about 'TOR'. *Shrugs* I don't know why he got a week ban... there's been worse than that before!

  19. Haha, cheers. I loved the Huntress but it was too much wooork. Take the "Hun" away from Huntress and stick an "S" on the front! :eyepop


    And he has a week ban. Poor guy.

  20. Yeah... about that.

    I've given up on it. :^: lol.

  21. No problem ^^ Thanks for the comment on my picture!

  22. I drank so much I can't remember walking from the bar to the apartment


  23. Lol you seemed in a rush.

    And I'm looking forward to 'TOR'. No the coolest abbreviation, but I'll live. ;)

    What about you?

  24. I bought Fable II.

    Now I'm in more debt! lol. Well, not real debt. Just debt with my parents. Oh and I owe my friend £6.50... I owe another one like £100 haha.

    It was fine. Saw that counselor btw. It was ... weird.


    Hows your friday been?

  25. I don't know the solutions. Believe me, if I did I'd be trying to fix my problems. But how do you fix something that you've always been? :/

    I know there's an issue, but that's only half of it. If I can only do half of the work, then I do need some help... and if my friends in real life aren't willing to listen, and the people online don't offer that 'closeness' real people do, it's troubling.

    I'm scared! I don't know what I'm going to say. "Help, i'm depressed" >_> What if the counselor says 'we don't do that kind of thing here'? I'd be sooo embarassed!


    Anyway, it's good that you don't need ambien to sleep. My mums tried to get 'kalms' or whatever that non perscription sleeping pill is, but I've refused. Don't want anything like that - I don't want to feel like I'm depandant on something to function. I'm just not like that.


    In the last few weeks I've been told that I'm very 'resistant to facts' and 'can't stand things being wrong'... not me being wrong, just things.

    You think that?

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