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  1. I like big sticks wawed at people! I never buy games with crazy DRMS (ACII...), and when sometyhing like this happens i usually buy them just to support them. And its not really scare tactics, its the same as removing security from a store and then using detectives to track down the thieves I dont see it as hazy, in my opinion copyright laws are pretty definite (if not tailored for this age of web piratism), and if you steal other people´s intellectual property you deserve fines. Im not supporting those legendary "1,5 million for 24 downloaded songs"-kind of punishments, but making them pay twice the price of the game would be nice.
  2. The origins part was freaking difficult, awakening was easy. But as i said, the fact that i played through on the 1,00 version could have made it even harder than it was supposed to be. Especially before i reached level 10 i died so much its wonder that i could bear with it...
  3. Congratulations I guess... If that happened to me i would probably hate it as much as if i became a dad myself
  4. I heard that they decided to take the "Metallica-approach" to illegal downloaders And i think its the right thing to do, it leaves us honest game buyers in peace and the evil pirate-copy -downloading bastards will get what they deserve. I hope they track down one of my friends, he hasnt paid for any computer game since JKA...
  5. And what kind of a criminal do you think is the most common? I´d say stupid.
  6. Communism is very far from anarchy, because the whole ideology is very naive and believes that humans are smart by nature, and that by removing the government people will be happy to work in their new, completely equal country. And live according to it´s laws. A pretty good theory actually, but its only that, it can never work because humans are despicable creatures only driven by goals such as advancing themselves. As Qui-Gon Glenn said, past "communist" countries have been very far from actual communism, and rather represented pure selfishness by being totalitarian countries. Anarchism is more about every man making his own rules.
  7. Yes, i understand that those "not locked yet" answers on their own page are a load of crap, but the visuals could definetely still be worked on. And I dont like the dumbing down it any more than you do, but in my opinion DA:O already was pretty much of a watered down CRPG wannabe, with a ridiculous difficulty level (I played through on version 1,00, heard it has become much easier with the patches though) and too few ways to customise your character. Hell, i wanted a new NWN with seven million classes that you can combine together in any way you want to, with all kinds of different weapons you can specialise in, and especially i was looking forward to the "low fantasy" they were talking about (I figured it would mean for example that the game doesnt have a classic mage class). I never wanted a WOW turned into a single player game...
  8. To quote my favourite "doctor", Humanity is overrated. I would rather have a movie of Andersons chance to become a spectre, that would be cool, and it wouldnt have any effect on making some choices in the games more valid than the others.
  9. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  10. Ye, but they are trying to make money, so its pretty understandable that they are making it for the consoles. But i still wouldnt judge it too harshly yet, if it sucks in my opinion im sure all of you will be reading my hateful forum posts Definetely an interesting point, but there could be a lot of different explanations on why they haven´t shown us gameplay. Dont you think they go through forums like this at Bioware? They know that we think the graphics look ****ty but they dont give us anything, which could mean, for example, that they aren´t ready yet. I think that the finalizing of graphics is the last thing game makers do. Or it could mean that it looks like crap and they just try to sell it to the ignorant with the name "Dragon Age".
  11. If they make the movie i doubt it´s going to canonise a total paragon or a total renegade. After all, the game´s morality is about shades of grey. And as a side note, i did the complete opposite in ME2: I was goodish (i helped the weak and killed all who irritated me(doesnt include zaeed, he never did )) and kept the station. And no one of the party members agreed with that??? Come on, there´s a freaking hyperrace of nasty murderspaceships coming toward the galaxy, the ends is what matters, not the means
  12. Indeed... But it still seems that they are going to try to please the hard core gamers too with the PC-version. They will fail, most likely, as everyone already hates it without seeing any of it, though. I am going to wait til i see it in action before judging it too harshly. I dont like the even narrower character development than before, and i hate the fact that it will be voiced, but i can live with those things if the rest of the game is good.
  13. I see your point, but still deep down it would suck to have a canonising movie. It just makes my choices seem less valid. But if the storyline of the movie had nothing to do with the games it would be good, the ME universe is definetely rich enough to host quite a few movies not connected to Sheppie.
  14. I agree. To anyone who said she should be named Juhani cause it sounds weird, Juhani is actually a Finnish male name. And my second name. Now would anyone want to have their cute, cuddly little puppy have anything in common with me?
  15. Yeah, same here. I just took an open place with no cover, sat down there and held the trigger down til everyone was dead... But still, even though soldier is ridiculously easy i think infiltrator is actually a better class. And biotic powers are pointless, the only biotic power i had in my entire party was lift that i took as the extra power while making my character, and it didnt make the game any harder to play... I just had Tali for those "open boxes etc" skills and Ashley for more firepower
  16. I dont even want a movie that "canonises" some choices. Isn´t playing your own story one of the main points of ME? And yeah, Infiltrators ftw. Played INF in ME1, played it in ME2 and will play it in ME3. Also, i made a ME1 playthrough with a soldier a few weeks ago, but didnt like it. It was just so freaking boring shooting everything with those assault rifles....
  17. If i reject other people´s definitions of "good" and "evil" and think of the world as "bad" and "worse" I am definetely true neutral. My apparent mental instability, quick temper and the way i hold grudges over decades put aside of course... Chaotic neutral would be more fitting if that was taken into consideration, but i dont think that test is tailored for misanthropic individuals.
  18. True Neutral Human Sorcerer (2nd Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 15 Dexterity- 13 Constitution- 14 Intelligence- 17 Wisdom- 15 Charisma- 14 Detailed Results: Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXX (6) Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) Chaos --- XXXXXXX (7) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXX (9) Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) Evil ---- XXXXXX (6) Race: Human ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Dwarf ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10) Elf ------ XXXXXXXXXX (10) Gnome ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10) Halfling - XXXXXX (6) Half-Elf - XXXXXXXXX (9) Half-Orc - XXXX (4) Class: Barbarian - (-2) Bard ------ XXXX (4) Cleric ---- (-8) Druid ----- XX (2) Fighter --- (-2) Monk ------ (-17) Paladin --- (-25) Ranger ---- (0) Rogue ----- (0) Sorcerer -- XXXXXX (6) Wizard ---- (0) I was kinda sure i would be a bard/fighter, but no. Sorcerer? Magic is like the math of fantasy worlds, and math doesnt interest me at all... But then again, sorcs are kind of improvising machines of death, and im okay with being that
  19. Indeed. Especially money they dont really deserve, or money they get out of screwing up the mentally limited. May the proletary of the world unite and the flames of the revolution burn the pig-faced, bloated carcass of capitalism!!!1111!!11!!1! On topic: Why haven´t i heard of this before? Yeah!Yeah!Die!Die!Death Metal Symphony in Deep C kicks major a$$! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  20. I realise that, but this is what he said in the "getting to know each other"-thread: Music i listen to: Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch. I got a full-body shiver of disgust when i saw that list...
  21. Yeah, i was like "hey this is fun" for the first 3 people, and since that its been painful.
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