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  1. I know it is very irrevelant(even though it could shed some light on my personality), but i just had to say that i once had swine flu with pneumonia for 4 days without going to the doctor I just took 3 painkillers 4 times a day and didnt feel all that bad And sounded like Axl Rose which greatly amused me. And I have a rather bad asthma, so i consider it a small wonder that im able to rant on these forums today. @GTA About that "seeing happy people"-part, im meant that happy people automatically tag themselves as idiots to me. Bad punctuation.
  2. Congratulations, you have taken your first step on the path of salvation from the crappy mainstream metal crap flooded on the markets!
  3. Hey, dont go calling me an alcoholic! Even though I use Drunkside as my web alias it has nothing to do with my drinking, it rather describes my sober state. Actually, i havent had a single drop of anything containing alcohol since I turned 18 (it becomes legal to drink then here). And that day was 25th of june. It just kind of stopped being exiting when it wasnt forbidden anymore. BTW Im inclined to agree with The Doc. With both of his statements...
  4. Sorry, im not taking those. I should go see a psychiatrist though, im pretty sure im insane. But I want to make somebody make me go, and Im also having trouble believing im actually insane cause i think so. Did that make any sense? You know, people with mental disorders dont usually think there is anything wrong with themselves, so that speaks against me being crazy. Im more willing to believe the **** people have given me over the years has simply made me a bitter, angry and misanthropist young man who hates good times and happy people.... Seriously, when i see a happy person i dont know i automatically think he/she is an idiot. If a stranger comes to talk to me I always first assume s/he wants to harm me in some way, and thus im always on the edge in crowds.
  5. Lack of Comprehension by Death from one of the best albums ever, Human. Even if you are not into metal or death metal you should at least listen the intro, it is made of pure and beautiful ingenuity. Really. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  6. Im actually reading prose voluntarily for the first time in years, havent had time to read anything besides school stuff. I borrowed Necronomicon (some sort of a complete works of H.P.Lovecraft) from the library and im kind of addicted to it.
  7. Same here, and guess what? I´m on my angriest(can you even say it like that???) on my birthdays. And Im angry enough to whack anyone down with a baseball bat on my average days, luckily Im not trusted such weapons of mass destruction very often. But what i really hate about birthdays is how people want to fuss about it, If it were up to me I´d never celebrate birthdays. Or Christmas. Or anything else either.
  8. Rise, black amps tear the sky Feedback will free your mind and set you free Rise, black amps tear the sky Riff hewn altar wreathed in smoke and weed Dopethrone. Nuff said. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  9. Went to see Turisas and Kiuas perform live. Kickass show!
  10. Indeed I did, typo/error of thought
  11. Gonna go buy this tomorrow (its released then) if I have time, Im going to a split Kiuas/Turisas gig and that definetely comes before paying hellish amounts of cash for a game
  12. It looks like the JA combat system is going to make a comeback, and that alone is worth celebration to me
  13. \,,/ .... I dont think i can say anything else
  14. Warrior soul blazes through the land of frost and snow! This song is a ridiculous combination of total lyrical lameness, catchiness and musical awesomeness... Had to listen to it the first thing in the morning. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  15. Towels (the things you use there are not actual towels, you are supposed to sit on top of them ) are really a total blasphemy you know... Its like drawing a picture of Muhammad shaking hands with the christian God and them both wearing novelty glasses (including noses and Hitler-mustaches). In swimming halls you are required to take even your swimsuits off because the water contains checmicals that, when vaporized, are dangerous. I have only seen swimsuits worn in saunas when both men and women go at the same time. But what i said about the sauna wasnt exactly on topic, it was a reply to the post i quoted
  16. Well, i can see why he got offended, but his raving just irritates me to no end. And say what you want about him being a well known to his employees, but there are a few things about human beings that you can always count on: Their will to advance themselves, greed and the consistancy of their attempts to get what they want. I think the airport personnel is right to not trust anyone at all cause you might never actually know whats inside the head of a person you have thought to know. I would be a much more likely stabber than any of my friends. But if they wanted, i would let them search me. Even strip search. I wouldnt allow a cavity check though, but who the hell keeps a knife in his a$$? But then again, Im finninsh and we dont see nakedness as a taboo or something to fear. In fact I have seen pretty much all my friends naked, the only one i havent is a chick and my other friends girlfriend. And now you wonder how, do we organize sick gay orgies? No, there is a thing called sauna, where you are supposed to be naked.
  17. I have never found stuff like that "offensive to privacy and dignity". They are the standard procedures that are there to protect people from plane hijackers and the like. If his sense of personal worth (which he seems to think is too big in my opinion...) is worth more than his job and flying to him, fine. Waging a war on security with limited understanding on subject is just plain stupid IMHO.
  18. I think it was said that he was given the option of a patting search and he didnt agree to do even that... He is indeed making a mountain out of a mole hill and trying to make it look like he is on some moral crusade against ah so horrible security searches. He may win if he gets himself a good lawyer of course, but he doesnt command any respect himself, the way he acted in the interview in my opinion suggested that this is not his own idea. I get the feeling that likely his lawyer is behind this...
  19. I would take that as well, but im not fond on the way LP:s are constructed, because of the weird shape the strings are just too high over the body in my opinion. It makes playing faster stuff on the sixth string a tad too difficult for me cause I have small hands Maybe I should stop posting off topic now? There has been a robot/fighter and an aeroplane mentioned before though so I guess this is OK as well
  20. Retarded. He didnt really make too much sense in that interview. His attorney said that he had passed the metal detection test, but so what? You can make weapons out of anything, prisoners have pointed that out countless times over the years. Also, there is a certain thing called "Border search exeption" in the 4th amendment, and in this time of international terrorism you can never be sure whether or not somebody is wearing something dangerous, which means the security personnel had reason to suspect him. Especially after he refused the search... If this guy wins anything in the court its a victory to pure idiocy.
  21. THIS: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I dont really give a s*it about cars, they just get me from place a to place b.
  22. In my opinion all avatar items are meh
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