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  1. Heyya HOP. I figured if you liked Darth Mad, you might like Aimo.




    She's funny too. :D

  2. Heyya hun. I followed the links from Mad's site, and went to Aimo's. If you haven't gone, it's hillarious!!!! She has some of the funniest KotOR parody comics I've seen.




    Prepare to laugh. :D

  3. I was gonna say, she did to know what an interview was.


    It's that thing, that you do, for that other thing, when you want a thing. *nods sagely* Totally.


    hehehe. >.> <.< ^.^{( :: ) COOKIE! *nomnomnom* V_V no more cookie.


    I agree, though, about the no romance thing. I went a darkside exile game, and used KSE to max my influence on Bao and Kreia(because I wanted to be evil). Darth Bao (since I made him a jedi soon as I got him) went into Kriea's room, telling her she was a bad influence on me, and should leave, when she made him fall down by bringing up Malachoir V, saying how no human could build that machine.


    Of course, his conversation with Atton, when Atton's asking if he has a chance with the Exile, was just funny, especially since they were both 70% darkside, yet sounding so civil and light hearted.

  4. That, or she just sucks. <.<


    Of course, I just thought of Mad.


    "We're going down to save a couple of virgins and their dad from the sith."

    "Ah. Anything else?"


    "Good GAWD you're creepy!"



  5. Too true, too true. The thing about the interviews, and the fidget/eye contact....it's only to a certain point. It's the overall image, instead of the specific details.


    Eye contact isn't simply staring into their eyes. It's looking at them, but still being aware of your surroundings. You can actually incorporate your natural fidgetiness into keeping good eye contact(again, from personal experience). Every time you answer a question, or ask one of your own, tilt your head, break eye contact for a moment. This is "thinking" on your answer. Regain the eye contact, and sound sure of yourself when you speak. No "uhhh"s or "ummm", just your answer with confidence. This tells them "this girl isn't a simple yes-woman, but actually thinks about her responces, and knows she is right with her answer." Gotta love psych. ;)

  6. If you let it get to you, yeah, taking psychology can skew your view on things.


    And your ex was only partially correct. There are people out there who don't think of themselves as individuals, but as a concept. They do date people, thinking "how will he be as a father/she be as a mother", seeing not the person, but the possible group in the future. Here in the US, because the divorce rate is so high, it's been twisted slightly to "how will they be paying my alimony". *shakes head* But then, these people usually have some for of self-esteem/identity issues anyways. They don't realize, they can be happy on their own.


    I feel, personally, that I did nothing but benifit from the courses I took. I can see how certain people dress, act, talk, and interact with other people, and start identifying with them, learning their little pet peeves and quirks, and quickly determine if I can be their friend or not. Now, I'm a severe introvert, so that's kind of important to me. ;) Here online, it's not as bad, but that's mainly due to a certain level of protection the net provides, by you being where you are, and me being here. There's no face-to-face. So, I feel more relaxed, let my walls down, and can talk to people. :D


    Just the little I've gathered from talking to you, I think you'll do the same with psychology courses that I did, that all they will do is expand your perception on people, rather than just outright change it.


    Honestly, my Revan story came about because of my education. ;) I know everyone, no matter how good they are, have a darkness about them. Everyone has little urges. Pretty much, everyone has the capability, in the deepest, most primal part of their mind, to be a sociopath. It's just how much they let themselves do it. So, I created a second "me" in my mind, analyzed and removed certain inhibitors from this other me, put it in Revan's shoes, and asked, "how would I react to this?", and there was a story. :D Because of my knowlege, when I was done, the other persona was scrapped, and the story was good readings....if you didn't have tomatos. ;)


    But then, when I took drama in high school, I was a method actor, and when on stage, people only saw my character, instead of me.

  7. Fragiles, or things with sentimental value. And they are a little more spaced than the lower shelves, so you can look at them without having to pull them out.


    And while clothes may not be folded a certain way, where things are hung up, or what drawers they go in is VERY specific, including which half of the drawer they go in, if more than one type of clothing is in that drawer.


    Yeah...kinda scary how I know that stuff...but then again, I'm sure you could guess right where my things would be back in the day before I got married. ;)


    I will say this for myself when I was in Japan before I got married...cans for soda never really were gotten rid of. Rinsed out, but not thrown away. Instead, I'd stack them. My biggest pile was a 8 by 8 base, with 9 tiers of cans. It got to the point I was ready to superglue them so they wouldn't shift...but then the squadron commander did an inspection. Yeah....he didn't like the clutter.

  8. I know why that is, because I'm the same way.


    We obsess over certain little things, and organization is in our minds all the time. If we have to share the space with anyone, or need something designed for easy access, it has to be "this way". BUT....because we obsess the way we do, when it's just our space, no one else is really going to touch it or move things, so it looks like a mess, but it's not. Because, in the end, if you need something, you can always remember the last place you put it down. Your rooms a tip, but there is no filth. If there was, I'm sure you'd go on a cleaning rampage to get rid of it, yes?


    I'm the same way, really. The wife make my cluttered mess much cleaner than I'd normally live, but it's not a problem. ;) But, here at work, if someone doesn't do things a certain way, I can't concentrate on anything till it's fixed. Like the bills being faced. GAH!!!!! Right now, because of the extra duty I'm currently running, I'm also stuck with running the squadron snack bar, and I'm the only one that makes all the bills face the same way.

  9. I had gotten bored with it for a while, but every now and then, I go back and play it. There's just too much for me to collect to not play! :D:D:D:D


    Yeah, I'm just a little OCD with my games. *blush*

  10. yeah, most of the gundam series were pretty dramatic...but then agian, most good anime has some of that aspect. ;) Ah well.


    Gah...the first monday of September is a federal holiday in the US, so it's a 3-day weekend for me. I love the 3 days off, don't get me wrong, but it makes the first day back to work even worse than normal. Today was a pretty good day, so I have even less work than normal....I haven't even been here 4 hours, and I've got nothing to do.


    Mebbe I'll plug in my DS, play some Urbz.

  11. Well, with all the anime and gundam stuff, I managed. ;)


    The only site I really use are the forums here, honestly. I look through, find ones that interest me, and load them up.

  12. The laptop thing is why it's been four years since I've been able to play. *sniff* It's all I had in Japan. *cries* Ah well. :D


    My one real reason I really like the PC version, are the mods for it. Extra force powers, new weapons, etc.

  13. Well, I've been meaning to play through Knights 1 with my new computer. My old desktop had been sitting in a closet at my parent's for the past 4 years while I went through boot, tech school, and been in Japan. I put the thing together when the G-Force 4 was the new big thing. o.O It could play Knights, and pretty decently too. But when I plugged it in when my wife and I got back to the states, the monitor had been heat damaged. I turned the Red Gamma all the way off, and the blue bar on the bottom of the screen was still purple. So, new chip, motherboard, and a Gforce 8500...and a new flat-screen...and it's so purty now. :p:D This way, I'll kill two birds with one stone.


    And that sucks. Well, I've got my fingers crossed that you get a job before they decide you are the one they wants. Who knows, if you say you have another job, maybe they'll offer you even more monies. :D

  14. No worries. :) So, didja hear about your job? Are you happily employed for slightly higher than teenage minimum wage? :D


    Soon as I'm home(because most of my "from memory" outline is already done), I'll uninstall TSL, and install Knights. Stupid 13G hard drive. And, I'm going to do the "multiple saves, each possible outcome for each side quest" style of playing, so I know the best way of how I want the story to play out. ;)

  15. Well, I don't want to ruin it for you. ;) BUT....and this goes back to the psychology courses I've taken, and case studies of amnesiacs...Revan's going to be dark-side inclined from the get go, but it won't be manifested as "Blah, I'm evilz0rz! ph34r me! I pwn u nowz!!!!1" right off the bat, but more of a gradual regression from "loyal republic soldier" to his old self as the game progresses. Little things that feel right or wrong, nagging thoughts in the back of his skull, minor premonitions. Things that will push him one way or the other. However, after playing The Sith Lords for a bit, I'm going to make his "evil" a little more....recognizable. ;) And that's all I'm saying on THAT matter. :p


    I just wish I had a readable version of the decompiled script, with all the dialog trees. Then I wouldn't need to play the game for all the conversations. Do you know where one might be?

  16. I had a pretty long weekend, and haven't had a chance to write anything yet. I'm still working on the outline, key points, factors on characters I want.


    One of my major problems with writing stories(in the past), is I never knew where I was going, so often I'd write myself into a corner, or make things just a little too extreme. However, essays, thesiseseses, and research documents were always stellar...one research essay I wrote for an English class, I just almost didn't do. In 1 night, I threw it together, and got a 97% on. The 3% from perfect were a grammer mistake I missed.


    So, I'm putting the story together from scratch, start to finish, and will probally play the game for specific dialogs, or remember how certain little plot points worked out. I'd say...expect the first chapter(Endar Spire and Taris) by the end of the week. :D

  17. Marning, Burnseyy. :D


    Jae ok'd my story, so I can get started in earnest with my "full game" version, and keep the darkness right where I had it. :D

  18. No problem, Robes. :) I had the issue once, restarted with all the same mods minus yours, and the issue didn't happen. I'll try it again later tonight. :)

  19. *peeks in*


    I just would like to say, as a technician in the military....Bao-Dur is the right level for "fit". ;) There are quite a few of us that fight on the front lines, so we need to be very fit. Not to the same level as the Army or Marines...but pretty close. For our physical fitness test, we have to run 1.5 miles(2.4 km), do 1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of situps, and have our waist measured as a Body Mass Index test. To get a perfect score I have to run the distance in 9 minutes, do 52 pushups, 58 situps, and have a 32 inch(81 cm) waist.



  20. A show of my own nerdiness.... the gender is a predisposition in the programming. Which could lead to some really demented situations...but yeah.


    In The Return of the Jedi, the droid in Jabba's palace that processed C3PO and R2D2 was actually a female.


    Yeah...I'm a geek.

  21. "And they said she said you were fat" "WHAT?!?!?!*kill*" hehehehe.


    Of course, my favorite was girl talk with HK. I always thought it was a little off for a boy robot. ;)

  22. Oh yes! And I laughed, out loud. Many times.


    "You would think they would have put in a light switch. Oh, here one is." *click* "ZOMG...B.B.Bunnies" *click*


    classic. :D

  23. I've got my fingers crossed for you too. And w00t for more than minimum wage.

  24. Actually, Burnseyy gave me Mad's site. I laughed. out loud. :)

  25. Speaking of nerdy....I finally actually finished Through the Fire and Flames on medium. :D:D:D:D Only hit 68% of the notes...but I finished it!!:D

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