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  1. tumblr_ln1ntc4t6f1qhb7sv.png


    Also, the right half of one of those characters' blouse almost looks like a Ganmen face. notsureifreference.jpg

  2. I've barely *been* here all year. What is it, a new thread every week? Or two? :p


    ..Which brings up the question: Can LF ever be revived? And what would it take?

  3. yeah been off lf and skype for a while..


    lf because there was there was nothing much happening; just some little discussions of news stories and whatnot.


    skype because, well, ionno. :p

  4. Ive got a student convention coming up. Its for schools (including homeschooling providers) all over the country doing the certain curriculum i do. I suppose i could describe as the Olympics in nature; students compete in something like over 150 different events from 8 categories like music, platform, academics, craft etc. Theyve got many of these conventions worldwide, and an international one held every year in the US.


    Ive got about 16 events which ive been practicing for quite a few months now. You practice more as the date draws nearer, so thats what ive been doing.


    Previously, i was busy with a robotics competition thing which is also a worldwide affair. The little team i was in made to the semifinals of the nz nationals, which is pretty good. The winners of the nationals will be competing in the worlds (which is, of course, in the US :p ) very soon.


    I havent played DAO.. yet ;). Itll prolly happen when i have a job. (pigs will fly when the 'rents buy me a video game :p)

  5. For me, ME was absofantastalutely awesome.


    I think i liked ME 1 better than 2 when i finished 2... but i can't remember. (i dont have a computer in the house good enough to play it anymore.. the one i played it on was one that i made for my sister, which she has since moved out with ;_; )


    Yknow, i had a feeling that you would like ME. Not sure how, but i did. lol

  6. I couldnt help but notice that you're playing Mass Effect atm. What do you think of it so far?


    *looks at visitor messages about Henty book*


    flip, i totally forgot about that! :eek:

  7. Happy Birthday, CQ!


    I got you...


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


    A Golden Limousine Tank!! :eyepop


    Enjoy, man! :thumbsup:

  8. perhaps i should also mention that i have never written a story that has not been ripped apart and burned by me later. :p


    Ive had ideas before, but they never get written or never get finished.


    Voice Acting, however, i can do if you need it. :)

  9. Certified,


    and ameliorated.







  10. Basically, my only prerequisite for a game is acclaim. Much like movies, i go for award winning games (doesn't really matter what genre). As such, i have my sites on Bioshock as my next torre purchase.

    Also Assassin's Creed. Can you think of any other award winning/acclaimed titles i should consider?

  11. lol, im not sure if im the best person to ask about this... ive never made a mod in my life (or tried doing anything resembling it :lol: )

  12. What kind of help are you looking for?

  13. not just that, its a good choice too. Im not too familiar with ATi's offerings, but it seems this 5670 beats its rival the nvidia gts 240 in performance. (240 is around the same price). :thumbsup:


    so what kind of games are your favorite? (genre)

  14. She's played a few of my games here and there over the years, like The Sims and Worms (ahh, good times). But prior to ME, she hadn't touched a game in a long time. She was very open to the idea of an rpg (story based), and i had no doubt that playing an award winning Bioware rpg as one's first rpg would leave an impression. Which it did; she loves it.


    Is it cheaper to get the card from online stores there? Here, that is very much the case.

    The 5670 sells for about $150 at online stores, while its about $170 in retail ones.

    I'm actually surprised at the card's price of $150nzd (=$100usd). Usually retailers go by the classic conversion of 1usd=2nzd. I think its because the 5670 is a new card, and they've bought it at the current exchange rates. (which can't be said for some other new cards :¬: )

    Perhaps thats why the 5770 is marked up where you are?

  15. No, i just haven't been playing many games lately. Except for some Mass Effect on my dad's laptop. It can just pull off ME1 at minimal settings (mostly resolution. the rest can be bumped up and it doesnt affect it, except AA of course).


    My sister got a monster of a computer recently, that could play anything at max like it was a screensaver. It was amazing. (going from min to HD is truly a sight to behold). But a few days after i put it together, the graphics card crapped out on us(faulty). There's been annoying hindrances to getting it replaced; and its been about 3 weeks since this happened and we still havent got a graphics card. we were going to play ME through the holidays, but weve been stuck playing nothing. (ugh. the more i recount this story to everyone, the worse it feels. :hor: ) Hopefully, it should arrive tomorrow. If it doesnt, then i am going to punch someone.


    @5670: mmm, that is a nice card indeed. you said it was marked up.. how much is it?

  16. my hard drive crapped out on me too. Right after i spent an entire day reinstalling XP and updating drivers and service packs. Spent like, a freaking GB of broadband cap for it, and then it never started up again. After a lot of error fishing, (problem could be caused by a million things), i determined it was my hdd. something is very wrong with it. long story short, i took it out and replaced it with one half the size (as if 40gb wasnt small enough). But then, i don't really play games on it anymore (its ancient), only possibly fill it with various things acquired by... questionable means.


    ...Such as money. Money is a rather dodgy thing at best. It causes people to lie, cheat, and kill each other. I cannot think of very many more questionable things than money.


    @sarcasm: lool, that's awesome! :lol:


    what kind of games can your computer play?

  17. well, it could be sarcasm to an extreme level... :p


    aye, i must be paranoid...


    so how are ya, anyway?

  18. Are you being sarcastic?

  19. hello. I'd like to be the first to say "Welcome to LucasForums!" Hi!


    note: this message is in no way a representation of the amount of activity on these forums. I merely happened to sense you signing up through my fantasmagorical powers and wished to say hi.

  20. ah. thanks. I must say, fella looks pretty good.

    I knew of castlevania. my post was mostly a troll.


    But id like to know: how big is the ip? I hadn't heard of it until i looked into it when you posted that pic.

  21. 's ok. i already found out how to do it. :D

  22. If you read my earlier posts in the thread, it becomes apparent that i was in fact joking around with darth_kira. They seem to have completely missed it.

  23. Yo Kurgan


    Do you know if there has been a tweak or something for Jedi Academy to make it go at higher rezes than the game allows? (namely, 1080)


    I wasnt sure if i should make a thread about it since i don't know if this has been asked before. (Forum search came up dry, though.)

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