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  1. I wished we could have had KOTOR 3 instead of an MMO but if thats the direction they are wanting to go then I guess thats where its gonna end up. Downside to it is we have to pay a subscription in order to play which in this climate I don't think anyone could afford to keep paying all the time maybe for a few hours at least but if BioWare keeps promising updates and addtional content that will keep this going for a long time.
  2. nice cursors, I properly could use those if I set up a Monkey Island theme on my desktop to make it more authentic
  3. its a toss between Raiders or Temple of Doom for me can't decide which, Last Crusade I don't know I just can't seem to settle as well with it as the others and as for KOTCS, ok but didn't live up to the hype and have a very stupid ending which we can all agree on.
  4. The first ever adventure game I ever played was none other then The Secret of Monkey Island on the Amiga 500 way back in 1990 this was also the first time I was introduced to LucasArts (or LucasFilm Games as they were known then) and have been a fan ever since. Can't believe in 2010 it will be 20 years I've playing adventure games and it will also be Monkey Islands 20th as well since it was released my does time pass when your having fun.
  5. Full Throttle wouldn't be the same without Schafer as he brought a lot of attention to detail in the story and made so many memorable characters. I would also agree that since Roy Conrad passed away no one can stand up to voice Ben in the way he did as that role was meant for him and no one else. I'm glad LucasArts made the decision to axe the sequel back in 2003 it wouldn't have gone down well with the fans and would have ruined the legacy that this game has made on the video game industry its best to leave it as it is and give the respects it deserves.
  6. Supposedly I hear the entire Osbourne family will be doing voiceovers in the game as well. I can see it now with Tim Schafer at recording studio with Ozzy doing his lines I bet they'll be a story about it in the near future.
  7. I can't seem to get the trainer to work cause you save the trainer in the TPM directory and it says you have to have the trainer screen up before you start game, then load the game and then quit out to the desktop using the ALT+TAB function at the start of a mission but it doesn't work, the only way I can get back onto the desktop is by CTRL+ALT+DEL function but when you activate the cheats they don't work in game and I still die or any other cheat I've ticked doesn't function. Any ideas?
  8. I think hes a good character he should make a return in a future game I know his last apperance was in Empire at War but it would be awesome to see him come out of retirement and be a Jedi again possibly in a future Jedi Knight if they did do one. I think it would interesting to see his days when he worked for the Empire as an Imperial agent if I'm correct about that?
  9. I always used to find the turtle skeleton a pain usually nowadays I use a print out picture of the finished skull to help me do that quicker
  10. Its a shame that FileFront is closing so many mods and tools will either be lost or spread across various sites I got quite a few mods and maps for both Battlefront games but hopefully they will be around again on another site
  11. got the full achievement score for this game and that also includes the achievements from the DLC which was okay but could have been better.
  12. Just downloaded that font pack, can't wait to try it out. Write my important letters in MI font should be fun lol
  13. I'm not sure whether to get this on PC or 360. PC I like playing point n' clicks on that system as that is the way they should be played but with 360 you get achievements which adds that little touch to them but be interesting to see how it plays with a gamepad though.
  14. Should be interesting to see how far this project goes I always like mods for games that are based off popular games especially this little gem.
  15. These posters are just amazing, I think I may get myself a Monkey Island 2 poster, always loved that box art one of my all time favourites.
  16. I think its cause LucasArts were known for their humour in their games and cause The Dig had a serious tone and took 6 years to develop the SCUMM engine by the end of 1995 had started to show its age and many reviewers reckoned it should have had an updated engine. I think its gone down as a forgotten treasure in the Lucas Catalogue of games and everyone who has not played this should give it a chance its one of the most underrated games ever developed.
  17. I just pre-ordered this for the PS2 I hope its good and LucasArts haven't made a mistake about cancelling the 360 & PS3 versions
  18. MI 4 didn't have the charm that the previous games had and I think goin 3D was cause of how well recieved Grim Fandango was they thought it would work with Monkey Island, how wrong they were indeed. It also kinda leaves the series with a gaping hole that needs to be fixed before it gets bigger and can't be repaired at all.
  19. I replay through them if I need that nostalgic trip down memory every now and then sometimes I will replay them if I saw a video or read comments on Monkey Island it makes me want to go back to them again and again thats why I love these games.
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