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  1. Hey, no problem.

  2. Hm.. well, this may be more difficult than I originally thought. Apparently, the in-game feats are hardcoded-meaning they can't be changed. There might be some ways around that...
  3. Alright. One Black Atton Jacket. Atton's Black Jacket There are two versions. One has the gold highlights on the jacket, and the other has silver.
  4. Of course I haven't thought it through. That's why it's here in the form of mod requests instead of in the form of 2das. Before I continue insisting on a level 50 mod though, I should probably play through and see if it's reasonable to make such a mod. It may adjust my naivete and general inexperience. Speaking of which, off to the taris upper city forum.
  5. That's the idea. K1 never even came to mind.
  6. I could probably do it. You just want it to be black?
  7. I've always gone with two-weapon fighting instead of dueling for that very reason. It would be interesting to rebalance that so dueling or two-weapon fighting so that going through the game with one lightsaber actually has some benefits over using two at a time. I'ma take a crack at this.
  8. I'll say. I'm sure there are much better things to worry about than which DS transition scheme is better and whether Revan would have a padawan braid the second time around becoming a Jedi. Perhaps the council didn't deem it necessary to give him a haircut when you know... the whole galaxy was at stake. As for Bastila, who knows? All I know is that most women wouldn't shave their heads for any reason. Then again, I don't know any jedi women... I'm out.
  9. If you're going by that theology, then you might as well abandon DS transitions altogether. Anakin has sith eyes and his skin is pale here. At least do something like that. Though, IMO, he'd look much more evil if his face was more dead-looking.
  10. I know there's a way to have them all on the Ebon Hawk via warp band... but to have all of them as party members to select from? What you could do is replace one of the less cool characters *cough*G0-T0*cough* with the Handmaiden (or Disciple) and instead have G0-T0 as either a puppet character to another party member or just have him on float around and do whatever he normally does on the Hawk. As for who to make him a puppet to, I haven't the slightest idea.
  11. @qui_gon_glenn On the other hand, you could have little jedi children wandering around with braids... though, that could be straight up annoying. @DarthJacen The zombie DS transitions are one of my favorite parts of both games. I am under the assumption that full dark-side mastery would do such a thing to your appearance, though maybe not to the point of a walking corpse.
  12. My main concern was level number. There's just something about being a level 50 Jedi Weapons Master that really makes my day... maybe its unleashing unopposed slaughter upon the masses. But what I was subtly hinting at is a much bigger monster. It simply wouldn't be enough to make enemies tougher and experience more plentiful only to make it to level 50. Alone it is somewhat pointless, but imagine if you coupled it with various other mods? More force powers, more feats, perhaps more classes, more quests, more planets. It would require an amazingly talented team and a TON of work to pull off, but then kotor 2 could more likely fit its level 50 quota. Or vanir's mod would work too.
  13. Same thing happened when I tried to erase away Visas. I might have a solution. When you want to make something metallic, a txi file is generally used. Apparently, this just tells what shaders to use when rendering the skin. If you could override the txi for the Hawk Skin to not apply the metallic shine, then I think you should be good. Though, I have yet to try it... I'll get back to you on that. Edit: Alright. I have a solution for you my friend. You need to create an override txi for the skin since the default txi enables a metallic appearance. There are probably other ways to do this.. but here's a txi that helped me with my Visas issue. Just open up notepad and enter the text between the lines _________________________________ mipmap 0 blending punchthrough _________________________________ save the file as [yourskinname].txi and put it in your override folder. In conjunction with the empty file, the Hawk should have completely disappeared. Did it work?
  14. You'll have my dL for sure. Though, I may end up tweaking a bit myself... naturally. If there's any grunt work I can do to help you out (for this or future mods), let me know and I'll be glad to assist.
  15. I did like the idea of running around as a Jedi God... but This mod of yours sounds intriguing... could you send it to me perhaps, or is there anywhere to download it from?
  16. Also, the 6th Female Caucasian head has been referred to as Arren Kae in Obsidian's beta testing. Still not technically canon, but it's an interesting bit of info. If you do manage to make an Arren Kae, let me know. I've been working on a "Yusanis" head so the two kind of go hand in hand.
  17. You missed the point. The game goes up to level 50. Adjust EVERYTHING so that 1: You can make it to 50 in-game, and 2: You don't just run around and slaughter everything. Admittedly, it is more work than lowering the number of levels, but since when have limitations ever been fun?
  18. Has anyone ever thought of/created an experience rewrite mod for TSL? If not, I will (or someone else could) attempt to do it. The game goes to level 50, but most people never get there (hssiss cave anyone?). I propose that someone engineers a way to rewrite the experience, either by changing the base values and by adding more people to kill, more locks/mines, and just generally pumping more experience into the game. With that in place though, the game would require a proper rebalancing of feats/powers/skills, and it could even be made compatible with Force Power mods. To me, it seems like one of those mods that HAS to be done.
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