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  1. i could change it easily do u want normal electric, or purple?

  2. but now, the DC 15's is the eleticity, the blaster is purple eleticity, and the sniper and antiarmor is somthing that only affects trandos(slavers catch on fire, merchs fly up) if u want it, tell me

  3. yea it was hard to make them accully get eletrcuted, at first, they would have electricity around them but they kept shooting :D

  4. u play kotor right? what is a rakgoul?

  5. did u watch my vids?

  6. if u have it, yea but i could make one

  7. you know, i could maybe make u a skin like you av and give it to u by next week :)

  8. when u get it to work, tell me what u think!!!

  9. *a dramatic song like imperial march plays in the backround*


    IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!





  10. oh and it makes it so demo charges, hacks and mines/breaches take one second.....i hate waiting

  11. screw it: im uploading it

  12. haha ill upload it on sunday ok? maybe sooner. if ur good. :p

  13. ok im almost there.....................

  14. im doing the final tests, so far so good! :)

  15. :)ITS DONE!!!!! :)


    the new final realese V 2.2 supermod contains:



    maxed out ammo and power, super strong squad members, unlimited health, new droid textures, red lights on deafalt weapons,pistol DCs, black ops neon squad and yellow commander clone textures and all DCs melee strikes eletrocute the enemy to death!!!!!


    file also contains some textures YOU can edit :p

    i made this all myself

  16. yea, just like that ;)

  17. and my favorite part, all the DCs' strike shocks it's victim to death



  18. lol we have the same birthday! i was born in 1994

  19. "normal clone" as in the white one? sure i will but i could upload them to filefront

  20. not yet, ill install on sunday. i got the knife to be red too. did unrealed work?

  21. not yet, ill install on sunday. i got the knife to be red too

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