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  1. i need to reupload v3

  2. are one of the commandos named hockey? if so u have the newest one and we can play mp

  3. oh sweet!


    hey lets play mp

  4. the covertion mod?

  5. haha yea cause i want to download the conversion mod that lets you play as the delta squad O_O

  6. lookin good! oh and im about to buy battlefront 2 on ebay for the pc (i have for xbox but i cant download mods)

  7. will you be updating the site soon??

  8. ok when im doe uploading the supermod i will re upload the snow squad :D srry about that

  9. really? what makes you say that?

  10. and im going to re upload the 3 versions of the supermod 3.0 is the newest and you MUST try it! its awsome!

  11. i know all i did was for the snow ones was invert the deafalt mp shadow ops skin and for the oter one was invert the original skins but they look sweet

  12. well it comes with a pic so tell me what u think?

  13. i sent u some skins

  14. basiclly, a link to your link ;)

  15. thats what i mean: when they click downloads, it goes to your page and then they choose what they like and click the download button and that brings them to where you keep them at filefront

  16. you could host the files because this is only for the supermod and i will make links to the home page of bsekar and the RC mods page. could you host the supermod files for me? im reasing the 3.0 today and i think you should install it because like i said before, i made u with fixers voice and me with scorchs voice(i swaped the skins so i have orange skin)

  17. im making a rc supermod website (blog info etc),do u want me to advertise your website in mine?

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