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  1. NO! the download link doesnt work!!!!

  2. thanks il download it later u are a life saver!

  3. do you have a video card?

  4. what does it say when it crashes?

  5. WOOOO!!!!!! i got it to work!!!!WOOOO!!!!! or at least start up fully!

  6. i cant get it to work :(


    when it starts it says cannot find config.ini

  7. OH! i thought u meant where on your computer

  8. im getting an error that says config.ini not found

  9. its in the BF builder/datamod 1

  10. its in the BF builder/datamod 1

  11. how long does it take for it to start up?

  12. now i installed where do i put the BFBuilder folder?

  13. kool i just finished installing so ill tell u if it works dont go yet!

  14. where r u going? whereever it is, have fun!

  15. yea im talkin aboutbf tell me if it works im 79% done installing the tools

  16. i like that custom commando ghost "ghost" you made. i make skins for the game and im thinking of accully making a skin like that!

  17. haha but can i edit skins in zeroeditor?


    i foun a whole bunch from many mods and i want to put my favs together

  18. sit there, freeze up, i dont rember! it was in like march lol

  19. everytime i try to make a new project (im reinstalling cause i deleted it after so much anger) it would just sit there

  20. now wait zero editor is the BF modding tools?

  21. for battlefront, and zeroeditor, change the screen to 32 bit...i heard it works

  22. in the next realese (the one u will upload?) has the subtitles changes so ur delta 49 (fixers voice) hockey is 62's voice delta 35 and delta 99 (sevs voice)


    if you download it, make sure u use the subtitles ;)

  23. did u get my message?

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