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  1. um, there are no AI... just waiting for other players :(

  2. ok thanks for that :D

    will you make some more maps or??

    if you will send links to them to me :D

    i love all you work! :D

  3. thanks of the mod :D

    how do i install the ai in lan??

    hwat ar the tool doing??

  4. hi,

    i have i problem... i cant get up console... i have tried with ~ and @ any tips??

  5. nice finish soon?? i cant get console to work :( any tips??

  6. so it's only for lan server?

  7. haha, ok, i understand :D

  8. nice, how do i activate ai??

  9. you haven't sent the links to all the clone trooper mods yet :S

  10. no he didn't... can u send?

  11. do u mean how i am or how the mod is??

    i'm good, supermod is even better :D

  12. what does it say??

  13. hi, can u look at this tread and maybe join the chat and see what you can do??




    I couldn't get LA in touch so i contacted the "Modding King" so just look at the tread an see what you can do :D


    thank you :D


    btw send me the link too all of your clone trooper mods... i love all you mods ;D

    Hooper :D

  14. I'll see what i can do :D

  15. bumpingmap in option, worked for me... main menu> option> graphics

  16. hi, i just got another idea for a mod :D

    Storm Trooper :D

    that would be real cool, but of course it may not work tho...

    storm trooper: helmet whole figure (front), Figure (side), whole figure (front, side and back only a miniature figure pictured :S )



  17. can u make an clone trooper mod server??

  18. can u try to breef down the light on colors?? (Not glow...)

  19. that the clone troopers have the stripes?

  20. installed and works great!!

    thanks for this!!

    but it's not working in MP just can't join any servers... (help)

    and why are my squad glowing white when the other clone troopers not??


  22. how is uploading going??

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