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Status Updates posted by Hooper

  1. sent ling right after finish upload :D

  2. when is it finish upload?? i MUST Have it! :D :D

  3. can u send me it now?? :D :D

  4. sett bumpingmap on LOW then it will work just fine! :D

    Good Luck :D

  5. hi, what is taking so long wit the mod/skin?? will it rely take 1 week???

    whats the clock in U.S now??

  6. ok, why do you ask?? I'm just happy that you make it :D

  7. hi, i saw that you said something about a cheat server tab wrere is it on the keyboard??

    what keys are on the sides of it?? :p

  8. where is the ccp thread?? :p

  9. do u think you can make it or did u say you can't

  10. well now the clock is 20.40 hear.... finish?

  11. are u getting finish?? :p

  12. is that in us or euro??

  13. in usa or euro??

  14. hi, are u nearly finish yet :p?

  15. is the SWRC 2 MOD dead or...?

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