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  1. ok, ca u send anyway? :p

  2. hi, i wondered if u can send me a plain white clone trooper mod with 5 extra squaddies?

  3. i have seen them all ;D can u give me the PRE-skins you have so far so i can try em out?? :D

  4. i showed astor a new avatar... and he got angry :p

  5. i'm just complaining to astor..

  6. hey, i have missed you :D how is the ACT trooper mod going?? :D

  7. ok, but can u try? :p

  8. hi, i wonder if it is possible to add some more squad members into the clone trooper mod?

    maybe you should release it as a separate mod...?

  9. yes please :D can u send it??

  10. i just hate that they always have to bugle into a compensation...

  11. did i say it to u? no, i don't think so!

  12. i live in a free country where i can say what i mean :D (Norway :D :D)

  13. what is flame-bate?? :p

  14. no, i never learns anything :p they think they got me now bu "i'll be back, haha"

  15. thanks :D but it's never too late to get to know some1 :p

  16. i did complane on astors avatar and got bannes :p

  17. what do you mean?? is there any thing wrong??

  18. thanks :D i have missed to post :D

  19. thanks :D i was banned for being honest :S

  20. thanks :D i was banned for being honest :S

  21. can u send link to it?

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