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  1. I think if he was trolling he would at least attempt to utilize proper grammar. I hope.
  2. Mine is the door breach. Why NOT blow things up?
  3. Hey bud, how have you been?

  4. I assume we aren't referring to the Imperial Commando book as canon then?
  5. Do you have a rough plot outline I could use to write a story about Alpha Squad? I love writing detailed stories, but I have a hard time thinking of a good plot :p

  6. I have a much easier way. Go into unrealed, then.. Go to the "Sounds" tab, select the sound you would like to export, then go up to "File>Export". You can save it as a '.WAV' file anywhere on your computer! Hope that helps!
  7. Need any voice lines ner vod? :)

  8. I think they're actually German haha. Looking forward to the full release
  9. Hmm...I think there may be. I'll do some snooping.

  10. Hey ner vod, check out CM :) Hockey posted a new prologue scene!

  11. oh ok :) Well if you need any more let me know.

  12. You mean the same skin, just without the swastika? If so, I'm pretty sure I emailed you it as the basic template :)

  13. haha thanks ner vod xD I'm drawing Boss, not lego style ;P


    and you have some AWESOME animation skills :D

  14. Ahhhhh :D well it's good to have you back on LF ner vod

  15. I'd be glad to, if you have a PS3 and when they get blasted PSN back up xD

  16. Righto, will do. And if you need any skins, you know where to find me.

  17. haha i just didn't know what it was ner vod xD

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