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  1. Hey man sorry for late reply :) I've been good, pretty busy with school though.

    What about you?

  2. Lol maybe you did. I was on my ipod at the time, so I could only see a couple of the skins.

  3. Yo man just saying thanks for taking the time to write that readme. Especially the bit about my birthday lol.

  4. Pathnodes. They're the apple shaped things that you place all over the map so people can run around. Can they do anthing else?

    And to make a new pawn class, you go into Actor Class, choose either another pawn class and click 'new' or just click 'new'?

  5. Wednesday is my birthday so that would be a cool present lol! Yeah, could you try and make it for wed?

  6. Hey Hockey!

    Could you plz send me the spawnkit factory thing? My map is ready for it. Otherwise, if you know any good tutorials on spawn points, but not dispensers, that would be cool.

  7. Cool! I'll add that into the map as soon as I can.

  8. Yeah. Like a clone adult Zombie and then like a normal clone trooper zombie for the armour.

  9. Ok, I'll upload it. I'll just give you some extra details: It crashed, once it saved in UE, so I can't open it at all. But I'll SVN it.

  10. I'll have a pawnfactory kit, and if it doesnt work or I muck it up, will you then give me step by step instructions?

  11. Hey man you SHOULD join CM! Yeah, Mando's right, some people do nuthin', others do stuff. There's roughly 7 of us who do stuff: Me, Mando, Hockey, Ulmont, Jaicer, Balkoth, RC-3556. There may be more people.

  12. Thanks! I like your avvy too!

  13. About my pic: Yeah the blue is a bit strong. I think its just the way it came out, because it didnt look as strong as that in GIMP.

  14. Thanks! I decided to go blue/red to show the differences between the two factions. Any particular vehicle you want?

  15. Hey Hockey! The screen of a few of the vehicles has been put in my album. I didnt put them all on cause some textures wouldnt import. (Have no idea why.) But anyway, I managed to get 4.

  16. Okay Ill send you the screenies. Did you read the post I made on the RC 2 thread? I hope Cyro didn't think I meant give him the skins. I'm not willing to do that yet.

  17. okay ill do them all. Ill get to work on that tonight

  18. yeah ill do sum vehicles. Any in particular we need?

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