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  1. thanks i think it looks good so i chose it

  2. Hey hockey. How do you trigger animations in maps? I want the battle droid in my map to be doing the 'working' animation, but I don't know how to make it play in the map. Please help

  3. Okay. Is there anyway to change the amount of ammo? I was going to make it you have to reach the ammo to kill the enemies.

  4. Okay. The map is like the gauntlet: you have to reach the other side whilst getting shot at from platforms above. I there anyway you can get rid of the guns at the start? So that he has no weapons?

  5. thanks so much for the help! I'll post my map online when its done, and you can give it a try.

  6. Okay. How hard is it to explain? I reckon I could understand it.

  7. Damn it! It won't let me send the files! I'm sorry, but I can't send them to you. Have you found your disk? You can get it cheap on the internet. The best I've seen is 43p.

  8. I'll have to send you the actual skins. You can import them into Unrealed and save them. It's easy. Just go onto textures and then file-import and then choose the skins you want.

  9. K. I'll send you the textures

  10. Do you want any? Message me the ones you do.

  11. If you want them all, I'll use another email. If not, I'll use my normal one.

  12. Do you want them all, or just certain textures?

  13. It may take a while; they are big files.

  14. Wait, I have a better idea: I'll email you all the RC packages. That'll save loads of time, and you'll have all the files back!

  15. K I'll email the skins to you.

  16. On the pic u sent me you clicked materials. Below that it says textures.

  17. Wait. Do you want to skin RC, or any game? I could email you the basic skins of The Commandos, Clones, Droid, everything! With that you could skin. It would save you exporting them! And then I could show you more!

  18. To do that go to file-open and then go to the textures folder in RC. Open the packages you want. They should be a .utx file

  19. Okay, if you haven't got them in the editor, then you'll need to import the texture packages. I'm not sure how to do that; I'll find out.

  20. Click on Actor Classes and then another tab might appear. If it says textures then click on it. Have you got the RC Textures in the editor? You might need to import them first.

  21. This may take a while, but highlight all the buttons and see what they do. That might help.

  22. Did you click on that? Where can I download this version?

  23. hey man, were you the Jedi in the Mando Hunt?

  24. I don't have that version, but I'm sure this will work. Click on view, then show textures browser.

    Where can you get that version of unrealed? And does it work with RC?

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