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  1. When you open unrealed, if there's no secondary window, then near the top of the main window, there should be what looks like a chess piece. Click that and it will take you to actor properties. The secondary window will pop up. Click textures from there. Hope this helps!

  2. Okay, do you mean the actual texture? Or the textures window?

  3. Yeah the ones that are black and look like Boss but purple. Could you comment on the ones you want?

  4. LOL Niner's leg would be in pieces! Yeah it's my first time doing armour damage, so I think it came out quite well. But I'll improve on it in the near future.

  5. Cool. Thanks! You're skins are good as well! I personally like Boss with no helmet!

  6. Do you mean 'smart guy' sarcastically, or do you actually mean it?

  7. I've made a new album on it. Check it out.

  8. I used the freehand tool to create lines, then I like make strokes diagonally through them with an eraser. I'll put up a photo of it in my album.

  9. To get the pattern on the Commando helmet I drew lines and then erased the sides of them, making them like 'flames'.

  10. thanks. I'll make them soon and put them up. Is there any skins needed for the mod?

  11. How did you manage that?

  12. Sorry I didn't see the planet siron group

  13. it's fine I'm in! I'm just waiting to get told something to do for the mod.

    I might create some random skins for in-game.

  14. It would be good to be a modder. Are you in Carbonite Modders?

  15. Well I can't mod, but I can skin. I've skinned other games, like Battle for Middle Earth, LotR Conquest, RC, stuff like that.

  16. I might chat to him and add him as a friend.

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