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  1. V'nessa opened her mouth to rebut Valean's argument, but Yeira spoke again: "Don't you see? You're in a terrible double-bind that goes like this: If you DO obey the Masters, you're damned because what if the Pulse grows stronger, and you're unable to counteract it? Unfortunately, if you DON'T obey the Masters and go to Malachor V by yourselves, you might get killed or conquered by whatever's plaguing us. I think it's silly that the very people who are supposed to be teaching you are telling you to rely on blind faith that they'll be victorious. We're not children. You can help, if not defeat this Pulse or the planet outright. Your strength may not equal theirs, but are you helpless? Certainly not. I may only be a Czerka tech and not a Jedi, but if I had my way, we'd take a stand." "Let's hope we don't fall," V'nessa said to her, "but isn't that a Jedi's life? We've been taught to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good, and if you can feel it, Yeira, then you've become a part of that 'good'. It shouldn't be an abstraction."
  2. JEDI ENCLAVE MEDBAY, DANTOOINE "Hold on a minute," Yeira Karitta said. "By the way, nice to meet you, Juhani." She smiled and blushed, embarrassed at her momentary lack of manners. There was something else about the Cathar that intrigued her, and not only because she'd never met one. "You're telling me I can use the Force?" "Not necessarily," V'nessa Talt replied, "because people are sensitive to it in varying degrees. If you were sensitive enough to become a Jedi, our Masters would probably have known it before now...please don't ask how. Long story, not enough time." She grinned sheepishly, and Yeira quirked an eyebrow. "What we know for sure is that you are sensitive enough to feel this Pulse. That's bad news, especially if it's emanating from Malachor V." "What can we do, then, especially if all of you Padawans will be stuck here? Your Masters may be going there to figure this all out, and we just suffer?" V'nessa cleared her throat, knowing that if Yeira were a Jedi, she would be disciplined severely for her lack of protocol. "I'm as frustrated as you are. I'm affected, as is Valean, as is Kael - everyone in this room who's not a droid." "Excuse me," said N1-O1, "but even we can detect certain anomalies." "Through the Force?" asked V'nessa testily. "I don't think so, N1-O1. In the meantime, I think you're exactly right, and we shouldn't be left behind. Our minds are weaker than those of our Masters - not that we're dumb, but we don't have the prowess that they do when it comes to mental defenses against Force attacks. Sure, we need to be protected, but in my opinion, that doesn't mean we can't help. What good is all our training if we can't use it?" "Do not be rash, Padawan Talt," N1-O1 said, "and expose yourself to greater danger than you've been taught to handle. Malachor V is quite a crucible." "Hmm. I never knew that droids had a sense of the poetic." "I do." Yeira winked. "S4-M1, or Sami as I call her, has just that particular quirk. If this planet is such a testing ground, it will either make or break us. Whatever we do, we have to find out what's behind this Pulse, and why people such as I, who didn't even know they were Force-sensitive, can feel it all of a sudden. Who knows? Maybe other people can, too. That means they're in danger just as much as we are. As soon as possible, let's stop it." "How?" blurted V'nessa. "We can't just steal a starship and head there." Yeira's eyes gleamed. "We won't steal it. We'll borrow it to save our minds."
  3. Your post is great, and thank you!

  4. Guess what? I finally posted again!!! xDD

  5. "I wholeheartedly agree with you, Knight Icarus, but by we," Headmistress Brianna emphasized, "I mean anyone with your own rank or higher. That means Padawans Valean and V'nessa, along with Quirzar, will remain here. You three have only heard of Malachor V in the Histories of the Jedi, along with information you've perused in the Jedi Archives. However, you've barely seen one-tenth of what we have concerning that planet. The power of the Dark Side runs so strongly through Malachor V, even now, that you would be consumed by it almost immediately. Not even Darth Traya, once a Jedi Master, could resist it." "Does that mean you will all be heading into the heart of danger and leaving us here? With no Masters or Knights at the Enclave, it will be unguarded. If any Sith remnants are on Dantooine, they'll attack us posthaste. We won't be able to defend ourselves against such a threat, or even against raiders." "That is true, Padawan Talt, and that's why I'm leaving Master Atton behind. He has mastered tricks of the mind that can protect him against the Pulse. If this matter is settled, Knight Icarus, I need you to come with me and Headmistress Visas." Brianna beckoned to the Twi'lek. "The rest of you may return to your personal quarters." "Wait," interjected Yeira Karitta, not knowing protocol. "What about me?" "Either you have been sensitive to the Force since birth and have not known it, or else you have become sensitive. I believe the latter is the case. Jedi can sense midichlorians in the blood, which power Force sensitivity, and you barely have the tiniest quantity of them. Still, it is enough for you to feel this malevolent Pulse, which is why it's so worrisome. If it's 'flipped you' like a switch in terms of the Force, and it's evil, it makes me wonder why we haven't been able to do so. Why does the Dark call you, but not the Light?" "Beats me," V'nessa Talt grumbled under her breath, frustrated.
  6. "Right," said Per'dra, "but who knows how much energy this thing has left? It is a finite being - it has to be, since by definition, it will starve once its food supply runs out. By the way, I'm ready to take off when you are." She steeled herself against a shiver.
  7. The relationship between Kreia and the Exile is a closed system, or SHE wants it to be: Notice how Kreia hates all of the Exile's companions? She doesn't want her student to get taught by anyone else but her. If you like this graph, I'll provide further explanation.
  8. Here's a tip: Have Jolee stumped as to Yeira's symptoms so that Quirzar can try. Have him discover that Malachor V is still alive, and not only in Yeira's imagination.

  9. KOTOR III: THE PULSE is up for your perusal. Enjoy!

  10. MEDBAY, JEDI ENCLAVE, DANTOOINE "You say you only started having this headache today?" asked Jolee Bindo. "Right, at around 0500 hours," replied the Czerka Corporation technician. "I was bemoaning having to get up and go to work because of it, but I didn't want to miss our Mandatory Team Meeting. However, when it came time to get on the shuttle, I almost doubled over in pain. I'd even taken three pills before leaving my apartment. Instead of heading for the office on campus, I got off at its CzerkHealth Clinic, available exclusively for corporate employees. Either the flesh-and-blood physicians there were too busy, or they didn't think it was worth their time to scan some living data-entry drone's head. A medical droid examined me, designation N1-O1, and told me I was perfectly fine." The female tech winced, gritting her teeth. "Figures. They don't want to treat me. How can I be in this much agony if there's nothing physically wrong? N1-O1 suggested that the medical personnel at this Enclave might be helpful if I wanted a second opinion, and you bet I did!" She looked anxiously at Jolee. "Miss," he said in an even tone, "I believe your symptoms are Force-related." "Hmm?" She looked even more worried. "You mean the Force that Jedi use?" "And Sith," he added, "although neither of us should jump to conclusions. Ah! It seems we have visitors," he told her, "many of whom have been having the same sorts of issues with their noggins today." He warmly introduced everyone who had suddenly come into the medbay at the same time. "A droid wouldn't be able to notice symptoms of this nature, whether they present themselves physically or not. That's why I'd...like it if my colleagues examined you, and compared their own signs of cranial pain to yours. May we, miss?" "Of course," the technician replied, nodding. "By the way, I'm Yeira Karitta." Suddenly turning back to Jolee, she asked, "Why would a CzerkHealth droid refer me to you and your fellow medics? The last time I checked, Czerka Corporation and the Jedi Order weren't exactly on speaking terms." "It all has to do with an exiled Jedi named Vadim Turil, who got a little too greedy and professionally cozy with your company in his day," Bindo replied. "He helped Czerka gain control of the restoration zones on a dying planet called Telos, and now the relationship between your corporation and our Order has...improved." He shook his head. "I can't say I agree with it, but at least it brought you to us. Let's see if everything's 'perfectly fine' or not." He began to meditate, laying his leathered yet soft hands upon Yeira Karitta's head.
  11. "What I'm wondering is, what could cause it to stop feeding? It needs to possess other beings' minds in order to grow stronger, but what would either satisfy or cease its hunger? Who or what won't it 'eat'? If I recall correctly, when Darth Nihilus attempted to feed upon the Jedi Exile through the Force, doing so made him much weaker. I'm pretty sure we don't have any walking, talking 'Force wounds' aboard this ship, like the Exile was, but what's almost as strong? Revan?" She gave a slight phfft. "To this day, no one knows where he is."
  12. D'oh! I meant Jolee. Will fix.

  13. Headmistress Visas cringed and then nodded. "I feared this might be so. Several of us seem to be affected by this phenomenon, this Pulse, each in his or her own way. Knight Kael, I believe it's emanating from the planet of Malachor V, though by all rights it should have been completely destroyed. Did not Bao-Dur and his helpful remote activate the Mass Shadow Generator? Didn't the Exile, along with us and the rest of his apprentices, not see it being torn asunder? Something is seriously wrong, and my suspicion is that the core remains intact. If we Masters are going to investigate, I need for you to..." Before she could continue, a wise and reserved man named Jolee Bindo strode into the middle of the Enclave. He had become the Academy's premier medic after his own mentor, Revan, left for the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. "Headmistress Visas?" asked Jolee. "A young Czerka Corporation tech has come to us after being referred here by the company's clinic. She has a headache, but it's no ordinary kind. There's nothing physically wrong with her. I can't find any swelling or concussion of her cranium. She's fine, or should be. The thing that puzzles me is whether her symptoms are Force-related." Dead silence. "Am I speaking out of turn, Headmistress? If so, I apologize." "You are not," replied Visas slowly, and motioned for everyone to follow her - including Kael, V'nessa Talt and Valean. "Come. Let's go see her all together. This mystery is growing more strange by the second, and worse as well."
  14. That sounds great, and I will see you tomorrow. :)

  15. There's a Hispanic female head for Revan that I hope someone can modify for my Exile. It's a Hispanic model that is the sixth one to the right in this image: http://lmc.gatech.edu/~cpearce3/lcc4725/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/kotor-characters1.jpg TIA if you can do it!
  16. You're in, Master Archon, and welcome aboard! Here's my second character: NAME: Yeira Karitta SPECIES: Human GENDER: Female AGE: 18 APPEARANCE: As one of the Hispanic female heads for Revan in KOTOR AFFILIATION: Czerka Corporation, and later an assistant of the Jedi Order FORCE SENSITIVE? Yes, but not enough to become a Jedi BACKSTORY: This fresh drone for the shady Czerka Corporation can, oddly enough, feel the Pulse coming from Malachor V even though she's not a Jedi. That's what puzzles V'nessa Talt and her Master, Visas Marr. It seems as if the Pulse is beckoning even those who weren't previously attuned to the Force, and that can only spell B-A-D N-E-W-S for the Order and its allies. [The reason I'm creating Yeira is, with your permission, I would like to post a fanfic in the Coruscant Entertainment Center about this thread, but from Yeira's point of view. Would that be OK, or should I make up different characters to go along with her for my fanfic?]
  17. "Neither do I," mumbled Headmistress Brianna. "I was on Malachor V myself, to support the Jedi Exile in defeating Darth Traya. I saw him assist Bao-Dur, a Zabrak engineer survivor of the Mandalorian Wars, in activating the Mass Shadow Generator once again. I saw that planet split apart, closing the gaping wound in the Force that it had become due to the massive loss of life that had taken place upon it. There should be nothing left of it, unless..." "Unless what, Headmistress?" asked V'nessa Talt, gazing at her anxiously. "Unless what I saw was only the majority of Malachor V splitting apart, its crust, and the core is still intact." She shook her head. "It simply can't be." "Why not?" "Naturally, because Bao-Dur placed the MSG activator, and his remote, very near that same core. It should have been blown to bits just like the rest of that Force-forsaken world, but something deep down tells me that didn't happen." She shook her head. "Is the power of the Dark Side really that strong, to keep what is rightfully dead alive? If so, then that means..." She trailed off. "That means that if the core hasn't been breached yet, we have more work to do. Visas?" She turned toward the Miraluka. "Do you agree?" "Of course. We newly-designated Jedi Councillors are going to need to gather ourselves, and see whom we can spare in order to undertake an investigative mission. We need to find out what, if anything, remains of Malachor V, and we might take...no. They're not ready. They're only Padawans, and unprepared." V'nessa shivered. "Do you mean Valean and me, Master Visas?" [O/C: I'm making a second character, a Force-Sensitive tech. See you in the BCC!]
  18. Blip. Once more V'nessa was unable to think, or even realize she wasn't thinking, for a split second. "It happened again, Master Visas," she said, noticing the Miraluka's sudden nod and grimace. "Total blankness. How do we stop it?" "I don't know," Visas Marr replied softly, "but it's definitely a warning." After shaking her head to clear it, and finding it still empty of answers, the young and confused Padawan turned back to Icarus. "I probably wouldn't," she told him. "The only battles I've ever been in are against training droids, which are proving less and less of a challenge as time goes on. I've never faced war - especially on the scale of horrors that you have. Nevertheless, I want to try and understand, especially if the Pulse is emanating from Malachor V. Is it intact?"
  19. "The most I've heard about Malachor V," interjected V'nessa, "is that it was the site of the Mandalorians' defeat as well as Darth Traya's. Other than that, I admit I don't know too much about it." She gazed at the people around her, and her blue eyes lit upon Icarus. "You were there...were you not? What else can you tell us of a planet our Masters say is a coffin in space?"
  20. Headmistress Visas nodded. "I know the feeling all too well. As my Padawan knows, but you may or may not, I was once a Sith - the thrall of the late Darth Nihilus. The call of the Dark Side resonated constantly within my mind, so much so that I grew nearly immune to it. However, since I am now of the Light, I feel the opposite side of the Force far more keenly than I did then. When I served the Lord of Hunger, evil was the 'natural' way of things. It was life. I sensed it no more than a fish in a tank senses the water around it. The fish knows the wet substance in which it lives, but doesn't consciously think about it. Neither did I. I wanted to die and to save my life at the same time, which was part of Nihilus' torture. Only when the Exile redeemed me did I believe any differently. I almost didn't, because of hatred for my Master. "How does this relate to the Pulse? I felt it in the same way you did, Valean. Brianna's mind may have 'gone blank' for a moment, as did V'nessa's, but it caused me intense sudden pain. A 'wave of darkness' is exactly what it was, and if my suspicions are correct, it's emanating from a planet I once thought dead." She paused and exhaled through her nose. "Its name is Malachor V."
  21. Emptiness. A blank slate. Just for a moment. Blip. "I felt it," V'nessa rasped through a suddenly-dry throat. "A mental erasure. For a split second there was nothing in my mind, not even fear, and then - It was like I hadn't even been born, existing but not existing yet." "It is a warning." Visas Marr's voice was ice-cold. "Preparation for a message." "How do you know that?" In her worry, Padawan Talt forgot to address the Miraluka as Master, so she immediately corrected her faux pas. "You already know that I can 'see' through the Force, even though I'm blind. On rare occasions I can also hear through the Force, and this pulse is a signal." "From whom?" Visas paused. "I believe the more important question is 'From where?'"
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