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  1. I had looked through that and I thought maybe I'd skipped over it or something haha. I registered on another forum and I'm infamous for name changes there... so I was unsure if I'd had one here. hehe.

  2. Hmm... I have been recently inactive for various reasons. But I totally just found my old Fic Tears of the Force and I plan on finishing it up. Only reason I'm telling you this is because you seemed interested in it. heh. :)

  3. lol that's just evil. :xp:

  4. Thaaaanks. Because of that picture of Tali you posted, my reply has had me singing Team OomiZoomi songs in my head ever since, because of the way I said Kaidan's "biotic powers!" in my head. >_>

  5. Regardless, I understand that spam is annoying and such. I was a moderator on a forum and deleted many posts that were spam, so I understand staff policies regarding spam. As such I am quite sorry for problem, sir/ma'am.

  6. In regards to the Mass Effect 3 post, I didn't know I was spamming cuz I thought we were on topic. We were talking about Mass Effect 3 romance. I sowwie. :S

  7. I'll have to go re-read then. :p Which might not be until tomorrow, I have to babysit today. :xp:

  8. Oh sure, just allow me to finish up this play through of ME3, I'm almost done. hehe.

  9. Hello. I just wanted to personally thank you for reviewing Tears of the Force. ^^

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