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  1. No. Everyone says it's horrible, so I just stay away from it.. :p

  2. Dude, what's up with the sig?! lol lol

  3. Morrowind: What can I say, I love whacking Cliffracers! Only finished the main plot twice, and always starting a new build once in a while. Always love the first time when my char meet Cassius. There's something in that bald shiny head of his, I tell you. Rome Total War:
  4. The best episodes are the ones telling the stories of the clone troopers. They're not cannon fodder anymore! Maul hasn't kicked in on paradise island, so I can't tell.
  5. Try deadlystream. Anyway, is it because you can't download anything from it? If so.. Just a quick tip for people who have trouble downloading from filefront/gamefront site: Can't download mods from jkofilefront file not found Go straight to post #10 and #18.
  6. ^Should be playing Transformer: The Step-Down instead. I May Be A Rookie, But I'm A Fast Learner!
  7. Well, I've never encountered the problem my self. Seems like you have to clear the global variable(s) with KSE. The tricky part: which one? It would be easier of course to restart the game. Let me see what I can do...
  8. ^Somewhere in Casablanca. I bet they are called The Maw..
  9. Yo, dude! Whats up? Been thinking, since many people experience problem with filefront/gamefront wouldn't it be great if Jigos' posts (#10 & #18) in this thread be stickied in Holowan Labs? All works appreciated, thanks.

  10. ^Anyone in sexy-no-jutsu is sexier than her.
  11. Dude, you can't use crack. It just won't work with Intel GMA.
  12. ^Yeah, gameplay is more important than graphics IMHO. That's why people still play the first two Fallout games. Honestly, I would not want this game to have the same fate as Neverwinter Nights 2.. Poor sequel.
  13. There was a rumor that Lucien Dray would become Darth Sion, that's not true. Visas and Nihilus did have their own 6-pages-white-and-black-comic though.
  14. No, I don't even think there is any comic that features him...
  15. ^Yeah, and since he's been stuck in Kashyikk Kasyhiyk Kashyyyk for 15 years
  16. It should be.. not... It's a shortcut so you can change the icon back to malak's head..
  17. -Sadly, widescreen resolution is problematic... -Did you do the 'Dantooine lag fix'? ** Since you're using Win7 64 bit, the default installation of kotor is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\swkotor2\"
  18. I'm stumped...Are you playing this game on laptop/netbook? 'Cause I'm playing on mine, which has Intel GMA 3150 and it works just fine...
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