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  1. I do everything... Kidding of course. I would say what I'm better in is story, area modeling, textures. That's about my specialties although I've defiantly worked in other areas.

  2. Congrats on the turn around, when I lost my mod I had worked so hard on I was the exact same way. I gotta say I love big K1 projects I've always felt that game deserved more. I would love to help with a huge K1 project, even if all you need me for is a tester I'm happy to just do that as well. Let me know.



  3. RL: Has been great! Been busy as ever but now that swim season is over I'll have more time for LF

    LF: Been working on a personal project, that's pretty much done just needs some major big fixes.

    How have you been?

  4. Just thought I would let you know I'm finishing up a little project that involved that area modeli mentioned last time we messaged should be done with in two(ish) weeks. Then I will be ready to work on SOTE if you still need me. :)

  5. Haha you know I've always liked SOTE. I'm currently working on a module of my own just to fine tube some of my skills and make sure I completly remember how to do everything as I was away for a while. After I finish my module I would be more than willing to talk with you more about this.

  6. I'm with you I just got back in school and it takes alot of time away. I'm glad to hear your working on SotE and still finding time to work on your own project. I can't wait to see that snow module one day.

  7. Out of curiosity how's your modding going? Still working on area models?

  8. Hey Quanon, I'm working on a city module right now and I was hoping to make a sky-view all glass elevator, so that you could see the city on the way up. I have made parts of maps moving before, but could the kotor engine handle a moving elevator? I just don't want to model it, and animate it if its not going to work anyways.


    Thanks-Supreme Kotor

  9. Sorry but no,if I ever get them working ill notify you asap. Out of curiosity hows your mod going?

  10. Ahh makes sense. Good luck with your mods and SotE. But in case you ever are interested in emitters Quanon wrote up a butiful tutorial. CLICKY ME Anyways good luck and happy modding I can't wait to see this snow planet one day.

  11. Ahh makes sense I've never seen a winter module for kotor so I can't wait for it! Have you looked into adding snow actually coming down from the sky? Most modelers would say it's impossible for kotor but it's actually not too difficult. assuming you use an emitter, the kotor engine can actually handle it without signifigant slowing.

  12. :lol: have fun with the outdoor module Im currently working on a model that features an outdoor part and it can be difficult. One price of advice I have for you is if you want to make rocks look more natural use the cut function and have some fun with it you can get great looking rocks that way. But anyways let me know if you run into any issues and ill try and help.
  13. Really not too much a few minor details here and there but Quanon did fantastic work on the models most of them don't even need ran through Kaurora that honesty just need .mod .vis .lyt files and they should work fine.

  14. Hey! Ever get those model issues from so long ago worked out? If not shoot me a message and I can take a look at your model now if you would like.

  15. Okay I come brining bad news. Many of the modules are missing AuroraDlights while this may not be a big deal I have always made my modules with the lights. This is one of those things that you will either have to ask Quanon about or you will need to just take them in the game a check.


    Other then that all of the models I have gone through (I haven't done all of them yet) they look fine there is a few spots where the walkmesh isn't perfect but its just as good if not better than I could make it so theres nothing to fix there really.

  16. Any way you can PM me? The xat chat box and mobile don't exactly agree :lol:.

  17. I remembered one other, is Quanons second wok mesh tutorial is a dead link.

  18. Just want to make sure you know I do like your list of modders. And I wasn't trying to insult you in posting that.:)

  19. Thanks Canderis I don't go through the tutorials every day like I did when I was learning to mod but if I come across any I will let you know. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is one you probobly can't fix but ill ask anyways: the download link for miro 42's adding geometry is broken.

  20. How'd you know I played stronghold ;)


    It's a very fun game yes you can build your own castles and villages although the type of gameplay isn't for everyone I would defiantly suggest watching some gameplay videos first.

  21. Not a problem although to do real life I cannot gay remote it today. I will get it to you by tommorow though.

  22. 2 of 5? Very nice you work fast! What player head would you like?

  23. Preferably the .obj but it really doesn't matter in the long run.


    Thanks-Supreme Kotor

  24. Haha I'm loving it. I'm pretty sure we would make kotor cry if we put that into the game. :lol:

  25. Just wondering if you would mind to re-host your world war 2 mod looks fun for a playthrough.

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