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  1. Nice! That must be where I got them from. Does anyone here still play? I could make a channel for it under #dumb-games in the Lucasarts Adventure Fans Discord...?
  2. I just discovered a few speech packs that I downloaded from the old Mojo forums back in the day. If anyone is still playing and wants to download them again, here ya go! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fLLyixoz2KUePkKgYmHSXwyG4CCJzx3e I have no clue who made these originally, but I know I got them here. So whoever you are, thank you! (And if anyone ever wants to play...let me know and I can add you to my Discord :)
  3. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about a fun little experiment I'm trying tomorrow night. I'm hosting a "#monkey-island meetup" in my Discord server tomorrow night, and you're all welcome to join: https://discord.gg/8wSWwQNfnQ And lest anyone get the wrong idea: the last thing I want to do is be perceived as competition for Mojo. I have no intention of drawing people away from the forums or anything like that! I'm a longtime lurker, but I've been a Mojo fan and supporter since the late 90s. I actually started the Lucasarts Adventure Games facebook group to fill the void I felt when Mojo's forums initially went down. I love that they're back. I have nothing but love for y'all
  4. Just pre-ordered mine. I'm hoping that if it sells well, with the renewal of "Lucasfilm Games," we might see a new Monkey Island game someday...
  5. Late to the party, but thanks so much for sharing this. Super cool!
  6. Hey folks, just curious as to whether anyone can speak to an issue I've encountered: I downloaded the most recent builders from LogicDeLuxe's website, and when trying to install them my antivirus program flags the "dottcd.exe" file as having malware. Specifically, it lists "w32.malware.gen" - is my antivirus software being super sensitive, or is it a real issue? Has anyone else dealt with this? It's true of both the MI1 and MI2 builders.
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