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  1. As someone who played the game with his wife (/ who's wife watched him play), touche. But there is a difference between playing a computer game and running amok in a theme park with vivid, lifelike delusions. But then, I also play Dungeons and Dragons.
  2. What does this ending do to the character of Guybrush (whoever he really is)? There's a huge difference between a child playing make-believe and a grown man. The ending of MI2 may have been shocking and controversial at the time, but it was also... totally fine. Kids play make believe - there's nothing strange about that. We get it. But an adult living in a fantasy world to the point where his wife chaperones him to the amusement park so he can go and play just feels.... a bit weird and uncomfortable.
  3. Thank you for that insight, that's terrific.
  4. Mulling on this further... I know Ron's said that Guybrush sitting on the bench at the end is channeling how he feels, and there's a genuine sadness to it. A weight has been lifted after all these years, but at what cost? Guybrush can't go and start the next adventure with Elaine because the magic is gone. I'll be interested to see if Ron does come back to make more, where he goes from here, because despite what people have said, there was a pretty clear finality to that ending. How can there be any more suspension of disbelief now?
  5. Has there ever been any documentation about who composed which tracks in the first two games (especially 2)?
  6. Finished it a few days ago. Still processing but... * Overall I enjoyed the game and revisiting the world * Tonally it felt quite innocent and sweet - more similar to MI1 than MI2's burnt-out vibe. But even sweeter and more storybook than MI1. * I thought it was a shame you couldn't revisit locations from previous games, like Meathook's Island, Captain Smirk's hut, or the remains of the Cannibal Village, etc. Even if there was no story there, it would have been nice to see them again. And other islands let you visit locations that served no story purpose. * Contradictory maybe, but I found visiting locations that had no purpose a bit frustrating. * The art style grew on me and of course I now can't imagine the game any other way. I wonder if there are further entries, is this now The Style or will it continue to change with each game? I'd still love to see a Steve Purcell/Peter Chan art directed modern MI game. * LeChuck did not feel threatening or intimidating to me at all, which is a shame. But I did enjoy his crew. * I have mixed feelings about some of the story threads being abandoned, especially Elaine's investigation into Guybrush's activities. That had me genuinely nervous as to where that was leading and I don't think it really paid off. I was expecting something like "Guybrush is the real bad guy" maybe? * I didn't mind the ending - I didn't see it coming, but as soon as it was revealed, it was "aha, okay, of course." I remember when Mixnmojo first posted their theory on this years ago, and it blew my mind then. In the years since, I came to accept it as the likely truth - especially with that Bill Tiller quote about the making of the first two games, and knowing about Ron's initial inspiration. So this felt a bit like Game of Thrones to me: for better or worse, we all knew who Jon Snow was before the show got there. I'd say MI2's throwing in of some doubt made it a bit more fun, and possibly even contributed to the series' iconic status. Sometimes unanswered questions are just more fun to chew on. Maybe it was something that should never have been definitively resolved?
  7. I always enjoyed the story of Myst more than the games themselves - I remember the novels were quite good.
  8. I always thought it was 3, because that's literally the alley he goes down. I see now of course that the circus poster is not on the side of the church...!
  9. Didn't some blah blahs also happen with one of the LeChuck's fortress exteriors? As a fan of MI2's creepy LeChuck, I'm not loving this goofy LeChuck with his stubby legs and cartoony voice, but as with everything else, looking forward to seeing it all in proper context.
  10. I went with Bob! In fact, I'd love to see a Bob spin off.
  11. There's a difference between art style and content changing. The art style may have changed between games, but Guybrush is always a man with a pony tail. He doesn't fundamentally change. Architectural design and foliage changing is different. It's not like they changed them to stylized pine trees, they completely changed the plants. This would be like if Guybrush were suddenly a person of a different ethnicity or gender. There is a difference there.
  12. I was just going to say something similar - going with the theme park theory - it's like he's wandered from New Orleans square into a bordering section. And then Adventureland is right next to it for the tropics and the natives...
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