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  1. It's not politically correct for you to make fun of me. I have the dumb. mysmilie_553.gif

  2. Yes. It's a gift. :xp:

  3. It tastes like hurting! D:

  4. Sup Girl? I'm about to try out Psychonauts on a 120in screen. :D

  5. Hey, you should be in bed at this hour! *taps watch*

  6. Pretty great! I'm back in the caves right now debugging some hardware but I'm about to head out. Oh, I'm going to try and pick up There Will Be Blood tonight. :) What are you up to today, LJ?

  7. One day my ruggedly handsome prince will come. You wait and see! D:

  8. Petrogylphs, aye? Alright.


    I'm thinking maybe some tribesmen dancing around a huge bowl of ice cream. Thoughts?

  9. I'm bored to tears and stuck inside a cave. What do I do? D:

  10. WHOTOLDYO- I mean... no, of course not.

  11. I.... I can't argue with that, dangit. :xp:

  12. It's going fairly well if a bit boring. Been kinda down the last few days though. :(

  13. You needed a visitor message so here it is, LJ. How's your week going?

  14. Why it's mountain fresh potpourri, of course.

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