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  1. Hi Jooeph! Once you've found the board that you want to post the question in, there's a button above and to the left of the list of threads labeled, "start a new thread". Click on that and you'll be taken to a page where you give your thread a title and post your message in the body. Let me know if this answers your question or if you need more specific help.

  2. Happy birthday, Ed. Hope it's been a good one. :)

  3. Can't go wrong with a tektronix. 100mhz should cover anything you'll be wanting to look at. :)



    If you're not using the power transformer to try and isolate crazy high voltages, yes, it will do the job just fine. Really, the only difference between a normal power transformer and an isolation transformer is the insulation between the windings.


    (Also make sure the secondary in the transformer is taking the voltage to where you're wanting it, but you probably already know this. :D)

  4. ASUS Eee Box, I think! Something like the EB1007. :)

  5. I do hate it but I have to deal with it so much that I've learned to tolerate the pain when needed. :xp:

  6. Actually, it's a rose petal herbal cigarette.

  7. I was just being silly about the Warcraft thing. Nowadays people only recognize WoW and not its forebears. :D


    Yeah, it can be pretty fun - the contract I should be getting this week is working for a company called Winntech. I'll be helping them make interactive in-store displays (like Best Buy and Target) for Sony and other tech companies. Believe it or not they only have one electronics guy on staff. o_O I'm in for super long hours but I should also be printing my own money from the deal.

  8. OH... OH DEAR GOD I- *passes out*

  9. Yes, but they return as Canadian hours and must be redeemed at a currency changing center.

  10. Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry carefully.

  11. I'm not sure how... but it's somehow your fault. :xp:

  12. No ICs this time. :( Just transistors and coil relays to pass video signals on some coax. It's for an underwater robot thogh so that's cool. :D


    As for microcontrollers, I stick with PICs. :)

  13. Hey GTA. I'm building a quad signal switcher for someone and thought you'd be just about the only one here interested in hearing that. :D

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ave. You're like the little sister I wish I had. :D

  15. The badges work by nomination. Badges are suggested here and then approved/denied by moderators.

  16. Oh ho ho, that's a secret. :xp:

  17. Wish I could take credit but I had nothing to do with it. :D

  18. Yeah and I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere but I can only recall ever having Donkey Kong for it. We were a pretty big Commodore 4 household. My older brother literally had a TRUNK that he kept the games for it in.

  19. Partially, at least. Just fighting sleep and playing some Fable 2. What are you up to?

  20. I didn't have that title for that long. Now, if I ever change my avatar THAT will be the end of an era. :D

  21. No. It's about time you did though. :D

  22. I can't stop loving you, jmac.

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