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  1. Originally posted by Darth Groovy




    Seriously though, how do WE know who isn't bluffing?


    the highscores list ;)

  2. Originally posted by Pie™

    I had something like this for an very old mac back in the days. Don't think the tanks themselves could move though.


    Yeah, all the versions i've played before this one never had the tank move.......odd addition.


    EDIT- and this version also seems incrediably easy........i would suggest playing this only if you have 2 players.

  3. Originally posted by IG-64

    Madden 05 was a dissapointment because in maddens since 02 my bro and I have had our own full custom team. But now they took away an option to turn of some kinda salary cap so now theres not enough money to make a whole team.


    You can still do that.....just turn off salary cap in the franchise mode screen.

  4. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    I called them idiots because they had no logical argument for their opinion, they just spoke it sucks, without any base for that reasoning. How about this, Your penguin sig sucks cuz penguins are small and stuff. I hate how they make that funny wobble.


    not very reasonable argument is it? no, infact it's more along the lines of flamebaiting.




    Isn't calling people idiots flamebaiting aswell?

  5. Originally posted by InsaneSith

    That's fine, but coming in here slandering things isn't very reasonable. To those that don't like mac's or pretty much don't agree with others opinions, make reasonable posts. You're entitled to your opinion and tastes, but coming in here and shouting "omg *whatever* sux" is not a valuable post and we all know your goal is to just incite argument. Alright, thank you for your time.


    Calling people idiots for their opinion isn't very reasonable IS ;)

  6. Originally posted by Acrylic

    Well, I already have a good PC. (3 ghz, 512 ram, 9700 pro) So I figure, "Why not get a mac?"

    Well, I don't really know why...it won't be to play games, but I dunno, they just look so cool....

    It's hard to refuse something that looks cool. :p


    Actually, awhile ago I was thinking the same thing.


    They're sexy, and somewhat effecient. So really if I had a choice between the new mac and a new TV, I'd pick the mac anyday :p

  7. Originally posted by Acrylic

    Well, macs are really expensive, but I'll get a mac when they come with a G5 version of the Mini mac.


    Or maybe I'll just cave in and buy the Minimac. I really want a mac, just for fun. they look cool too. I'd get a normal mouse, since I can't live without scroll. :)


    If by fun you mean using it as a big white paperweight, go for it :D


    Unless you're actually going to use the thing, in which case i would have to ask you what you would do with it that would be considered fun. And remember, PC's can look up porn just as fast as Apple computers can ;)

  8. Originally posted by TiE 23

    13. Microsoft's chairman, Bill Gates, is very public, who the heck is mac's chairman


    16. No real businessman would own one or be caught using one



    13. I believe it's Steve Jobs....and Gates owns part of Apple i believe aswell. But why does this make Apple inferior?


    14. If they work with graphics, Apple would be the #1 choice.

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