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  1. So far I installed Ubuntu or Debian on older machines and they run fine. The lag you experience may be because of the video driver you use. What kind of graphics adapter do you have?


    If you want to run Windows games on Linux you have to use WINE (comes with most distros). They have a huge database on how to get games/programs running. This is the the entry for JK II: Jedi Outcast. It's rated platinum, which means it runs out of the box without any hassle.


    If you have any questions or problems feel free to PM me or come back here :)

  2. No, the games alone are not to blame. I mean, how to blame a game anyway. However, if you ask whether violent games have an effect on children, then seriously, how could they not? Or why would you think is there a huge industry shoving learning computers and learning games/programs down our throats?


    And say, what is this environment? Your parents, what they teach you, what you see them doing? Friends you hang out with, their activities? Something like school, people at school? Your activities there? What you do in your freetime? Like, reading a book? Talking to people? Playing a game? Isn't this all the environment somehow?

  3. No.







    It is easier to blame video games, television, movies, music, comic books… than to blame the problems with society and parenting.



    So, video games, television, movies, music, comic books, etc, are not part of our society, and do in no way carry a potential to be problematic? Hm. Hm Hm.

  4. This really is an awesome game. I'm loving it. The controls (I'm using the mouse, WASD is the evil), the graphics, the voices, the style. It's somehow different to the other games, yet it fully meets my criteria of how a Monkey Island game has to be. Guybrush's childish jokes, the small details, Chuck the plant. Well done, Telltale. <3


    The inventory system is definitely excellent for adventure game novices, but I think additional ways of doing the basic tasks would be appreciated for us veterans. For example: allow items to be directly clicked together for combination, and allow right clicking to instantly inspect an item. I also think the inventory should close by itself if you move your mouse away from the whole interface, like in CMI I believe.

    I second that.
  5. But that is exactly what's being asked of your position. What types of parameters are you using for dertermining right and wrong if not some type of moral code? Afterall, I didn't get the sense we were talking about whether it was right to use a hammer or screw driver when trying to nail something together. Or to use a gun instead of a knife to kill someone/thing.
    If I wanted to act moral, not to kill any people would be one of the right things to do. If I wanted to kill my neighbour, telling the police about it beforehand seems like the wrong thing to do, but killing him would be the right since that is the goal.


    If saving a million people from starvation meant mankind would go extinct 200 years later, what would be the right thing to do, regarding whether you wanted to trigger that event or not? And how does this relate to what you'd have to do 'right' to get laid every day?

  6. If we didn't stop Hitler or other people who have committed war crimes over the centuries, more would have suffered.
    But there were more people suffering. A-bombs, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, WTC, etc.



    If we didn't stop the Taliban, more women would have died from starvation because of the draconic ways the Taliban used the Shari'a to impose their power on Afghanistan
    Yes, but now many people died due to military operations. Plus, we now have the Taliban imposing guerilla warfare and terror acts upon the "invaders", and in some regions they gain back some power too.



    If we didn't say "Rape and incest and locking your daughter up for decades to breed your children in the dark is wrong and evil", Fritzl's daughter and their children would still be living in abject horror in a dark dungeon of a basement.
    The fact that we do say it's wrong didn't keep him from doing it, actually.



    See, I'm in no way saying let those things happen and go by unimpressed, but I think nothing really got better, whatever we did.



    If we have no right and wrong, then everything is 'right, depending on your point of view'.
    Or 'wrong, depending on the point of view', for that matter. However, I said there is no good and evil, not no right and wrong.



    That means 'incest is right, depending on your point of view'. 'Murdering your child because you want to is OK depending on your point of view'. 'Throwing people into ovens is OK depending on your point of view'. 'Rolling over peaceful protesters in Tiananmen Square is OK depending on your point of view'. 'Torturing people is OK depending on your point of view'. 'Letting people die of starvation is OK depending on your point of view'.
    I think morality is an absolute thing. Right and wrong, however, is not.



    You're asking what act is more immoral--that's an entirely different question, and it's like asking 'which woman is 'more pregnant' when they're all 10 weeks pregnant.'
    Yes, because it's an binary attribute, I think. Either you act moral or you don't. There's nothing in between.



    As to your other comment--other animals don't have the full mental capacity required to truly know right from wrong, but we do. That is one of the things that makes us different from other creatures. What other animals think is irrelevant to our unique human state.
    I think it is not irrelevant. To take the 'non-human' world by human measures doesn't seem logical to me.



    Humans do care about what's right and wrong, and good and evil, because our capacity to hurt or help each other in unique and varied ways is far, far greater than other animals.
    I'd say otherwise. Empathy is the driving factor, and the will to attain goals.



    I don't buy into relativism. It's philosophically self-destructive: saying "Everything is relative" is an absolute statement, not a relative one.
    Most relative things are absolutes anyway.
  7. Okay what I don't understand is how you compare a 16x16 (or something like that) pixel face of Guybrush to a hi-res version of it? At least the image on the box should look like the guy in the game now... :p

  8. It's pretty hard to dismiss good and evil when you see things like Mother Teresa's altruism or Jeffrey Dahmer's brutal torture, murder, and cannibalism of young boys.
    I find it rather quite difficult to judge about who's got the worst fate, the guy who died in a concentration camp, the guy who jumped out of the WTC, or the daughter of Josef Fritzl, who was forced to live in a cellar, for 24 years and to have 7 kids with him, of whom three didn't saw sunlight but once until the case was discovered. No question, immoral acts caused all the pain and death, but is it more immoral to kill a million people in a couple of years, or to incarcerate and rape and whatever else your daughter for over two decades? It seems that those who die face a lighter fate, somehow. It's hard to say, really.


    However. the reason why I say there is no good and evil is that Teresa's altruism or Jeffrey's cannibalism, the diversity of war crimes, or whatever else, nothing of all this does matter the slightest bit when you're anything but human.

  9. Well, we'll be rushing to you to see how to be dismissive about discussion topics. Thanks for the input Ray.

    The idea that there is no good and evil has been offered multiple times in this thread, so I don't really understand why you started whining about Hitler when I said it. So much for being dismissive I guess.

  10. Are we gonna discuss who is 'evilest', and how bad mankind is, and are we gonna compare who has got the biggest Hitler card, are we gonna bitch about how the common 'Hitler-victim' has gone through the worst hell imaginable to man, or is this rather about the concept of good and evil? :rolleyes:



    Feel free to come from philosophy, religion, reference or any source you like.

    Very obviously not. :¬:

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