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  1. Im sure you know it its based on the Linux kernel. Hacked ROMS(from xda devs) even show you the penguin when it boots up :p Its just like saying Windows Mobile is not Windows. Sure you cant play Crysis on it, but is a phone optimised derivative of it, with some core similarities in the way it handles directories, registry, installations and such







  2. but every single one of your threads is pure sex <3


    but it's still vodafone you are stuck with. I guess it depends whether you want to fork out for an unlocked phone or sign up on a contract
    I'm with vodafone for ten years now, and they served me well so far. ;



    lolz. you make it sound like its a bad thing ;)
    It is...because I can't. :p


    Ive been keeping my eye on some unlocked HTC Magic units.. still a bit pricey IMO(rebate or not) for something I wont use that heavily. I was wondering if the the android element would make things comparatively cheaper... but it's no less expensive than an iphone or winMo device.
    It fits my needs exactly, and I got it for 1 euro. I would pay like 300 bucks for the iPhone, quite the difference, eh. :)
  3. The plants had to go without pollination for an era(s)? If that was true they would've died (that's basic science). So, it had to be in one day. :)
    Oh, so trees and all that stuff grow in one day --clearly a basic science fact.


    I don't understand how you can claim to be a christian, and then claim you don't believe the Bible (or at least say so by saying you believe in evolution). Does it not say to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength? And, to love God is to love (and obey) his teaching (or his word).
    As I understand it, being Christian and believing in the bible are not synonymous claims.
  4. android on mobile phones > your hate though so why don't you three go undress and finger **** one another in glee somewhere else



    I always buy my phones unlocked(not always shadily either!!), as I switch carriers like I switch hats, depending on who is offering the best deal. I hate being locked into a contract for 3 years, to pay off something you dont want after 12 months.
    At least here in Germany I can change my deal with vodafone like every three months so I can get the best conditions available for me.



    I dont see the big deal about android. Sure its open source...people are going to need to buy a phone anyways, its not like you can piece a cellie together from bits you pick up at a swapmeet. Warranty ? Support ?? System requirements ? (yeah I know its early days)
    all is good mon



    Ah well, At least it gives OSource hippes linux people the chance to fiddle with phones now I guess :p
    android is not Linux



    I dont think it will take the corporate types by storm any time soon though :p I got allof my $600 refunded for my phone as I claimed it as a business related expense... what's the benefit of a free OS when so many in the business world do exactly the same...?
    The benefit of open source is not that you don't have to pay money. Although I guess not every one on this planet has the gift of getting their phones paid with tax money...
  5. Also considering that Antarctica's Ice concentration has INCREASED over the past 10 years...



    Antarctica's Sea Ice concentration. The point is, the ice on the continent is melting. And huge glaciers make their way towards the Antarctic coast right into the sea extending the ice border. Just a thought.



    West Antarctica is currently experiencing a net outflow of glacial ice, which will increase global sea level over time. A review of the scientific studies looking at data from 1992 to 2006 suggested a net loss of around 50 Gigatonnes of ice per year was a reasonable estimate (around 0.14 mm of sea level rise). Significant acceleration of outflow glaciers in the Amundsen Sea Embayment may have more than doubled this figure for the year 2006.






    In 2003 the Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen-B ice shelf collapsed. Between 28 February and 8 March 2008, about 570 square kilometers of ice from the Wilkins Ice Shelf on the southwest part of the peninsula collapsed, putting the remaining 15,000 square kilometers of the ice shelf at risk. The ice was being held back by a "thread" of ice about 6 km wide, prior to its collapse on April 5, 2009. According to NASA, the most widespread Antarctic surface melting of the past 30 years occurred in 2005, when an area of ice comparable in size to California briefly melted and refroze; this may have resulted from temperatures rising to as high as 5 °C (41 °F).



  6. CO2 is not the leading greenhouse emission. In fact it plays a relatively small role. Historically CO2 increases follow an increase in temperature, as a greater number of living creatures tends to increase the CO2 levels.
    Though not being the leading greenhouse emission, it's still adding its part to a rise of the mean temperature.


    Water vapor is far more effective at trapping radiative heat.
    Strange, I thought water vapour is usually a result of, err, heat? I mean I'd take a wild guess and claim that the human civilisation is a rather quite exothermic one.


    Global mean temp has historically been higher without man's assistance. In fact when it was at it's highest temps the Earth was going through an explosive growth of life.
    Though not human life, or lifeforms as we know them nowadays. Actually, it appears to be true that we've had higher concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere, and higher mean temperatures as well. In the past. The distant past, compared to our time here on Earth.


    I'm not so sure we'd want to have these conditions back in the here and now.

  7. So the question then, is global warming natural, anthropogenic, or both? If both, to what extent either way?
    I think from a certain point of view any anthropogenic cause is also a natural cause, so the remaining and only relevant question is, indeed, to what extend is the observed course of Earth's climate influenced by the human species in relation to, say, every other species of the whole, wide universe?




    What weaknesses exist in the premises that lead to the conclusion?

    The point where we have refrigerators? ^^

  8. Don't ask me how he did it, just did. And I think it was some sort of program. Maybe not. maybe it was some that was 'metaphysically' a program. Besides, I think this discussion over RAM is ridiculous.
    Well, you brought it up...


    Edit: I asked my father what my uncle did. Turns out he put an extra stick of RAM in the computer. Sorry, I've been mistaken.



    Maybe his uncle added some socks to the computer, Ray?
    You mean like after he Plan E'd them with his aunt's computer? I so wish he had. ^^
  9. Arc, what's the deal? Avast needs hours to scan your PC, so what. I mean, the more files you have, the longer it will take to scan them, no biggie. Plus, it always depends on what else you are doing or what other programs are running while the scan is done.


    Additionally, Avast comes with an on-access scan engine, so there's no need to scan your whole system like every day.


    As for the RAM thing, you probably confuse something and your uncle just increased the size of the swap file, what leads to more available system memory at some place.

    When you right click on My Computer and select Properties, you'll get some dialoque showing the amount of physical RAM available to your system.


    Or maybe he reduced the amount of shared video memory, what seemingly gives more RAM, too.

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