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  1. I sure hope it's dead. Dip**** anime gameplay, a dopey emo protagonist, and a storyline that messes up the EU even worse than it already is, no thank you.
  2. Or this might involve Mando fellating. I sure hope Karen Traviss' ego is still bruised and she doesn't have anything to do with this.
  3. They say a lot of things, the revolving door Lucasarts management aren't the brightest bunch.
  4. Watch the protagonist turn out to be a Jedi, and be pulling the strings on some very important central plot points. That's what I'm going with until demonstrated otherwise.
  5. He got to keep his job after his little racial outburst a few years back, far more chances than he deserved.
  6. I won't hold my breath over this being anything good.
  7. Um, we tend to frown on people independently deciding to execute people without any due process. Regardless of what a piece of **** Mansur may have been, some dip**** Lieutenant doesn't get to make the call to kill him in cold blood.
  8. I'd hope that Al Lowe actually working on it now would mean that they're actually serious about doing something now.
  9. So none of them mattered, now buy DLC.
  10. Here's hoping for a disruptive PAX talk. It'd be great if someone ended up crying.
  11. Add in "horrible derivative ****" in there, and I called this two years ago. Lucasarts turns 30 next month, what a wonderful way to celebrate.
  12. All the kickstarting is starting to get to be a little much. I already gave Tim and Brian Fargo money. Now Replay and Jane Jensen crop up. It's questionable how much more money I want to throw at something that I won't have for a long time.
  13. Posters XXL did both of the ones I had printed very well, so I don't see any reason not to use them again.
  14. This is the most ****ing depressing game I've ever played. If Bioware doesn't make some changes, I'm not replaying it.
  15. LSL still holds up quite a bit better than most of the Sierra catalog. If you gave somebody a remastered version of Kings Quest I without some massive reworkings to the mechanics, there's a good chance that they would start breaking things.
  16. Blade Runner has a number of cuts, however Ridley Scott doesn't try to keep people from seeing the admittedly poor theatrical cut. George on the other hand acts like a stupid little child, and only wants people seeing whatever cut he happens to have cobbled together at the moment. Also like a child he insists that the films are "MINE MINE MINE!!", and that he can do whatever he wants with them. Discounting the fact that film making is a collaborative process, and effectively standing on the shoulders of many talented people. He's become a moron who doesn't understand the charm of his own films, and insists on continually diluting them with pointless bull****.
  17. This is a guy who spent his life screaming at his players to give 110%, then couldn't even muster a .1% effort to stop someone from raping children, or following up on it. When he decided to bask in the attention of the rioters instead of telling them that he was wrong and that they should stop breaking things, that certified his position as a defacto POS. His "positive contributions" amount to being a college football coach, I'm sure the abuse victims will take heart in knowing that some other guys got to play a little football, whoopty doo. I've been pretty gentle about everything else but this is hilarious. Of course the notion that he died because they took Football away from him seems pretty spot on, as he obviously didn't care about anything else at all.
  18. I'll bet he's covering up the crimes of serial child rapists in heaven. Good riddance you bastard.
  19. Did you end up selling the sketchbook someplace else? I'd be interested in buying it if you still have it.
  20. I happen to have that poster, but I'm not at home and taking it out of the tube would be a pain in the ass and all....
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