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  1. I think I know that site. Oh that's right! I got all of these from there! lol what's so wrong with the ones right now?

  2. Yo Rogue...I just got Street Fighter IV, it'll take me a while to figure out the gameplay and whatnot but if you've got a 360 and wanna play sometime, just send me an invite!


    Gamertag: IndianaJonesFan

  3. Winfield is one of my favorite players on the team as well...he's definitely underrated in the league...he's one of the guys (like Kleinsasser) that I consider a "true Viking" because he's been there so long. Still a lot of time to get a deal done, and the organization knows his worth, so I think he'll be signed again at some point.

  4. uhh what are you talking about?

  5. What you mean my long leaves of absences that happen every so often? If that's what you're talking about, it's a combination of college, work, focusing on sports, and whatnot. I try to stay with the forums as much as possible throughout the year, though.

  6. It's what the Green Bay Packers stand for...therefore...I hate it.

  7. Haha, I never feel validated in anything I say to you...*sigh*

  8. haha fair enough. Just as long as I know that I don't have 1 more person on LF with a personal vendetta against me.

  9. If it comes from Wisconsin...I think we both know how I feel about it lol.

  10. Both! how bout you?

  11. lol of course I do...I just had no idea what you were talking about out of no where...

  12. I just have to say that you are my new best friend b/c you are a Vikings fan. They are my favorite team of all time! I love AP dude. I used to live in MN, but I had to move unfortunately...well, just wanted to give you major kudos for being a vikings fan!

  13. Why do you think that? I actually enjoy it quite a bit.

  14. Yeah. Like no matter what I'm gonna buy it, and I'm almost sure I'll like it...Bioware is genius. I just don't like buying games and then have the price drop two weeks later...guess I'll buy from Amazon.com just in case (w/ their 30 day price guarantee)

  15. It's 50 cent...and I never had a picture of myself up...

  16. Yeah man, Harvin is an absolute beast. So, you wanna see Favre in Purple?

  17. Even the used ones are only like $5 cheaper it seems like...*sigh*...poor college kid...

  18. I think we have a great advantage over what the Jets were dealing with. AP and Harvin will reduce a lot of the pressure that will come from defenses. This works vice-versa and that's something we've been missing since AP has been here.

  19. haha yeah man...been soooooo busy lately! I'll try to get on more often!

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