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  1. Because, like it or not, Clone Wars is still considered canon, and if we don't hear from her again...that's a pretty huge loose end that didn't get tied up.
  2. Just goes to show you that you NEVER know when you could be going, so just enjoy the time while you have it! May the Force be with you, Aaron. Thank you for all your contributions to that galaxy far, far away.
  3. They just HAVE to include Ahsoka in Rebels if she doesn't make any appearances in these final Clone Wars episodes (as the trailer doesn't show/mention her once)!
  4. While I don't find them all that replayable (simply because I refuse to put another 24+ hours of my life into a single game more than once - there's so many other things out there to experience), but I think they're so special because they were one of the first games where choice really played a HUGE role in the outcome. When you get down to it, choice is the #1 theme of Star Wars, so it was a natural fit in the universe, and I think that because the backstory/universe was already there, it was really easy for the developers to make a great game around that already existing lore.
  5. I make just about as much money now as I did back when I started posting on LF all those years ago! Consistency!
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-26277193 "Where are you taking this...thing?" Not necessarily the most important character in the series, but he certainly made his mark with his memorable moment on the detention level in Episode 4. RIP Mr. Tierney - May the Force Be With You!
  7. Here's another character for the ever-growing lineup! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  8. Wow, that escalated quickly. Things went from a tension-filled protest to full-blown skirmishes. ABC World News even went as far as showing protesters getting sniped dead (in real-time) in the street. Terrifying stuff to see on TV by the way... I just look at a deeply divided country and see a large group of people who grew up during the cold war and identify deeply with Russia (or even w/ Russian background) fighting a younger demographic of people who identify more with western cultures...I don't have any idea as to what the end-game of this all is, but I feel like it's only going to get worse before it gets better. Any thoughts on this situation?
  9. That makes no sense to me. So he doesn't want to be part of Irrational Games anymore, so why does he care what happens with the name after he's gone? I just don't get that at all.
  10. I have no clue what Guardians of the Galaxy is...but it looks interesting!
  11. So...he can't just leave Irrational to someone else while he goes to pursue other interests? He has to essentially shut down the entire studio?
  12. "We just made half a billion dollars in revenue with the help of Bioshock - a series that just screams money-maker - so we've decided to lay-off the majority of our staff so that I can go work on something else." Maybe it's just me, but I don't really understand what he was trying to say...
  13. They seem to be building a pretty good crew for this upcoming series. Unless the remaining Clone Wars episodes talk more about Ahsoka and her fate, I wouldn't be surprised if we see her make an appearance...I mean, that would only make sense. That's too big of a loose end to just leave alone...
  14. Man, I gotta get a 3DS for this game...so awesome.
  15. lol I think you're missing the point that this thread was started like 9 years ago!
  16. It's so weird. It feels like every 5 years or so, Sonic goes through a re-imagining or "trying to get back to the roots" revolution, and it never seems to turn out well. Honestly, they should just shelve Sonic and friends for a few years and let the stink of the past 8-10 years of overall 'meh' be forgotten...then bring him back for real in style!
  17. I would've been much more bitter about the Lucasarts shutting down had their library of games not sucked (minus a couple of exceptions) for the last 5 or so years they were in existence. They were pretty much dead to me when they cancelled the Indiana Jones game (the main reason I purchased an Xbox 360 in the first place) and turned it into a Nintendo Wii tech demo. I'll always remember the great times, and I try to forget the bad times...unfortunately, to no fault of any one person, there were more bad times than good after about '03 or '04. Just the way it goes, I guess.
  18. It's one of those things where I, like a ton of people who bought the game, played Mass Effect because of the story. The combat was always a secondary thing for me...I enjoyed the dialogue and story sequences MUCH more than I cared about the combat. And they screwed that up horribly in the end. That's why I'm so bitter about it. Good combat or not, they screwed up the story and that was the best part of the game for me.
  19. lol this is why it's frustrating! I just want Lucasfilm/Disney to tell me what's going on - even if it's still a long time before they air - so that I know what to expect.
  20. It's amazing what EA can do to quality titles...
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