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  1. Just got Ducktales Remastered on the 360, and I also just discovered Griffball in Halo 4...so right now those two things are consuming most of my time.
  2. Yes, but you also must keep in mind the context of those words. They are the very foundation of our great country, yes, but they were also written directed towards a country that felt that it could impose on the most basic rights of the people from thousands of miles away. Don't look to the Declaration of Independence so much as you should look towards the Constitution; however, the terrorists haven't beaten down the relevancy of our Constitution so much as the lack of interest by people to truly sit down and read it. I don't know why it's not a requirement to have a lesson about it in school every single year. The terrorists didn't "win" anything; rather, the people of the United States "lost" something - they forgot what a shining light in the world this place used to be. Also keep in mind that the same people that wrote and supported the Declaration of Independence would hang spies, tar and feather loyalists, commit acts of terrorism themselves, etc.
  3. That'd be HUGE. Definitely a big obstacle with Disney, but really, Disney's massive size and possible unwillingness to listen to a smaller crowd like us just replaced Lucasarts' stubbornness. I'll be excited to see if anything comes to fruition!
  4. ^Looks like whoever's skull that was had a predisposition to have an evil smile at all times.
  5. It's certainly fascinating to look back on that, plus see all the people that contributed to that thread that have been banned since then lol
  6. I think it's a great idea to essentially consolidate the star wars games and original titles under their own separate forums. Just a thought...since a lot of us have a strong connection to the work of Tim Schafer, and we already have Psychonauts and Brutal Legend on here...does it make any sense to consider including a DoubleFine forum (even if it's just under mixnmojo)? I'd gladly help write some articles for some of the new sites, so just tell me when you need me!
  7. Wait, what issue in '08 are you referring to?
  8. I chose none of the options in the poll. That's a really small collection of possibilities up there.
  9. Haha if you think that some of your posts are a reflection on a lack of maturity, imagine what it feels like for this 23-year-old to look back at some of the posts he made when he was 13. /facepalm lol
  10. Yup, and the people continue electing the party determined to take more and more away from the private sector. Truly sickening.
  11. This bill/law/program wasn't ready, and the GOP knew it. Only 248 (!!!) people were signed up for Obamacare through the first few days of the website going live. What a freaking mess. http://news.msn.com/us/documents-obamacare-enrollment-very-small-in-first-days
  12. None of that is the problem in my mind. The problem is in principle. Not one part of the federal government mandating health insurance (yes, it is a mandate because you get fined if you don't have it) is constitutional in my mind. What a dangerous precedent that sets in my mind. The further down the road we get with socializing every part of our life, the farther away we get from the very basis of our country - limited government. Sure, the shutdown was caused by both parties being babies about whatever, but I truly believe that the vast majority opponents of the healthcare law spent time trying to sabotage it for the same reason I just described. If protecting the founding principles of this country results in a government shutdown, so be it.
  13. Michael B. Jordan would be incredible for some sort of role in Star Wars. He's a fantastic actor! Loved every minute of his role for the TV series "Friday Night Lights," and I hope he finds a spot in the series.
  14. Just as good cannot exist without evil, freedom cannot exist without oppression. Freedom, in my mind, is as defined in the United States Declaration of Independence. Freedom is the ability to live a life in the pursuit of happiness regardless of whatever religion, political stance, or opinion someone may be.
  15. Just note: I'm not telling people to suck it up and that emotional damage is not anything to take lightly. But people who are sitting in a burning building with no way out are dead regardless. People who have emotional trauma and choose suicide have chosen death over even trying to live. That's the difference between those two types in my mind.
  16. Worry not...once new games start popping up with the Star Wars license, this place will be back and kickin'.
  17. The biggest difference to me between this situation and the kind of suicide we are talking about is that the type of pain you're referring to would inherently kill the person regardless, and I don't look at it the same way as someone who does it because they are so desperate to get rid of the emotional pain that they feel. For example, I don't judge people that jumped out of the twin towers on 9/11 for a last few gasps of air or because they wanted to go out on their own terms, or they just didn't know what else to do; however, I do judge someone who has family/friends who care about them but decide to end their life because of emotional damage. I can't even fathom what it's like to be in the state of mind that I'd seriously consider killing myself, but I still know that it goes against my opinions of nature to kill yourself (in instances not related to the one you described). I'm sure that makes me a judgmental person, but suicide is a touchy subject for me, and I can't help but just be angry at a person who commits suicide like that.
  18. My thoughts to anyone considering it is that it's the single most selfish act that you can commit against your friends and family because it does nothing but spread your pain to them when you're gone. I'm sure that it's at the point in their lives where they just don't care how other people feel, but in general, people that commit suicide aren't trying to hurt anyone except themselves and often forget about all the people that they will be hurting.
  19. Awesome list. Definitely not in the right order in terms of how good the games were...but every good game they made was on there. Good to see that people aren't forgetting about Lucasarts!
  20. Omg, I had no idea it was released already! Guess I know what I'm gonna be doing for the next week!
  21. All I care about is that DuckTales gets finished and they get it out there before they decide to cut ties with that title!
  22. Welcome aboard! I'm definitely interested in helping to fund this game once it hits Kickstarter! I, among many others, hope you stick around to talk a little bit about Lucasarts as well!
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