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  1. Not sure how recent it is - timeless in my book lol. Also,People that say they don't like most aspects of American culture probably haven't experienced the right ones. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Sure, there are instances of "faking it" like that in American football...but nothing ever quite that sad.
  2. This was the only thing I ever needed to know about soccer to make me not like it...
  3. Oh yes, it gets much easier as you get used to it. It's just like riding a bike. One day you'll be crying your eyes out because your dad let you go after he took the training wheels off, the next you'll be cruising down the street like you own it. Just something everyone gets comfortable with after some time behind the wheel. Don't worry, you'll start loving the idea of driving a lot more when you realize how many possibilities it opens up in your life! Good luck!
  4. It'd be easy to blame congressional Republicans for this mess; however, I have a hard time blaming them for what's going on. They have been said to be holding the country hostage by not wanting to implement Obamacare in the budget this year, but I look at it from the other angle. They are obviously standing up for something they believe in - and it's something that the country is very split on in the first place. By saying "the Republicans should just vote for the bill as it is and get it over with" is the wrong thing to do. While part of me just wants to shake my head and knows that they're all morons in congress, I can't help but feel like if the tables were turned, the Democrats in congress would do the same exact thing. Regardless of who we think is at fault, they're all at fault for no longer being able to find any sort of middle ground for compromise. It makes me sick to think that these are the kinds of people that we have running our government for us. Really just wish someone in Washington would have the balls to shake things up and make other people realize that it's not so bad compromising if everybody wins (which is possible here).
  5. ^Not into the whole animal thing...but damn! (and yes, the game of real life comes with unlimited headaches)
  6. ^How could you possibly see with those bottle caps over your eyes?!
  7. I think my PC might explode at the very thought of trying to play this even on low quality lol
  8. ^The only terrifying panda that I've ever seen!
  9. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone. I'm not taking any path because someone else wants me to take one. All my parents and friends want for me is a career path that makes me happy. Just wish I knew what made me truly happy.
  10. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  11. I think this is what I have to roll with for now. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on finding exactly what my dream(s) is/are. I used to think that I had a pretty good idea as to what direction I wanted to go in, but even now I find myself second-guessing even applying for certain jobs outside of that path because I'm so afraid of getting stuck on a path that I never wanted to travel. Again, this is all another part of me that is caused by me overthinking even the smallest details, but I guess I've always had a huge, grand vision of where my life would take me, and I'm afraid of screwing something like that up. :/
  12. I don't think you truly have a firm grasp on what I'm trying to explain. My issue isn't that I'm not willing to work for it or that I expect anything to be handed to me. What I'm trying to figure out is what I should be working for. Regardless of my dream or vision of future self, I know it'll take backbreaking pain and suffering to reach it. What concerns me about this is that if I stray too far off of one path in search of a dream in one field, how much am I missing in a field that may be bringing me even more joy or fulfillment? My conundrum isn't that I don't know how to attain my hopes, dreams and goals; rather, I'm finding it increasingly impossible to know what I am or should be dreaming about. When what I envision for myself is something that will be a lifelong pursuit, I feel like every day there is less and less time for me to truly discover who I am because I don't know how many opportunities I am missing by waiting to find what I am looking for. I don't fear that I won't make it to the proverbial "peak" after years and years of hard work and dedication, I am afraid of reaching such a point and realizing that there is no turning back if I then realize it wasn't something I truly wanted my life to be about.
  13. I appreciate the responses. I think that the biggest problem that I'm having is that while I may be happy with what I'm doing, I find myself constantly wondering if another path would give me more happiness. Even at an age where so many people just wish life would hurry up and give them what they want, I wish I could slow it all down - even if that means delaying what I may be truly looking for. I just constantly worry if there is another path that I should be taking that would bring me and other people even more happiness than what my current route brings me now; however, I just don't know what that other path would be. One thought that has occurred to me is that I'm plagued by the "American Dream" in that I know that I am working towards a higher level of understanding and achievement, but I don't really know what that means anyway. I know that I'm still young and have many years to find what I truly want to do with my life, but I can't help but feel like the longer I wait, the more likely I am to get stuck doing something and with someone I'm not truly happy with.
  14. I'm sure that this thread will receive its fair share of people that see the length of my post and instantly hit the back button, and I don't blame those people - I am the same way. For those of you that power through these words of self-loathing and uncertainty, I am forever grateful that you took some time to read what I had to say, even if it doesn't warrant a response. It's just nice to feel like someone else has truly absorbed what you have been thinking about, you know? A lot has been going through my head lately. Just recently released from my internship with a minor league baseball team, I've had plenty of time to reflect on myself and where I would like to go next. I still have no clue. Since my junior year in college (class of '12), I thought that I had the whole career thing figured out. Maybe I didn't know exactly where exactly I wanted to end up or how I would get there, but I "knew" that I wanted to work in sports. Working in sports hasn't ruined that for me to this point. I know, as an entry-level nobody, my climb to success (whatever that may be) is not an easy one, and I'm sure to encounter plenty of instances of grief, anger and anxiety - which are sure to result in second-thoughts. Having completed my internship, I am still confident in my choice to stick with the sports industry and pursue my "dream;" however, recently, I can't help but feel like my life is nothing more than just a vacuum of feelings and emotions as result of my uncertainty. A constant sickening feeling sits in the back of my mind even with the understanding that people my age always live their lives with a fair amount of uncertainty. My emotional state isn't a result of uncertainty stemming from the thoughts of whether or not I'll be happy pursuing a career in my current field; rather, I have felt a growing sense of anxiety that life is just passing me by too fast. I constantly worry as to whether or not there isn't something else out there for me not on my current path, yet, every time such a thought occurs, I think about how much I might be missing if I choose that other path. I'm so anxious about how little time I truly have on this planet to make a mark and how I could ever succeed in accomplishing this "dream" of having everything that I want if I stray, even just a little bit. Yet, I fill my days with working, socializing, being entertained and enjoying, and I still feel no closer to fulfillment - even with how happy I may be on any given day. Now at this point I'm sure you're thinking "go read Robert Frost and shut the hell up." Deservedly so. I have made the realization that I am paralyzed by fear. I don't seek a secret remedy or psycho-analytical reasoning for why I am this way - I'm a deeply flawed individual. Yes, I am fairly certain of that reality. I have also come to the realization that I am increasingly shallow person as a result of my attitudes towards the prospect of my future and pursuing this "dream" that I have used as a guiding light for my entire life. My life is just a bad mash-up of instances of my hopeless-romantic mindset and an over-inflated ego. Believing myself to be in pursuit of something great through hard work, dedication and undying hope, I have found it increasingly difficult to relate with any woman on an emotional level. This ego is simply a cover for my piss-poor self-esteem and self-consciousness. Yet, how can I possess such a high opinion of my future when I can't comprehend an instance in the present that I have felt truly confident in my appearance or abilities - at least in a way that would appeal to anyone else of merit. I know that this all has to sound like the most ridiculous babbling and ranting, and I wish I knew how to make my feelings known. I'm sure I could make quite a bit of money if I actually knew how to coherently convey my emotions through text. Life is so full of indescribably wonderful things. There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than living, and I don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm in the least bit suicidal or unhappy with the act of living. My point to this entire rant is that I am stuck in this cycle of hope and faith believing that everything is going to work out just the way I see it in my dream - I'll be doing what I love and with the person that I love - but I can't imagine a one-track life. I simply can't fathom myself not constantly wondering about "what if" whenever I make a life choice. I like to chalk it up to me trying to get everything out of life that I can but that is my undoing. I feel like I'm drowning in this sea of choices that only breed more questions and uncertainty. I'm dreaming of greatness (a life well-lived and well-respected), but at the same time, I haven't the slightest ideas as to what I'm really dreaming about. I truly believe that everything will work out for me one day but at the same time, I've been believing that for my entire life, and my own emotional paralysis hasn't felt this suffocating until now.
  15. Good to hear that you're doing well, and it sounds like you're taking the right steps to get your body back into condition. Very rarely will people take the first step necessary to moving on to do something that they love, and I hope that everything works out for you in the culinary arts route!
  16. Any suggestions for how to get this bad boy running on Windows 8?
  17. If my internship hadn't just ended, I would absolutely buy this - even at $60. Looks like a first-class game.
  18. I love every type of music, but I could never get into country! 50 Cent, Daft Punk, Eminem, Coldplay, Gorillaz and countless others!
  19. ^Looks like that dude is in a dank night club, but I can't tell for sure...
  20. ^Have you found anything in Dracula's castle yet?
  21. I'm happy with the current iterations of the blu-rays anyway. I grew up with the pre-special edition video tapes, but the changes didn't mean much to me. Star Wars is Star Wars. A couple changes and additions can't ruin my passion for it.
  22. ^I feel like you've been a "rookie" for forever. @Darth Avlectus - I LOVE your avatar.
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