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  1. i think that we have a better chance of seeing a remastered version of Kotor 1 & 2 than we do a full on third game. just my 2 pennies.
  2. new patch out for the PC version, for those of us that have been waiting. its only 80MB, but it does address a lot of the major bugs. haven't tested it just yet, but i'll get to that soon. Patch notes here Update - after some testing, the game is considerably more stable. its a bit odd given that the patch didn't specifically address stability issues, but hey, i'll take it.
  3. awesome stuff. never got a chance to play a couple of those titles. well, no time like the present.
  4. well, i'm not saying your crazy; i'm just saying that i can't duplicate your problem. i can pull up Kotor's page on Google Play right now with no trouble on my tablet and by browsing from my desktop (its currently #95 on the Top Paid Games tab).
  5. good question. i bought and downloaded the game straight from Google Play. ($4.99, for those interested.) if you do get it, remember that you'll need about 2.2 GB of storage space for the install and saved games.
  6. done some more research. my GPU is a bit too far behind on the generation scale to support Mantle. as such, i can't even enable Mantle on my computer. so, that kinda busts that idea. in the meantime, running in windowed mode doesn't seem make a significant difference in the DX crashes. its really frustrating when i can crank up the settings for games like Rome 2: TW, Crysis 2, Alien: Isolation, and the new Thief. even better, those games have no stability problems, either. and from what i hear, the console versions even had stability problems immediately after launch which leads me to believe that trying to beat the Christmas rush was far too optimistic of a goal for Bioware/EA. why is this lesson such a difficult one to learn for these developers??
  7. tis a sad day indeed. used to get lots of stuff for sound systems just because you could come up with some crazy adapter solutions for some of the old video and sound equipment.
  8. been waiting for this for a while. definitely going to be a permanent install on my tablet.
  9. so, let me get this straight: i bought the game on the opening week, and it ran pretty good on my system (31 FPS on the ingame benchmark tool). after the patch on Dec 9, my FPS avg drops to 24 FPS, and the game is extremely unstable as its causing DirectX to crash like crazy especially during cutscenes. things that helped: running the game on my monitors native resolution. for some reason, the game is more stable on the native res of 1920x1200 vs 1920x1080, which sounds like an issue with AMD's Mantle tech (specs below). the other thing that helped was updating my graphics driver to the latest Omega release from AMD. had to get the beta drivers initially before the Dec 9 patch because AMD had a working hotfix for the problem, and while the Omega release helps, its still a very unstable game. anyways, the game is all but unplayable for me, so i'm waiting for the next patch to continue my playthrough. my PC specs: AMD PhenomII X4 955 @ 3.2GHz AMD Radeon 5850 1GB 8GB DDR3 1600 RAM Win 7 x64 SP1 Creative Sound Blaster X Fi
  10. best goalie performance in the history of the Cup, and we still lost.
  11. i went downtown to watch the game here in my hometown. the atmosphere was like watching an NFL playoff game where everyone in the bar was pulling for the same team. it was loud; the beer was flowing; and we got rowdy. it was just awesome to be with other Americans getting into a game like that, and it wasn't American football. looking forward to USA v GER!!!
  12. if you don't already know, the Steam summer sale is going on right now. if you don't know what it is, well, lets just say that sales are happening like mad. yesterday, i spotted Skyrim with all the expansions for $20!! there's plenty of other things that are on sale, and the sales change on a daily basis. my grab bag so far: Sleeping Dogs +DLC - $8 FEAR +Exp Packs - $5 Halo: Spartan Assault - $2.50 RAGE - $5 Worms Reloaded GotY - $5 crossing my fingers for a sale on Watch Dogs and the new Wolfenstein game.
  13. i'll be watching the US and the Germans. gonna be interesting.
  14. i'm kinda partial to chipotle-based sauces from Tabasco and Texas Pete. good, smokey goodness.
  15. well, thats the beauty and the curse of the PC hardware market. there's lots of options, and an extra $100 can make a big difference in performance. that said, the fact that you can build a pretty serious gaming rig for $450-600 is just awesome. just don't forget about things like the operating system, optical drives, and matching up USB 3.0 motherboards with a compatible case.
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