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  1. Haha. Unfortunately this is just a React thing, as well as SECRET_INTERNALS_DO_NOT_USE_OR_YOU_WILL_BE_FIRED. We had a good ‘laugh’ about this at work once.
  2. No, I haven’t had chance. It took ages the first time and I can only get away with so much in the office!
  3. Have you played with the new official site? There might be a clue in there, as the Stan dialogue is pretty extensive. But of course it’s also just for jokes.
  4. At this rate it’s looking like we might see enough of Melee and Monkey Island that we don’t even need a remake of MI1!
  5. Man, Wind Waker is such a good comparison. People seriously thought that series was ruined at that point, and even Shigeru Miyamoto himself wasn’t a fan. But once it all came together and people… just… fucking… played it… it turned out to be what remains one of the best and most timeless-looking Zelda games made. Then they went and essentially did what the detractors wanted with the following game, and frankly that ended up being one of the most forgettable, lost in a sea of other ‘how Zelda used to look’ games.
  6. Here’s the spoiler to end them all… … …the clouds are back!
  7. Looking forward to the pirate politics. They were sort of just ‘there’ in MI1, but I guess now we’ll find out how the (Supernatural?) pirate leaders fit into the overall leadership of Melee Island, along with the judge and the Governor, who may or may not be Herman Toothrot.
  8. Looks like we have our answer about that other character from the teaser trailer, it was indeed a chef: Speaking of which: Just a minute… Looks like Switch and PC are the launch platforms:
  9. Wow. I am delighted with everything I just saw and heard. I don’t know what I was expecting for Guybrush exactly, but this has far surpassed anything I was imagining. I think he looks really good! I find the details and lighting in the game’s art absolutely gorgeous. Everything is just so packed with detail, and it looks like there’ll be quite a lot of bespoke cinematic animation.
  10. I’ve always enjoyed the version of the House of Mojo music that plays after you do in Largo, which works the LeChuck theme into it (2:10 onwards):
  11. Well, they did choose to start with supporting Sierra games — no wonder!
  12. The voodoo lady must have some weird stuff to eat on her shelf.
  13. Might be some edible flesh left on that bone.
  14. Yes for sure, 1440p is a nice sweet spot where you get much of the ‘ah nice this is higher than 1080p’ benefit without destroying your gaming device. In practice, game consoles now tend to output at 4K but dynamically adjust the resolution from as low as 1080p right up to 4K, often hovering around 1400–1800p. Strangely this option is uncommon in PC games. It wouldn’t surprise me to discover some streaming platforms like Netflix might have something in between 1080p and 4K that gets used where bandwidth is good but not great.
  15. Check out the dream sequence again.
  16. It’s @Laserschwert’s time to shine.
  17. Laughed a good few times at that.
  18. I definitely get what you mean about the humour, which I have always thought of as quite understated and deadpan in the first two games. I’ve always found it odd when reviews were like ‘This game is HILARIOUS!’ because I find it’s more the sort of game that elicits knowing smirks. I’d never think to show it someone and expect them to be rolling all over the place laughing. Curse takes on a more family-friendly tone using increased goofiness, lovable villains, fewer grim moments, slapstick, etc. However it still retains some of that original ‘heh heh’ humour and is a balance I enjoy. Escape and Tales I seem to recall going a bit more full-on with the goofy humour but it’s been so long since I played them I’ll need my imminent replay to refresh my memory.
  19. Yeah, I mean don’t expect miracles but you should enjoy it @ThunderPeel2001, as long as you’ve got the appropriate setup. In my ‘man cave’ where I’m pretty close to a 55-inch TV I can appreciate the differences quite easily, but with the 65-inch downstairs I can’t — because we sit quite a bit further away. The thing about 4K is that it creates a ‘sharper than sharp’ sort of effect. A starfield is a classic example, where the dimmest stars would occupy less than one pixel in HD, yet in 4K you can still perceive them even though you can’t see the individual pixels themselves as such. I guess it’s a similar concept to ‘retina’ screens on phones. It’s not so much that you can see the extra detail, but that the detail is so fine it creates this perception of a much more detailed image a la real life. Of course, all this falls apart if the source material isn’t ideal, you’re too far away, or your vision isn’t so hot. It’s also worth noting that it’s an entirely different situation with games. The difference is very visible there; even going from 1080p to 2K makes a notable difference. I think it’s because of the perfectly sharp nature of games, plus the fact that many have jagged edges or other such artifacts. Cinema smooths this out somewhat.
  20. Have you not used a 4K TV? The difference is quite obvious, although yes it tapers off over distance. You absolutely can tell the difference at, say, 55 or 65 inches, which are now fairly typical living room TV sizes. I eyeballed the difference in sharpness between the trilogies straight away the other week while doing a marathon, which as we saw above I now know the reason for.
  21. Haha. Overall despite the tampering it was a joy to see the original trilogy in 4K and HDR. Weirdly I think they look even sharper than the prequel trilogy, probably the film used or something.
  22. Is this citable or is it your suspicion? I only ask because this sort of stand-off is a very long-standing cinematic trope. When I watched it, it brought to mind this classic Bond scene which predates TGTBATU:
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