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  1. momentary lapse in judgment i was drunk i swear

  2. am i gonna be on some kind of watch list now

  3. i dont want any go back to china or mexico or whatever

  4. aaaaaaaaaaa i never see you on aim anymore did you change your name on there or abandon aim or something

  5. you know jimmy page's double neck is a gibson right

  6. It does not.


    That's why I'm dressing as Raoul Duke for Halloween!

  7. when in rome, or in this case, your visitor messages page

  8. niner-senpai please change the kavar's corner description to "the fairfield elementary school debate team semi-finals" tia

  9. i like your attempt at retconning what was false the part about her being a psychopath good one bro you had me i thought she foamed at the mouth

  10. you're family's something you shouldn't brag about is what it tells me

  11. wait did you kill me i cant tell

  12. heh maybe some flannel shirts too broseph

  13. oh she sounds kinda butch and dykey i'll pass then get her some steel toed boots or something for her birthday

  14. my funky fine blues will win her over you'll see sir

  15. no she will be taken aback by me and beg me to elope to vegas with her

  16. how old is your sister more to the point when will it be legal for me to serenade her with marvin gaye songs

  17. good because reading the christian equivalent of a danielle steel novel doesn't impress me

  18. all those songs suck by the way play some blues and funk stuff or something or is it against your religion/familial to play jiggaboo music

  19. i read the last harry potter book in a weekend does that count

  20. are you scrambling over to google to look those up

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