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  1. Like I said, that's just the closest description of what happens (please see this: ). It's not exact, being as black holes aren't technically there at all, we just infer that they're out there somewhere because we can see stars being 'disappeared'. ***edit*** Besides, what makes you think that something that defies our current laws of physics cares about our more basic laws? Hehe, black holes are like this: when it comes to our rules.
  2. My self-control just kicked in and prevented me from posting an inappropriate comment concerning the male PC's of the game.
  3. Intel probably won't come out with a P5, unless they just like the brand name, but it's architecture will be completely different (probably native 64-bit core), so it will only be similar in name. But at the rate Intel has been going, (especially dual-core wise), AMD is the only choice, unless you're looking to build a cooler running computer. But back to the topic at hand, the memory's speed makes a bigger difference. Just as an example, 4 Gb od EDO (an old, old, old RAM type) would be far worse than 128 Mb of DDR-500 or for Intel, DDR2-800. So depending on you board, either go with high-speed, low-latency DDR or DDR2. Actually at Newegg.com, you can pick up a 2 Gb dual channel set of DDR-400 RAM with a CAS latency of 2.0 for like $250.
  4. There's a badger in K1, look up 'partymember.utc'
  5. Actually, the generally accepted theory is that the mass 'sucked' into a black hole is 'streched' and compacted and eventually takes the form of energy, after which points it is speculated that the matter reforms into it's original (or something similar ) state when it is expelled from the other side of the black hole (thought to be quasars), which is usually at the other side of the fold of the space-time continuum's 'fabric' that the black hole is positioned on (space-time is like an 'S' if you look at it from the 'side'). But that explanation cannot really describe what actually happens to the matter within the black hole, because of the somewhat primitive state of the human mind (I always picture someone's head exploding ). As for my thoughts on 'Tatooine Jr.', I waiting for anti-matter propulsion, although the only drawback to that is a possible supernova, such an engine would propel one at immense speeds, and probably stop just short of lightspeed, thus being far safer than exceeding it (I don't think anyone wants to be an infinitely thin piece of human spaghetti of supercharged ball of energy, although I may be wrong shock1).
  6. Concerning cooking: Save Them Goldfish! hehehe, that won't work at all
  7. Pete's Coffee (a coffee shop down the street from me), best coffee EVER. It's like $8 for a large latte with a few shot of espresso, but it's well worth it. Other than that, I'll drink imported Colombian or Arabic (Arabic coffee = the rest of the world's espresso, Arabic espresso = caffeinated mud, it's that thick and ultra-strong). Note: it may be hard to believe, but Pete's is actually better than Starbuck's.
  8. If you have an old refrigerator you can make a custom cooling case with some basic tools and supplies from a hardware store; trust me
  9. Well, your system specs don't technically meet the game requirements. By the way, by 'fixed', do you mean patched? Because I can't run my game with the patch either...
  10. Yes, everything's fine now, thanks! Ditto, minus the skipping
  11. No it's not a burned copy, and my hardware is fine, so I'll try cleaning it, thanks! ***edit*** It looks like I spilled something on it
  12. While re-installing TSL I get an error when the installer tries to copy "data2.cab" that says "Error: Data Cyclic Redundacy", I'm assuming that it means I need a new copy of the game, but I was hoping it won't come to that. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to resolve it?
  13. Try using software sound (in the game's options menu(s)), or disabling EAX sound if you keep hardware sound. You should also check your audio cables, and maybe check your speakers (try hooking up another set, or headphones or something), the speakers may have been "blown out", or one of the cables may have come loose.
  14. C++ C# Java HTML XML VS.NET 2003 & 2005
  15. If you have an MSI (video) card, they're supposedly "guarenteed" to support certain DOT overclocking speeds, though I haven't tested this out.
  16. Do you have anymore info, like your sound card, because there may be an in-game option to fix your problem that is dependant on your sound card.
  17. This may seem odd, but I had the same problem (GeForce 6800GT SLI), and turning up the resolution made it stop... no idea why.
  18. I have no idea what happened to your game but I have three possible solutions: #1- Copy your savegame from *\swkotor\Saves or something like that, then re-install the game while your savegame is in another directory -or- #2- #3- Try using Darth333's warping band to go to the module "Sith Academy Entrance", and going back into the academy from there.
  19. If you do, roll back to ForceWare 66.33, they're older drivers, but they're the most stable by far.
  20. void main() { object oMira = GetObjectByTag("Mira"); AddMultiClass(CLASS_TYPE_JEDISENTINAL, oMira); // Destroy the old Mira if (!GetClassByPosition(2, oMira)) { DestroyObject(oMira); } else { return; } // *edit* I thought you said "Visas" instead of "Mira":rolleyes: // Now set the trained global to 1, if it's a boolean, else set it to a number, so check the global boolean/numeric in KSE (it should be a boolean though) SetGlobalBoolean("/*Boolean name here*/", TRUE); /* // Or if it's a numeric uncomment this section by deleting the "/*" and "*/" and delete the previous line (the boolean one) SetGlobalNumber("/*Numeric name here", /*the number it should be...*/); */ } Now edit the Mira dialog to trigger that script (which should work), and it will destroy the "old" Mira, destroy Visas, and set Mira to have a Jedi Sentinal class. Just remember to uncomment the script where necessary (delete the "/*" and "*/" 's), and compile it.
  21. Ever since I re-installed KotOR I, I've been having problems most of the time when it warps to a place after a cutscene. For instance, after the Ender Spire, I end up in a Cutscene room on the Ebon Hawk, it's the port dormitory, and there's an item on the floor labeled "CutStart". There's also another display problem with it where the video card usage meter from AquaMark 3 shows up on the screen. Has anybody else had this problem, and if so, can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks -jmac7142
  22. Does anyone know if it is possible/legal to rebuild KotOR 1's menus, HUD, Force Powers, and Feats to look more like TSL, I just thought since KotOR 1 has a more complete storyline and such, and TSl has more FP's, feats and such (I like the HUD better too), it would give gamers the best of both worlds. Maybe if there's a big enough fanbase and we're lucky, LucasArts will re-release all three games for XBOX 360 and PC, sort of like how they re-released the original Star Wars trilogy.
  23. Just go ls before you go towards the third pylon/Jekk-Jekk-Tarr.
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