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Valentine's Day!

Mike Windu

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Originally posted by Datheus

I like the part where he was stoned and beheaded. That really sets the mood.




You deserve a prize....seek it from me on AIM. :D

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Originally posted by Rogue Nine


Did I ever tell you guys how I do not like Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day ranks up there with Christmas as one of the most commercialized holidays of the year. And according to the Law of Proportions, the more commercialized a holiday becomes, the less it retains of its original significance and meaning. Christmas no longer means a time of family togetherness and celebrating the birth of Christ the Savior, but screaming kids, holiday shopping and spending lots of money on things that will be meaningless within the next few months. It's the same thing for Valentine's Day. In today's society where long-lasting relationships are becoming far less common, Valentine's Day means spend lots of money on whomever you're going out with at the time in hopes that you'll woo them into bed for a holiday romp in the sack. Or, finding a "valentine" to be with so you don't feel left out and spending considerable moolah on them. And for what? Companionship on this one damn day? What makes today so special? Answer me that. And don't give me any bullpuckey about it being an ancient tradition to honor the one you love. Bloody hell, this used to be a day in which men would take women and basically enslave them! (see above)


So yeah. I don't like Valentine's Day. If you truly love your partner and I mean truly, then Valentine's Day should just be any other day in the bucket. What makes couples "love" each other more on this day as compared to any other? Hmm? Just because society says so? I don't think so. Not for me anyway.


sooooo seconded. every single word.

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