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HUNT! 14th of April

Wraith 8

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*shoots himself through the head*

ok im not gonna be at the hunt :)







you continue with this hunt

get as many of the guys online and take altus along with you.


i promissed my uncle that i would help him out with his computer..... that was over a week ago so i cant move it today.


sorry :( :( :(


but you guys HAVE to go



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Well, it appears I need to be up fresh and early tomorrow to go to the bank. :(


I may be able to get myself an appartment if I'm fast enough. :)


The hunt is still on however, and will be lead by Cairloin.

It starts around 6.30PM EST sharp, so don't be late. That's 11.30PM GMT.

Buffs will be provided by Zeto if you need them.

Meeting place is at the starport.



The hunt will be for anything that has avian meat and leathery hide. Cairloin has the details on what animals that is. :)


I wish you all good luck on the hunt.

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well hunt was over and good fun :)


those who joined:










due to the late hour i was able to come afterall :)

uhmmmm bad news for the ones that would get the avian... the OQ is a little over 700... must have been a recource change. ill go look if i can find a better source for the next time we avian hunt.


good news for xanadu :) we killed about 5 Kimo's :) and have over 2k of leathery hide :)


the avian meat will go in the donation house. for the docs or chefs medics who still want to use it. the leathery hide goes on xans vendor as soon as im able to. also we have over 1k carnivore hide but its OQ isnt that great. it will go into the donation house aswell. for those with interst in it.


untill next hunt :)


Corzip Dinn

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