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This Is The Worse Mess I Have Ever Seen

BattleFront is undoubtedly the absolute worst game I have ever seen

Why even bother trying to play the damn thing you cant connect to anyone

This thing has so many bugs not even God him self could have created so many different varities


The interface is a mess

trying to scroll through a list of multiplayer games is impossible

let alone trying to connect up


In trying to create a server, this must work on some distant planet other than earth. Because myself and 2 of my friends tried on several different machines and never could get one where we could connect


We run 8 JK2 and JA rooms dedicated servers

we run 7 HL, Counter Strike and Natural Selections servers

we run 10 different websites --- we are not that dumb

But Starwars BattleFront ?????? NO WAY

This is the worst nightmare I have ever come across


All I can say is where do we get our money back?

I dont think they can come up with enough patches to save this disaster


and talk about computer resources --

Well perhaps Bill Gates and the Pentagon can play the game ... but anyone making under a 100 Gs a month probably wont be able to afford the equipment necessary to run this dinosaur


If I sound critical ... I am not even getting started


Do you people even beta test these things??


We are making posts on our site not recommending this game How could Lucas Arts allow such a disaster


after 2 weeks an $50 bucks I am going to line my catbox with the pages from the manual thats the only good thing I can say about this


They should have paid less attention on the real to life movie clips

and more about the game

If I wanted real life I will watch the news

People want good graphics but not movie clips in a game


I think they tryed to compete with LOR and HL and missed on all accounts


of course this is the PC version I am talking about.... maybe its only for PS2s or Xboxes


and the marriage of GameSpy to this game is a tragic mistake

talk about another dinosaur

these two belong married to each other.....


Next time I suggest taking the consumer into account

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No need to double post. List out specific bugs. The Dev team monitors these forums. If you start making some decent bug reports instead of ranting (we've all had our share of rant threads/posts) you'll probably see some of it come to fruition. I completely understand your frustration but if you just start getting into games on random servers (playing with buddies is near impossible at the moment, sadly, but you can monitor where they are with something like XFire) you'll find the gameplay is really fun. Wide-open and rather unlike CS, but very fun. I'm a CS hound myself but can enjoy the open gameplay that BF provides. An expert can find his niche and dominate. Snipe, lay mines, own with vehicles, there are many ways to go about it.

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I love the game don’t get me wrong but when trying to play online it is a nightmare. And I must say game spy is the most useless peace of crap ever made it always crashes, wont connects to games and I’m not just talking about BF. Also my cd key has been stolen or some thing like that and now in-between freezing up trying to get a game online and on the rare chance I get into one it tells me I have an un authorizes cd key.

The campaigns are great but trying to play online is a joke!

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A good point about Gamespy with regards to the SWBF2 Beta. They have been crashing or refusing to let me log in a lot lately (probably their databases are getting pounded by all the testers, but this is gamespy, they're supposed to be used to heavy activity from all over the 'net.. it's a wonder they survive at all, though them charging so many people must help!).


SWBF1 did not require you to use Gamespy in order to play, though it was heavily advertised inside the game. Hopefully SWBF2 will be the same way. The beta unfortunatley requires you to go through GS (an account is required to play, period... and you had to use your account to download the beta and recieve your key as well!). I can see why they did it, it would make it easier to keep track of who has the beta, but as for logging in every single time, it's definately an annoyance. One of the hoops you have to jump through to be a tester I guess... but hopefully this will not carry over into the full version!


So a practical effect of this is that if you want to change your in-game name, you theoretically have to create another GS account, which means you have to use another (real) email address! Thankfully I reserved mine with the same name as my usual handle a long long time ago... (in a galaxy far far away!)

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I'm was really excited when i got this game but after a half an hour into it i became really dissapointed. The loading on the PS2 is terrible i experience quite a bit of lag, and a few times iv'e had to restart the game over during battles. There are no scrathes on my game.

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Why do people use gamespy.. Yes it is the most useless pile ever invented.. Makes steam look like perfection.. Anyways, I have this game running on 3 different computers.. The only problems i've had were solved in the tech forum... I get tired of hearing how a game is crap and no real explaination is made... This game runs way smoother than battlefield2, and uses way less resources... If you wanna give up go ahead, but you'll be missing out...

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