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The Dinn Family. Chapter 6. Corzip Dinn

Wraith 8

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Corzip Dinn was born in the height of Clone war on the planet of Naboo. He was the only son of a wealthy family. His Father was a rich merchant from Corellia and his mother a very good medic from Alderaan.


He grew up in Theed. a very nice and calm city to grow up in. Had a lot of friends. who eventually joined the junior section of the Royal Security Forces.


One day his father came back from a trip to Corellia with a young Twi'lek boy. The boy was about Corzip's age and his father had caught him trying to steal credits from his pocket outside the Coronet Starport. His father felt sorry for the kid and took him in as his own. he helped the boy get on his feet and taught him some crafting technique's. Corzip treated the boy as his own brother and his father adopted him into the Family. his name was: Atex Dinn.


Corzip and Atex both joined the RSF at the youngest age allowed.

After a while it was clear that Corzip had a natural feel to flying. he was offered to go into the fighting core of the RSF. His brother went to work for the ground forces. but he dropped out of RSF not long after he did. he discovered he wasnt the fighting guy. he went to help Corzip's dad.


Corzip loved flying and was promoted to lieutenant after a few years. but then the empire (who had come out of the cline wars as the winning party) disbanded the fighter core. Corzip was devistated. but he stayed loyal to the law and transferred to the ground RSF.


One day his parents were in the warehouse outside Keren when a group of maulers raided the place. by the time the RSF and Empire had arrived the warehouse was destroyed and in ashes. Only thing was that there were no boddies found. not from personell or his parents. Corzip urged the RSF to fstart an investigation but the Empire aposed that. according to them his parents were dead. Maulers leave no one alive.

This made Corzip's blood boil....

He quit the RSF, said good bye to his brother and went into the wilds of Naboo.......


To be continued.......

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Days went by...... No one heard of Corzip or seen him in any of the settlements or cities.


Corzip was walking over the large beautiful green plains of Naboo, heading south. he encountered all kinds of animals on his way. A few gungans, but they saw him and ran away.


"unbelievable" uttered Corzip.


Even after all that Naboo been through. after the battle of Naboo against the trade federation and the the clone wars and then the empire, Gungans and Nubian people still couldnt really get along. someone should do something about that, Corzip thought.


As he strolled over the green grass hills he neared a few lonely trees. There he saw small nest with a Kaadu mother bending over it. she looked up at corzip and got scared. she put a offensive stand at Corzip. Corzip hand went to his repubic blaster as a reflex, but he remembered it wasnt a pirate against him but an animal that was trying to protect its child or eggs. Corzip slowly moved back and held a hand out toward the Kaadu.


"There there. calm down. im not gonna hurt yah. just passing through."


The Kaadu seemed to understand the words and eased a bit. she snarled at Corzip again and slowly moved back towards the nest..........

Suddenly a plains hunter leaped from the trees above and jumped ontop of the kaadu mother. With one quick bite and hit the Kaadu mother was either incapasitated or dead. Corzip drew his Blaster and fired 2 quick shots at the plains hunter. One went by the big cat, the other hit it on the front paw. The Cat roared with pain and anger and turned its attention to Corzip. He looked straight into Corzip eyes. Corzip saw the fearsomeness in the Plainshunter. Corzip carefully stepped back....... Then the plainshunter leaped at Corzip and he aimed steadaly not flinching or anything and shot the cat right between the eyes and leaped out of the dead cat way. the plainshunter was dead. Corzip tried to feel a pulse in the cats neck. no luck. he ran over to the Kaadu mother but she was already dead. Corzip felt sorry for the Kaadu, he was willing to go out of itsway to let it take care of its infant or egs but instead he let her guard down and the plainshunter got her.


Corzip walked over to the nest and saw 1 egg in it and right as Corzip looked over the edge the egg started to break and a small Kaadu came out... squeeking and snarling. He looked at Corzip and tilted his head. And squeeked again. Corzip felt responsible for the little guy and picked it up. the baby Kaadu didnt seem afraid at all and accepted Corzip as a sort of parent.


"hey little guy. How are yah?"

the Kaadu snarled

"hehe. arent you the sweetest guy. come on. ill show you around Naboo."

The kaadu squeeked and snarled again.

"now... i need a name for yah... ooo ill call yah after my good mate Donald Starweilder. he was the most silly guy you ever knew. And when he laughed he squeeked just like you."

Corzip laughed and Donald squeeked.


As Corzip carried the little guy in his arms he continued his journey. heading south on Naboo......


to be continued.........

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